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2018-07-30 11:57:09

Summer camps in Switzerland, the best summer camps in Switzerland for children and schoolchildren

Summer camps in Switzerland, the best summer camps in Switzerland for children and schoolchildren

Switzerland is characterized by a major advantage over other countries, which is due to the establishment of four official languages at the legislative level. Thus, foreign teens have an excellent opportunity to improve their language skills in English, German, French and Spanish.

Switzerland as a country is distinguished by its multilanguage, in addition, its uniqueness is due to its geographical location, namely the mountainous terrain. Foreign teenagers are given a truly unique opportunity to learn several foreign languages at the same time. In addition to quality education, children and adolescents will be able to have a great rest during the summer holidays. If you want to give your child amazing and exciting school holidays, filled with bright emotions and impressions, then the doors of the best language children's camps in Switzerland are widely opened before you. After reading this article, you will receive information regarding educational programs, options for accommodation during the period of study and the cost of staying in the prestigious language schools-boarding houses in Switzerland.

Leading Swiss children's camps and language boarding schools for children and adolescents

Making a decision to spend a child's vacation in the elite language camps in Switzerland, parents invest in the physical and intellectual development of their child. Every year, foreign teenagers and children from all over the world enter the Swiss rating language camps in order to get acquainted with peers who are representatives of different countries of the world and significantly improve the level of foreign language skills. We draw your attention to the fact that a wide range of language courses has been opened for foreign students, within which 4 foreign languages can be studied simultaneously.

Brief information about the leading Swiss language camps for foreigners and teenagers

So, in the walls of rating children's language schools-boarding houses in Switzerland, the teaching of English, German, French, and also Spanish is taught. We draw attention to the fact that some prestigious language camps provide for the simultaneous study of two foreign languages. It is worth noting that the location of the elite school-boarding house in Switzerland largely determines the list of languages that are taught. Entering the leading camps, which are in the French-speaking cantons of Switzerland, a teenager can choose to study French or English. If we consider the German-speaking cantons, then the teaching of German and English languages is envisaged. This situation is quite natural, as to ensure the effectiveness of training requires not only attending academic classes, but also a constant practice in everyday situations and natural conditions, namely in the framework of excursions and walks around the city. Please note that almost all Swiss are fluent in English, thereby guaranteeing excellent language practice.

Educational process in the best language camps in Switzerland

Speaking about the intensity of education in children's Swiss boarding schools, variations from 5 to 25 hours of foreign language lessons are observed throughout the week. In addition, pupils of the upper grades attend additional classes on specialized subjects, the teaching of which is conducted in the foreign language being studied. Let us note that vacation language programs usually successfully function on the basis of top private schools-boarding houses in Switzerland. Thus, only experienced and up-to-date teachers will teach mathematics and physics for foreign children and adolescents.

In the morning hours it is planned to conduct classes in a foreign language. After lunch, it is time to participate in a variety of leisure activities, which are organized by the pedagogical and educational staff of the school. Just note that your child will simply be bored once, he will be constantly involved in various processes. So, during the winter holidays in Switzerland you can actively engage in winter sports, namely skiing or snowboarding, the duration of which can reach 6 hours a day in some rating language schools-boarding houses. We will reassure parents that on a permanent basis with foreign students there are professional and experienced instructors who can transfer to the beginner their knowledge and experience in mastering this sport.

As a leisure event, the leading Swiss summer camps are organized for foreigners hiking and orientation in the highlands, walking on glaciers, and schoolchildren can swim in the clearest and cleanest lakes. In addition, the most modern infrastructure of Swiss rating schools allows you to learn teenagers such popular sports as golf and tennis, volleyball, football, cycling.

As for the spring break, in this period of time there is an opportunity for a harmonious combination of all the advantages of the summer and winter camps in Switzerland. So, in the spring most of the ski resorts are functioning, at the same time in the foothills there is already a sufficiently warm temperature for a long stay in the open air.

