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2019-08-22 00:29:00

Best schools in the Czech Republic for foreign students

Best schools in the Czech Republic for foreign students

Leading schools in the Czech Republic for foreign students

When deciding on getting advanced secondary education in the Czech Republic, it is worth deciding on the language of instruction. So, the attention of foreigne students is offered in Czech or English. The choice of a particular language is determined to a greater extent by two parameters, namely, from the country of higher education, as well as financial opportunities. Please note that teaching in Czech is free of charge, as for other languages, tuition fees are envisaged. Classes are held for five days.


Below you will find information about the educational system of the Czech Republic and its specific characteristics.

  • Prestigious Czech elementary school

Upon reaching the child 6-7 years old, children are admitted to the first grade. Directly from January 15 to February 15, an entry is made to the school. So, within the framework of this period, it is planned to conduct interviews with parents, where they get acquainted with school traditions and rules, as well as teachers. Note that at present, the overwhelming majority of prestigious state schools in the Czech Republic are developing their own specialized educational programs in order to attract a large number of students. So, in the walls of some elite schools in the Czech Republic, emphasis is placed on in-depth teaching of foreign languages directly from the first grade, while other educational institutions pay attention to such disciplines as mathematics, computer science, and also creative subjects. It should be noted that, as a rule, directly from the fourth grade, foreign students 11-15 years of age will study foreign languages.

Grade system in the best elementary schools in the Czech Republic

Students' results are evaluated on the following scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is the highest score, and 5 is the worst score. At the end of each academic year, foreign students receive report cards that show the final grades for individual disciplines. In the case of obtaining a final grade of 5 in the subject, the student must pass a retake of this discipline at the end of the summer vacation. If an unsatisfactory grade is obtained again, repetition of education in the same class is required.

The leading elementary school in the Czech Republic is divided into two stages, namely:

  • The first is from grades 1 to 5
  • The second - from grades 6 to 9.

In the case of successful completion of education, an opportunity is provided for entering a Czech secondary school, which is an analogue of a technical school, or completing education in a ranking gymnasium. The duration of studies at the Czech gymnasium is 4 years, and upon graduation, graduates are required to pass an exam for a matriculation certificate.

Upon completion of the main Czech school, foreign students are given the opportunity to study at a secondary school or gymnasium, in which the duration of study is 4 years. In the case of education in a basic school not in the Czech Republic, a foreign student needs nostrification of a certificate issued by a foreign educational institution, that is, a certificate of incomplete secondary education. As an alternative, it is possible to provide evidence of the validity of this certificate. Note that nostrification refers to the recognition of the equivalence of a foreign certificate of education.

The education department in Prague, namely the city magistrate, is responsible for nostrification of certificates of incomplete or complete secondary education. To successfully pass the nostrification procedure, you must provide the following package of documents, namely:

  • Application Form
  • Copy of certificate, which is notarized
  • Notarized translation of the certificate, as well as the insert.

As for the price of this procedure, it amounts to 200 CZK, and the application processing time, as a rule, varies from 30 to 60 days.

Classification of prestigious secondary schools in the Czech Republic - 3 categories

  • Grammar School
  • Specialized Secondary Schools
  • Secondary special schools.

So, the best secondary schools and gymnasiums of the Czech Republic are divided into general and specialized, within the walls of which it is envisaged to teach some disciplines on an in-depth basis. Entering the leading secondary vocational schools, a foreign student receives not only a general secondary education, but also an interesting specialty. Upon completion of education at an average specialized school in the Czech Republic, a graduate is issued a certificate attesting to the assignment of a certain specialization.

Please note that the key feature of the educational system in the Czech Republic is due to the fact that exams take place at the time of admission to secondary school, and not after the studying in the ninth grade. So, all students are required to pass the Czech language, mathematics, as well as a foreign language. As for the Czech specialized schools, the compulsory subjects for passing are the subject of specialization and one for choice. To successfully pass the exam in a particular discipline, a foreign student needs to attend a set number of academic hours. Perhaps the impact of the assessment on the discipline on the exam score, the opposite situation is also possible. If the exams fail the first time, an international student may pass exams on an additional basis at the end of August.

Upon completion of high school in the Czech Republic and the successful passing of final exams, graduates are issued a matriculation certificate.

TOP international schools in Prague for international students

To begin with, education in such elite schools is paid in nature. Upon completion of education, graduates are issued a certificate of secondary education of the western sample. In this case, teaching is conducted in English, French or German. Graduates of ranking international schools in the Czech Republic, as a rule, become students of top universities in the UK, the USA, Germany, France, etc. At the same time, some foreign students of 18 years old decide to get higher education at prestigious international universities in the Czech Republic.

Below is a list of the top schools in Prague, in the walls of which teaching is conducted in English:

  • Riverside School - is a private family-format school, teaching in which is conducted in accordance with the British-American educational system. The target audience is foreign students aged 3 to 18 years. The cost of education per year starts from 14,000 .
  • British International School Prague - is a private school that accepts foreign students from 3 to 16 years old to study. An international situation reigns within its walls because of the education of students who are representatives of more than 30 countries of the world. Teaching is conducted according to the British educational system. The cost of education per year is 17,400 .
  • The Prague British School - teaching is carried out in accordance with the British education system, the target audience is foreign students from 18 months to 18 years of age. The cost of education per year starts from 17,400 .
  • The English College in Prague - is an elite private gymnasium that accepts foreign students from 13 to 19 years old to study. Upon completion of education, graduates are issued a certificate of passing the international baccalaureate program. So, graduates freely become students of ranking universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. The cost of education is 7,800 per year.
  • International School of Prague - is an advanced school in which an excellent base has been created. Teaching is conducted in accordance with the US-British educational system. The cost of education per year starts from 14,000 .
  • Německáškola v Praze - a distinctive feature of this school is due to the fact that teaching is conducted in German, representing a prestigious international school-gymnasium, with an eight-year cycle of instruction. Upon graduation, graduates successfully enter the best universities in the Czech Republic and Germany. The cost of education throughout the year averages 7,200 .
  • Lycee Francias de Prague - is a French lyceum. Teaching is carried out in accordance with the established standards of French education, while the development of the Czech language and culture of the country is provided for. The cost of education per year is 6,700 .


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