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Camps in Boston with studying English for foreign students

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Camps in Boston with studying English for foreign students

Summer camps in Boston offer unique programs for students that open up opportunities to get acquainted with the leading universities of the United States, perhaps, to determine the place of future education.

General information about the summer camps in Boston

  • The goal of the Boston camps is to help adapt to the international environment, fill existing gaps, gain invaluable experience, which will be useful both in obtaining education in American universities and in teaching anywhere in the world
  • Teachers of Boston camps strive to give as much as possible knowledge to the student during the summer session and offer a choice of different disciplines. So, in addition to linguistic programs, courses on the development of leadership skills are very popular - this program is ideal for future business leaders
  • Choosing Boston for study and rest, the student will receive a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the leading universities belonging to the famous Ivy League
  • For foreign students in camps, master classes and lectures of famous scientists of industrialists and artisans
  • In summer schools there are programs for children with poor knowledge of the language
  • Accommodation is possible in host families and in the residence. Meals in the camps are boarding, 3 meals a day
  • In the courses a large place is given to the entertainment and cultural component: the students are waiting for unforgettable trips to the cities of the USA, attending various events and attractions

Boston camps, programs and prices

  • One of the most popular programs is Harvard Summer School. Reviews about the school are exceptionally positive from students and their parents, the summer school has established itself as a quality educational program and the best teachers. Summer school education is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field of campus accommodation and education in an international academic environment. In addition, special educational loans can be earned in the camp (equivalent to the recommendations of teachers, certificates and medals), which are counted upon admission to universities from around the world. 20% of the camp's students go to Harvard University.

Students can use all the resources of the university. On the territory of the university there is a sports campus with an area of 145 hectares, within walking distance are beaches and lakes, picturesque foothills. The cost of education for 3 weeks will be from 8,500 $.

1. "Summer Academic English" is aimed to prepare a student for senior classes. Thanks to the highly effective program, the student quickly adapts to the learning environment abroad and improves academic and linguistic knowledge and skills.

2. The Ivy Leadership Program offers a unique opportunity to get to know the Ivy League education institutions that are at the top of all tops and rankings. It is proposed to tour the universities, inspect the campus and communicate with students - all this will help the student decide on the future of the university. In addition, students will be able to prepare for the academic tests of SAT and ACT.

3. The course "Summer English for teenagers" is perfect for those who are interested in modern innovative technologies and follow the world trends. Students are expected cognitive master classes and lectures, familiarity with famous scientists, artisans and industrialists - Boston for students will appear as a research workplace. The cost of education starts depending on the choice of the program from 1,785 $ per week.

  • The summer camp at Emmanuel College is located in the heart of Boston. Stepping accessibility from the city center will allow students to go on walks around the city, to get acquainted with the culture and history of Boston. In the language school for the vacation period, the programs "English and Leisure", "English and Football", as well as the "Young Leader" course are offered. Extra-curricular activities include unique excursions and trips: boat trips and whale watching, a visit to the observatory, shopping, a trip to the Red Socks stadium and much more. The cost of education for the week will be from 1,422 $.
  • The private school of CATS Akademi Boston has an impeccable reputation, its author's teaching methods will allow students to achieve high results. Summer courses for students are very interesting and informative:
  • At school Boston School of Modern Languages in an interesting game form, schoolchildren of 12 to 18 years of age achieve a rapid development of language skills. Each schoolchild chooses the intensity of his classes: 20, 25 or 30 lessons per week. In the program for students from 6 to 10 years, lessons are offered in an interactive format, most suitable for students by age. The cost of education is from 320 $ per week.
  • Sprachcaffe Boston English School is attractive for its convenient location and quality of educational services. "Youth English Course" is designed for young people aged 14 to 21 years. This course is suitable for students with different levels of language proficiency, including for children with poor knowledge. The program includes a variety of leisure activities, so education in the camp is an excellent choice for those who want to get acquainted with American culture and the peculiarities of life in the states. The cost for the week of education will be from 285 $.
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