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East Coast Language College

Address: 1256 Barrington St, Halifax, NS B3J 1Y6, Canada
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Description East Coast Language College

  • Founded: 1998
  • Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Students age: from 14 years
  • Number of students: up to 200 people
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Type of study: full board.

East Coast Language College (ECLC) is an international-level English language learning institution. The college is located in one of the Canadian provinces (Nova Scotia) and annually invites students from more than 35 countries around the world to study.

Over the years of successful work, ECLC has repeatedly won the prize for the best work as an educational institution. The founders of the language college in 1998 were three experienced teachers of the international ESL network.

Today, the educational institution has many partnerships with other colleges and universities in Canada, therefore, it provides its students with qualified language and academic education that will allow them to continue their studies abroad.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in East Coast Language College

Program name
from 320 $CAD / week

General english

  • Age: from 16 years old
  • Dates: every Monday
  • Duration: 10 weeks.

A general English course is designed to enable students to improve their speaking and listening skills. For maximum effectiveness, teachers use several methods: community integration, team projects, participation in interactive programs, debates and more. In the classroom, students gain practical skills in using the English language and expand their vocabulary by speaking on various topics: for example, language and food, language and art, English and the media. The program is suitable for students with different language levels - from Level 100 to Level 500.

Business English

  • Age: from 16 years old
  • Dates: every Monday
  • Duration: 10 weeks.

This training course helps students develop their English language skills in the international business sector or workplace. The main objective of the program is to maximize the development of business communication skills in English. In the classroom, students discuss relevant business concepts and apply various business practices. Program participants will be able to learn how to conduct business meetings, write cover letters or resumes, take part in meetings, conduct presentations, and demonstrate their skills as an organizer and leader. To participate, you must be proficient in Level 300.

English for Parents

  • Age: from 16 years old
  • Dates: January 6, February 10, March 16, April 20, September 8
  • Duration: from 15 weeks.

The Parenting English program is aimed at parents of students who can also attend college. The course includes three levels and is designed to provide adult students with at least basic English proficiency. Each level takes 15 weeks of 20 academic hours per week. Also, the course is suitable for those who want to know English in order to feel confident in Canadian society. A training seminar is held for students on Fridays, where they practice English, simulating various life situations that they may encounter in Canada.

from 400 $CAD / week

IELTS Preparation Programs

  • Age: from 16 years old
  • Dates: every Monday
  • Duration: from 2 weeks.

The IELTS training course is aimed at ensuring that students can undergo training and successfully pass the international testing of the same name. In the learning process, students will learn about the structure of the test and the evaluation criteria. Preparation takes place in all sections of the test (there are four of them), and each week students will undergo conditional testing to check how much they have learned material. IELTS Programs are suitable not only for those who intend to take the test, but also for those young people who just need a push to learn English. To participate in the program, students need to have an English level from Level 300 and above. On average, for every 0.5 points, up to three months of study will be required.

from 4 000 $CAD / semester

University college pathway

  • Age: from 16 years old
  • Dates: September 9, January 6, February 10, March 16, April 20
  • Duration: from 10 weeks.

The UCP program combines the linguistic and academic knowledge base that may be required to study at an English language university or college. After completing such a course from ECLC, foreign students will be able to increase their chances of entering one of the partner educational institutions in Canada. The program is divided into different levels, taking into account different training and harmoniously combines the study of English with training in the main disciplines. Also here, young people will receive critical thinking and time management skills that are very necessary to achieve their goals.

from 4 875 $CAD / semester

Post graduate pathway

  • Age: from 18 years old
  • Dates: September or March
  • Duration: from 10 weeks.

The PGP language program is intended for those students who have already received the first stage of higher education (bachelor's degree, specialty) and strive to get to the second (master's program). The passage of such a course opens up the opportunity for graduates to enter the educational programs of higher schools in Canada without passing English tests (IELTS or TOEFL). The PGP program includes 7 levels of study, each of which is designed to improve students' language skills during intensive practice + to provide an education in the field of language that will meet the student's goals. A separate stage of training is preparing for IELTS to level 7.0.

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Youth Summer Camps for students

  • Age: 13-14 years old
  • Dates: June 2-29, June 30-July 27, August 4-31
  • Duration: 4 weeks.

Every year, ECLC College hosts several summer shifts for students and teenagers from 13 years old. Usually these are three shifts of 4 weeks each, which combine rest of the children's camp with intensive English language learning (25 academic hours each week). All summer programs involve a rich extracurricular entertainment program that includes both various activities on the college campus and beyond. Events of the second type include rafting on the river, forays into the mountains and more!

from 1 600 $CAD / 4 weeks

Certificate for Teaching English to Young Learners

  • Age: from 18 years old
  • Dates: January 6, February 10, March 16, April 20, September 8
  • Duration: 4 weeks.