A special excursion program deserves special attention. So, in free from classes, children and adolescents will be able to visit and closely get acquainted with the ancient castles, the Olympic Museum located in Lausanne. Imagine only, these activities are not limited to this list! Foreigners are waiting for the visit to the UN headquarters in Geneva, the oldest chocolate factory Cailler, it was within its walls that the first milk classic Swiss chocolate was made. Particularly inquisitive children will be delighted with the prospect of being in the adventure park in Egler and the breathtaking underground salt mines located in Bex.

Once again, we note that Switzerland has the highest level of security, its residents are well-disposed toward foreigners, and Switzerland's advantage for children and adolescents will be an amazing environmental situation. Holding a summer vacation in an elite Swiss children's language camp will lead to a significant improvement of knowledge and skills in a foreign language, the acquisition of new and loyal friends who are representatives of the most diverse countries of the world, as well as physical development and health improvement.

The cost of training in the prestigious children's camps in Switzerland on vacation

As practice shows, the price of training in the best language schools-boarding houses in Switzerland ranges from 1500 to 4 thousand Swiss francs per week. Note that this cost includes the study of a foreign language, accommodation and meals during the training period, as well as a leisure program that provides for a variety of entertainment and leisure activities. Variations in the price of training are determined by the number of foreign language classes conducted, in other words, the intensity of the activity, and the leisure program, how often various sports and entertainment events are held. Please note that in the case of choosing academic language courses, their cost is higher compared to standard programs. In addition, the leading winter camps in Switzerland, the program of which focuses on active skiing, at a higher price compared to summer language programs.

Once again, we list the factors that determine the final price of training: the time of the year, the duration of the training, the type of placement during the training period, the territorial location of the language school, and the selected additional options, in particular this includes transfer, excursions and individual lessons.

In particular, staying for two weeks in a prestigious Swiss language camp will cost 4410 Swiss francs, including accommodation, meals, academic activities, sports and entertainment. An additional fee is provided for the payment of a registration fee of 150 Swiss francs, the cost of a round trip from Geneva will be CHF 170.

List of TOP-15 children's language schools-boarding houses - we study the rating of the best

Making decisions about sending their child to study in prestigious boarding schools in Switzerland during the summer holidays, parents are guided by several parameters in the selection of the preferred children's camp. Namely, they are interested in a harmonious combination of training and recreation, excellent ecology, conducting sports activities. We note that these conditions and requirements are taken into account by the best children's camps in Switzerland, which have acquired a universal demand and popularity among other countries of the world and prestige. Everything that is done in Switzerland is given the highest level of quality.

Note that in accordance with Swiss law, the official languages are 4 languages. In connection with this, foreign teenagers have the opportunity to choose to improve and acquire skills and knowledge in the following foreign languages, such as English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

In Switzerland, a large number of prestigious language children's camps and boarding schools have successfully operated, which have developed their own educational programs. In particular, it is possible to find an elite Swiss camp, which provides for teaching at an in-depth level of foreign languages, as well as leading boarding schools, whose educational programs harmoniously combine foreign language classes with sports training in football, basketball, rock climbing, tennis, swimming, etc. . In addition, Switzerland's prestigious language camps have been established, with a particular theme chosen, that is, foreign children can be acquired skills in theatrical skill, dance, painting, and cognitive studies in fashion, music or design. We draw your attention to the fact that the doors of the top language camps in Switzerland are open for foreigners teenagers all the year round, both in summer and in winter, parents can choose for their child a preferred language school-boarding house with the required educational program.

Special attention should be paid to the conditions created by the best language and children's camps in Switzerland for living and studying by foreign children and adolescents. So, the level of comfort of living corresponds to the best European hotels. Attention of foreign students is offered the widest school territory, the convenience of the campus infrastructure, for living open comfortable and cozy residences, as an alternative the student can live in a host family. As for meals, it is organized according to the principle of full boarding. For young sports fans there are many sports grounds.

