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Spring courses to study in Malta: top 2 schools for children and international students. List, prices, rankings

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2 best schools in Malta during spring vacations - memorable, interesting and effective way of study abroad for international children, students, teenagers. spring courses in Malta: descriptions of schools and programs, course prices, rankings and feedbacks from students. Our managers are always hape to help you to make the right choice free of charge. Enrollment is free of charge to our partner institutions. The number of places is limited.
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5 reasons to study spring courses in Malta for international students

  • Climate and infrastructure: this flowering island is considered the warmest among the coasts of Europe. 23C is the average annual temperature, which makes the Maltese climate one of the most comfortable
  • Effective programs for children with excellent studying and living conditions 
  • Easy process of getting a visa: despite the fact that Malta is a country party to the Schengen Agreement, the procedure for obtaining a visa is much simpler than, for example, to the UK
  • A wide selection of leisure activities: amazing sights, architecture, cuisine, rocky and sandy beaches, thalasso health centers - all this awaits a tourist who has arrived on the island.
  • Culture and history are one of the good reasons to come to the skeleton. The country was a British colony for a long time, even earlier the island was ruled by the Romans, Arabs, Greeks and French, due to which Malta is a country with a multicultural heritage. The state is not in vain considered a crossroads of civilizations, because for thousands of years trade caravans from Europe to Africa, from west to east, have passed here. An inquisitive tourist will discover amazing echoes of various eras, ancient megaliths and medieval temples here.
  • Ecotourism is another trend that is gaining popularity: the basis for ecotourism is the picturesque villages, rugged coastlines, chapels, hills, valleys and nature reserves.

The most popular educational destinations for foreign students in Malta:

Spring English + rest

The duration of the course will be at least two weeks. The direction of medium intensity is aimed at mastering everyday English, removing the language barrier. Classes are combined with a pleasant pastime - trips to places of interest, walks in cities, participation in various events, sports and much more.

English + hobbies

The guys will be able not only to engage in close improvement of the language, but also to acquire a new hobby! Activities may be creative or technical in nature.

Leadership Schools

Teenagers will really like to spend their holidays at special courses that will touch upon issues that are relevant to them - self-organization and self-discipline, time management, leadership development, learn not to be afraid to take responsibility and be active.

Preparing for a university abroad

Before studying abroad, many teachers recommend gradually diving into a new environment. In short-term courses, children will be able to pull up English, get used to new conditions and academic loads.

Academic goals

Academic courses will help prepare for university, in which students learn about the scientific style, the rules for completing assignments, and writing essays in English.

Malta language courses and schools for foreign students - facts and perspectives

This island is known as the largest and most popular educational center in Europe in terms of learning English. English is ubiquitous here, programs are based on British methods that have proved to be the most effective - all this allows us to safely recommend Malta to combine leisure and education:

  • A wide selection: the organizers of directions for foreigners take into account many factors when drawing up courses - age features, goals and needs of students, level of complexity and intensity
  • Prices: if you compare this state with English-speaking countries, the cost of courses here will be much cheaper (about 30-40%)
  • Quality: language centers have much in common with the UK's advanced teaching principles. You will be able to take the most modern and prestigious courses in Malta, but at the same time save significantly (compared with the same Britain)
  • Conditions: all schools have modern technical equipment and relevant didactic material - here you are provided with a comfortable stay and study
  • Hospitality: the local population is very open towards foreign students. Our students leave positive feedback about the forever smiling and happy people of the island who create a special atmosphere of their stay in this country.

5 easy steps to study in Malta:

  • Choose a suitable school and direction
  • Make registration fee and course payment
  • Collect a package of documents for school
  • Prepare documents for a visa in a timely manner
  • Expect language school feedback on your study invitation.

The main types of programs for international students:


Number of lessons

Language requirements

Price (week in Euros)

Classic course - aimed at learning language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening). emphasis is placed on the development of communication skills.


Beginner, Beginer

From 170

An intensive course of increased complexity for students seeking to quickly improve their language skills: this option requires great intellectual strength and patience.


From 260

Preparatory areas - in order to pass the language exam of an international standard, often students turn to special courses for help. Studying here does not imply studying English as such: classes are based on studying the exam, its structure and features.



From 280

Business English will help professionals who work in the international business environment feel more confident by expanding their vocabulary, mastering professional slang and developing the necessary skills.




From 325

Professional areas will help you learn English as part of any professional activity.




From 350

The cost of spring programs for foreign students in Malta

From what will be the duration of your course and its intensity, what type of program you prefer, the price for training will be formed. As a rule, the price includes:

  • 10-15 to 20-30 lessons per week
  • Accommodation
  • Nutrition
  • Educational materials
  • Tours
  • Initial testing
  • Medical insurance
  • Leisure program
  • Sport sections
  • Creative circles
  • Transfer
  • Certificate of a course completion.
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