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TOP-100 language schools, colleges and universities where international students can take advanced summer English courses abroad: Europe, the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, etc.

Education information

Today, a great deal of international students prefer taking language courses abroad as it's a great opportunity to significantly improve command of foreign languages. SMAPSE offers more than 100 best language schools, colleges and universities where international students can take advanced summer English courses abroad. It's possible to choose from schools and language centers located in Europe, the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, etc. Due to descriprions of schools, tuition fees and students' reviews, you will find the most appropriate option. 

TOP-100 language schools, colleges and universities where international students can take advanced summer English courses abroad: Europe, the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, etc.

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The main advantages of taking English courses abroad

  • The basis of modern and innovative Efekta methodology is a combination of three forms of learning a foreign language, namely standard lessons, interactive methods, complete immersion in a new linguistic and cultural environment.
  • Experienced and professional educators are involved in teaching effective language courses abroad . Experienced teachers select the most effective lesson formats for each particular language group. The format of classes can be as follows, namely lectures, seminars, language practice, as well as various interactive lessons.
  • Classes in the framework of the leading summer English courses abroad are held in small classrooms, the number of students in which does not exceed 15 people, thereby allowing each student to pay attention.
  • In elite schools, which organize effective summer English courses , modern computer laboratories are created, as well as interactive classrooms, which, in turn, are equipped with innovative whiteboards and projectors.
  • In accordance with their level of English proficiency and future goals, a foreign teenager selects an English language course abroad . On an individual basis, the selection of the duration of the language program, the time of classes, as well as the type of accommodation for the period of study abroad is provided.
  • As part of the English language courses , harmonious development of spoken English skills, as well as practical communication due to participation in various internships and volunteer work, takes place.
  • All opportunities have been created for learning English abroad in an informal setting, while maintaining constant communication with the teacher. That is, a variety of online courses have been developed, useful applications that allow you to undergo training and to complete the tasks of teachers outside of classrooms.
  • The training provides for monitoring the progress of each student, so, based on the results of special tests, the level of language skills of students is determined. Thus, if necessary, adjustments can be made to the educational program in order to optimize it.
  • At the end of the language program, a graduate is issued a certificate confirming the successful completion of an English course abroad . In addition, a report is provided to students containing information about their accomplishments and acquired skills.
  • Within the framework of effective English courses abroad , a full immersion in a new language and cultural environment takes place, at the same time gaining new knowledge, the presence of which allows you to successfully overcome the language barrier and expand the vocabulary.

Types of language programs abroad for foreigners and Russian students

  • Language camps during the holidays from 2 weeks to 1 month - foreign teens aged 7 to 18 are the target audience
  • Foreign intensive English courses lasting from 2 to 4 weeks - are aimed at foreign teenagers who have reached 16 years of age and older.
  • Long-term academic programs - the duration is 6, 9, 11 months, focused on foreign and Russian adolescents who have reached 16 years or more.

Moreover, each type of language program provides for various variations, oriented to different target groups. In particular, a foreigner can choose a program within the framework of which they prepare for various exams, conduct internships at large international companies, as well as providing for professional specialization.

Countries for effective learning English

A little about the main thing - English language courses abroad , what do they include?

In the framework of language programs abroad , it is not only provided for standard classes in schools where the improvement of colloquial and communicative skills, grammar, and writing takes place. At the same time, the Russian teenager constantly communicates with representatives of various countries of the world. While studying abroad as part of language courses, a foreign teenager can:

  • Make useful and interesting acquaintances
  • Close acquaintance of new cultures and traditions of different countries of the world
  • The broadest opportunities and prospects for successful employment and professional growth
  • Significantly improved communication skills
  • Development of self-organization skills.

Possible accommodation options for the period of study abroad

  • In the territory of a comfortable school residence
  • Host family
  • Apartments
  • Hotel
  • In the family of a teacher.

Factors of formation of the cost of English courses abroad

  • Country of study
  • Selected Language Program
  • School position in ratings
  • Availability of additional services
  • Accommodation option
  • Power scheme.
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