ACE TEYL format certificate is an additional education document that allows young teachers to improve their English teaching skills for children and adolescents. Moreover, both in the native country of the teacher, and abroad. In this course, young teachers will receive the necessary knowledge, new experience and tools that will help bring English learning to a new level and increase their professional value in the labor market. Students will have 100 hours of classes in the classroom, immersion in especially the children learning a second language, as well as the opportunity to adopt schemes for creating interesting tasks, lesson plans and other materials for interesting study.

Accommodation, housing and food

Students are offered two options for living while studying at ECLC College.

  • Host family. It includes meals at full board (3 times a day), a transfer from the airport, a separate room with private facilities, laundry, Internet access. Homestay is the best way to learn about Canadian traditions, learn English, and quickly and successfully adapt to a new culture. Cost of placement - 200-220 $ CAD.
  • Student residence. In the hostel located in the central part of the city, students are offered 1-2-bed cozy rooms with furniture and necessary amenities. A bathroom and a shared kitchen are on the floor. A coordinator also lives on the territory of the hostel, who helps students to solve emerging issues. Of the common areas there is a lounge, laundry room.

Events East Coast Language College

Each week, several entertaining events are held at the college for students - thanks to participating in such activities, students get the opportunity to practice English in their natural environment, make new acquaintances with students from Canada or other countries:

  • Soccer game
  • Football bubble
  • Graduation
  • Snowboarding
  • Sailing Festival
  • Skiing
  • Bowling tournament
  • Walks on the lake
  • Berry trekking (summer)
  • Beach party
  • Canoeing
  • Halloween
  • Movie night
  • Watch hockey matches
  • Curling
  • Wine tours
  • Skating
  • Disco
  • Yoga
  • Conversation club and more.

There are also several traditional field events that take place every year: a visit to Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton and the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Equipment East Coast Language College

The ECLC college campus is located in a Canadian province called Nova Scotia, in the city of Halifax. This is a very comfortable place for those students who would like to continue their studies in Canada - almost 97% of the urban population speaks English, so visiting students will not have problems with language immersion and successful adaptation.

In Halifax's infrastructure, city guests will find the same as in large cities of Canada, such as Montreal or Toronto - sports arenas, restaurants and cafes, art galleries and museums, night clubs, Celtic-style atmospheric eateries and much more. This city can be safely called a student, because there are three more large colleges and six universities.

The territory of the ECLC campus has a modern style and good technical equipment: convenient classrooms, a computer lab, wireless Internet around the perimeter, places for sports (hall and outdoor sports grounds) and other facilities.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

The academic year in ECLC is divided into 5 semesters, each of which lasts 10 weeks. It’s best, of course, to go to school at the beginning of the semester, but in general, the start of education takes place every Monday. Recommended dates for starting education: January 2, March 11, May 21, July 29, October 7, as well as June 24 and September 3.

Additional expenses:

  • Registration Fee - $ 160 CAD
  • The materials - from 120 to 180 $ CAD.

Extra fees:

  • Registration fee (for a programme/course) 160 CAD
  • Study materials 180 CAD
  • Medical insurance 2 CAD
  • Registration fee (for accommodation) 210 CAD

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

To apply for ECLC language college programs, everyone should correctly fill out an application and undergo language testing, which will help determine the starting level of the language and distribute the student to a suitable study group for him (from the basic level and beyond).

The admission phase consists of several simple steps:

  • Choose the right curriculum
  • If necessary, consult an ECLC specialist for a curriculum
  • Fill out an online application on the site
  • Receive a letter of acceptance for study + pay fees
  • After confirmation of payment, a letter will come with instructions for living and studying the student.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

East Coast Language College reviews

Recommendations on when to apply

Language courses, schools and children's language camps Primary and secondary education - private schools Preparation programmes for entering universities - higher education Higher education (after completing accredited programs A-level, IB, High School) - Bachelor, Master, MBA
- we recommend to apply 6-9 months before the start of the course (some camps and schools offer discounts for early booking or for lengthy study programs)
- there are some very popular and high demand children's camps, where the applications need to be submitted 1 year in advance (in particular Switzerland , Great Britain , USA , Canada , Austria)
- we recommend to apply one year before the start of the training program,
- some schools have a specific time frame (September-November - please specify an individual school)
- some schools require tests in several stages (UKISET, internal tests of the school: English, mathematics, logics, subjects, interview, some require a personal visit)
- we recommend to apply one year before the start of the program,
- for Foundation and Pathway programs, IELTS and TOEFL certificates are usually required, respectively

- recommended submission one year before the start of the program,
- the deadline normally closes in January, for TOP HEIs and, as a rule, in March in other universities
- for a bachelor, a Foundation or Pathway preparatory program a completed A-level, IB, High School + IELTS / TOEFL are required
- for Masters you need a graduated higher education, in some cases you need a pre-Masters program
- MBA requires completed higher education, work experience preferably at least 2-3 years, etc.
Official representatives. Submission of documents and admission free of charge
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