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Adult language courses in Cyprus for international studens. List of 6 top institutions, rankings, prices and tuition fees

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Here you can find 6 best institutions with adult language courses in Cyprus for international students. Also, we put together information with description, rankings, reviews and prices for programs for international children and students, how to apply to make it easier to make the right choice. FREE admission services to our partner institutions, places are limited.
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Features of language programs in Cyprus for adults and children

Attracting adult language courses in Cyprus with affordability, quality and effectiveness. In Cyprus, 90% of the inhabitants speak English, a pure British dialect is common here. Teachers in language schools are native speakers with experience in European schools. Cyprus language linguistic programs provide knowledge and skills that many in Russia dream of.

The educational process in the language schools of Cyprus meets international standards - after the courses you can become the holder of a TOEFL or IELTS certificate, which allows you to get a place in almost any European university . Classes are held during the day, and in the evening students communicate with fellow students, practice English in public places, visit the sights of the country and study its culture. Language courses can be combined with wellness - Cyprus is rich in clean beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness rooms.

The language schools of Cyprus offer different linguistic programs for adults and children:

  • Standard courses
  • In-depth study
  • Exam preparation
  • Learning English from scratch
  • Practice of business communication.

Standard programs include 20 hours of classes per week - this is the minimum duration of language courses. You can choose programs that last a month or more - each person decides what he needs. When applying for a language school, a little testing is written to determine the level of knowledge - this is how students are grouped into classes. On average, 10-12 people are engaged in the class, which allows you to pay attention to each of them.

Language courses are taught in schools that are far from tourist areas, which guarantees the effectiveness of education. Tourist areas are a few kilometers away - on weekends, students of language schools can visit them and relax, practicing English, communicating with the local population.

Language courses in Cyprus for foreign students are more accessible than in other European countries - financial costs will be approximately:

  • Courses - from 200 € for 1 week.
  • Accommodation - from 50 € for 1 week.
  • Meals - from 60 € for 1 week.
  • An air ticket to Larnaca from Moscow costs from 150 € in both directions.

Teachers often help students find an inexpensive place to stay in close proximity to a language school. If studying lasts a month or more, the most affordable option is to rent an apartment for 3 people for 750 € per month, which for 1 person will be 250 €. For short-term courses, the following accommodation options are popular:

Type of accommodation



School residence or dormitory

The rooms have everything necessary for study and cooking, are located on the territory of the educational institution.

From 50 € per week.

Apartment for 1 person.

A good option for lovers of privacy and not live with a stranger. There are all amenities and a kitchen.

From 15 € per day.


There is a large list of additional services: pool, fitness room, billiards and so on (depending on the hotel).

From 20 € per night in a 3-star hotel and from 100 € per night in the "five".

There are family-type language courses - parents and children study, there are classes for children with insufficient knowledge of the language. Such English courses in Cyprus offer a discount for co-education, plus there will be no extra people in the room - it is profitable, useful and interesting. On weekends, you can relax with the whole family, go on an excursion: adults will tighten their tongues, and children will prepare for further studies.

Advantages of the English language programs in Cyprus for foreign students

Choosing language courses for adults in Cyprus, you will receive a quality European education in one of the warm and sunny countries. All the benefits of studying on this island are:

  • The choice of language programs. Some of them are combined with academic disciplines - this is the best preparation for further admission to the University of Europe and the world.
  • The practice of English among people who have been speaking it for centuries will have an effect already in the first 2-3 days - you can more easily perceive the language by ear, remember grammar and vocabulary quickly. 
  • The availability of language courses in Cyprus gives a chance to get a European level education for everyone.
  • The climate, history and culture of Cyprus make it possible to have an interesting and useful rest on weekends: dozens of pristine beaches, architectural monuments, miraculous places and other objects attract tourists from all over the world.
  • Language courses will allow you to learn the habits and traditions of other nationalities - there are always representatives of different countries in the classes. This will be useful in further training or in a career: knowing the habits and values of different nations, you can easily find a common language with them.
  • The inhabitants of Cyprus are sympathetic and polite people who will always help in a difficult situation: find the road, rent a car, order the services of a swimming instructor, and etc.

Cyprus is an amazing country, giving a lot of chances to people coming to the island to learn English. Take advantage of this affordable and useful opportunity, tighten and practice the English language, which is important for businessmen, politicians or applicants planning to study abroad.

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