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2021-02-27 00:00:57

Foundation program in Germany: how to apply to Studienkolleg

Foundation program in Germany: how to apply to Studienkolleg

Not all international high school diplomas allow students to apply directly to German universities. Foreign graduates need to obtain an additional diploma / certificate from an internationally recognized educational institution - to complete the Foundation or Studienkolleg program in Germany. The country is home to internationally renowned public universities, colleges, private, cooperative universities and other schools offering a full range of courses.

The classical universities in Germany provide a broad general education in the tradition of Alexander von Humboldt. Universities conduct in-depth studies in the field of law, medicine, dentistry and other specialties. The technology-oriented university is known as the Technische Universität (Technical University), formerly known as the "University of Applied Sciences". Students usually study at universities for 3 to 6 years, locals enter universities immediately after completing the German Abitur , an analogue is required for foreigners.

Students receive a bachelor's degree in 3-4 years, a master's degree in 5-6 years.


Admission to a German university

Education for foreign students is free, but you need to demonstrate a high academic level, excellent knowledge of the German language. The most reliable way to prepare for admission to a German university is to take the International Foundation course or the German version of preparation for entering a university - Studienkolleg, University Pathway.

International Foundation

The International Foundation course is designed for students who either do not meet the entrance requirements for direct admission (English level, school qualifications) or would like to study additional subjects, gain academic skills before starting their studies.


Studienkolleg - study lasts one year (two semesters) and ends with a qualifying exam at the university - Feststellungsprüfung (Prüfung zur Feststellung der Eignung internationaler Studienbewerber für die Aufnahme eines Studiums an Hochschulenchulen in der Bünchen - exam for the assessment of the qualifications of foreign students Republic of Germany). Passing this exam gives applicants access to the German university system. Students attend classes depending on the chosen profile of study, learn German. The aim is to equip students with general and special competencies, the language required for the successful completion of a (German) degree program.

To attend Studienkolleg, students must have completed school in their home country. Knowledge of German is required from B1 as classes at the Studienkolleg are almost entirely taught in German.

In Germany, there are special educational institutions (colleges) designed for graduates of schools from foreign countries who need to bring the level of knowledge and education in line with the requirements of German universities. So, graduates of the senior classes of German schools leave school after 12-13 years of study, and foreign applicants study at school for 11 years, so direct admission to higher educational institutions in Germany for foreign schoolchildren is impossible. The International Foundation, Studienkolleg, University Pathway courses help fill these gaps.

The preparation course lasts up to 40 weeks, depending on what level the applicant has and from what level he starts training. The sequential curriculum includes 4 levels of language learning (A1, A2, B1, B2; 180 lessons per level) + a specialized training course. In addition to language classes, students receive advice on preparing for the passing of entrance examinations (these are mainly tests in German, mathematics).

Applicants must select an institution offering Studienkolleg and then take an entrance exam. The application is made directly at the chosen Studienkolleg.

Specialist institutions offering Studienkolleg courses:

  • Studienkolleg Karlsruhe
  • Studienkolleg Köthen
  • Studienkolleg Mainz
  • Studienkolleg Nordhausen
  • Studienkolleg FU Berlin
  • Studienkolleg hamburg
  • Studienkolleg Hannover
  • Studienkolleg Kaiserslautern.

Preparatory programs for admission to universities in Germany: Studienkolleg, International Foundation

  1. EU Business School Munich
  2. Jacobs University Bremen
  3. Gisma Business School Berlin
  4. IUBH School of Business and Management
  5. Gisma Business School Hannover
  6. Cologne Business School CBS
  7. Lancaster University Leipzig
  8. Alpadia Berlin
  9. Munich business school
  10. New European College 
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