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Adult language courses in Belgium for international studens. List of 2 top institutions, rankings, prices and tuition fees

Education information

Here you can find 2 best institutions with adult language courses in Belgium for international students. Also, we put together information with description, rankings, reviews and prices for programs for international children and students, how to apply to make it easier to make the right choice. FREE admission services to our partner institutions, places are limited.
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Types of popular language courses in Belgium for foreign students

Language schools for children and adults in Belgium offer courses with both complete immersion and long-term step-by-step studying - for any purpose, you can choose a course. The main program options:

  • Language Basics for Everyday Communication
  • Advanced and higher levels
  • Exam preparation, including international
  • For entrepreneurs (businessmen).

In any program of language centers in Belgium, all the skills are practiced:

  • pronunciation, listening
  • vocabulary
  • written language - writing essays, dictations.
  • spoken language - dialogs, retelling of the text, monologue.
  • grammar.

If the course implies preparation for entering a university abroad in a particular specialty, vocabulary is further developed on the terminology used in lecture and seminar classes. Business courses imply studying writing business letters, negotiating, etc. Conversational (everyday) language courses will suit future immigrants for easy adaptation in a new country. They provide an opportunity immediately upon arrival to start working in professions that do not require constant communication with customers.

The leading language schools in Belgium, as well as small learning centers, have developed flexible learning schemes. Studying is carried out in groups (4-10) people, individually or mixed. For example, you can choose several lessons in a group + 2-3 (or more) hours of personal communication with the teacher + 1-2 hours of individual listening. A lesson with a teacher implies monitoring the implementation of tasks, evaluating the correctness of the assimilation of the material, working out written and oral speech.

Before starting a program, educational materials are issued, and at the end of the courses all language schools issue a certificate.

Accommodation during language courses for foreign students in Belgium

When choosing a course in the language centers of Belgium, it is important to familiarize yourself with the living conditions. The cost of living in full board has already been included in some programs, so if a student plans to live separately and independently organize free time, it is better to choose the half-board or only training course. The accommodation options for students are presented in the table, where conditions, advantages and features.




Gated community

Accommodation at the language school. Rooms with varying degrees of comfort:

  • standard
  • increased comfort
  • luxury
  • saving time and costs for traveling to and from school
  • food is usually included in the cost of a course - it is cheaper than eating in cafes and restaurants
  • maximum time in communication with the teacher and other students in the language
  • joint excursions, talks, role-playing performances with the teacher
  • sporting events.

Hotel or hostel

It is possible both to independently search for suitable housing, and with the help of managers of the selected language school.

All levels of comfort - from family mini-hotels to hotels of international standard

  • independent leisure planning
  • more sightseeing opportunities
  • active communication with local residents, a better understanding of national mentality.

Living in a teacher’s house

A popular type of accommodation: as a rule, together with a group of 3-6 students (for children and adults separate). Groups are selected according to the same level of initial knowledge of the language

  • more intensive class schedule
  • the opportunity to choose the desired subjects
  • joint meals help to get rid of language clamps
  • interesting leisure in a close circle of like-minded people.

The cost of language courses in Belgium, as a rule, does not include additional fees and expenses:

  • to travel abroad (consular fees)
  • air tickets, transfer to the place of residence
  • health insurance
  • supplement for tuition during peak season.

Education + entertainment: leisure for foreign students of language courses in Belgium

Belgium is a picturesque country, where everyone enjoy mountains and plains of foothills, striking medieval houses from paintings of European artists. It looks like a link connecting several countries at once - Germany, France, England. It is Belgium that is a mix of cultures of all three countries, including their national language. All the more interesting is the trip to this colourful country, which also carries a medieval history. 

In Belgium there is something to visit, be surprised and keep amazing impressions. Students-future politicians will be interested in attending a real plenary meeting in the European Parliament. Fans of traveling around the world will appreciate the huge Mini-Europe park in Brussels, where London's Big Ben is adjacent to the Eiffel and Leaning Tower of Pisa. Carnivals, the “Northern Venice” in Bruges, caves with underground lakes, pop art monuments and the famous Liege waffles - a lot of places and entertainment offered by language schools in Belgium will turn learning into an exciting adventure.

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