Taking into account the diversity of the prestigious language camps in Switzerland, it is important to ensure that the institution meets the established standards regarding the high quality of teaching and rest, and, of course, the interests and goals of your child. In the case of a sense of comfort in your child from staying in the Swiss elite boarding school, the effectiveness of training is provided, as well as the reception of bright and positive emotions, which in turn is the guarantor of an excellent rest.

Our highly qualified specialists over the years help parents choose the best and leading language camp for their child. Thus, by applying to our educational center, you will be provided with a free consultation with our experienced expert. To facilitate the process of selecting an educational institution, the list of TOP-15 of the best language camps in Switzerland is presented below, from which foreign teenagers received only positive and vivid emotions and impressions during the school holidays. The rating was based on the reviews of children and adolescents who were trained in one of the leading language schools in Switzerland and their parents. More reliable information is difficult to find, probably you agree with us?

  • College Du Leman Summer Camp - is the leading summer boarding school located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, teaching is conducted in English and French. This school is part of the network of popular and well-known educational centers NordAngliaEducationGroup, which sets high requirements for each branch created.
  • Institut Monte Rosa Summer Camp - effective language courses designed for foreign children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 years. The given children's camp successfully functions on the basis of elite school-board of Switzerland EcoleLemania. Just imagine that, beginning in 1874, foreign teenagers, who are representatives of the most diverse countries of the world, decide to hold a vacation in the walls of the famous and top language camp.
  • Les Elfes Summer camp Les Elfes - is a standard language camp in Switzerland, which has an international format, located in the beautiful area of the resort town of Verbier. Foreign students are offered courses in German, English, French or Spanish. You have the widest choice!
  • Surval School Montreux Summer Camp and School-Boarding School Surval School Montreux - this institution has the highest level of prestige, is recognized as the best school-boarding school in Switzerland and in other countries of the world, which is supported by a separate format of teaching, namely, teaching is for girls only. During the summer holidays, girls aged 11 to 16 years are admitted for training. As for the languages studied, the pupils can choose French or English.
  • The top summer camp The Rosenberg Institute InstitutaufdemRosenbergSummerCamp-functions on the basis of the oldest Swiss school InstitutaufdemRosenberg. In the framework of teaching, harmoniously rooted traditions and advanced interactive educational methods are applied, which provides interest for foreign children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 years.
  • Summer campInstitutLeRosay - in the first years of its functioning, namely, until 1967, this elite language school-boarding house of Switzerland practiced a separate format of training, so only boys could be trained. Currently, over the academic year, the teaching of English and French is conducted for over 400 foreign students. As for the summer language programs, it is distinguished by a more extensive leisure program, which provides for more hours in the open air and entertainment.
  • The language school Haut-Lac - is a prestigious international boarding school, campus which is located directly at the foot of the picturesque Swiss Alps. Target audience are foreign adolescents aged 8 to 17 years. For your child, the summer holidays spent in the Swiss language rating camp will be the best. Simultaneously, they will significantly improve the level of English, German or French, and he will be able to practice extreme sports, spending time on breathtaking mountain slopes.
  • BrilliantmontInternationalSchoolSummerCamp is a prestigious boarding school located in Lausanne, which organizes exciting vacations for foreign teenagers. Target audience for the training are adolescents aged 10 to 17 years. The summer language program includes English and French.
  • Altitude International Camps - the location of this educational institution is distinguished by its picturesqueness. For teaching only experienced teachers are allowed, which guarantees effective improvement of the level of knowledge of English or French. In addition, teenagers have a great opportunity to make new friends. With regard to the format of education, the attention of foreign teens is offered full terms of the boarding house, providing for residence in the school residence, or a day-time training format. Full-time education will go to those children whose parents have the opportunity to come to the city of Verbier in order to solve work issues or rest.
  • Beau Soleli College Summer Camp - the prestige and popularity of this school-boarding school spread far beyond Switzerland, inviting to spend a fascinating summer vacation of foreign teenagers aged from 7 to 17 years. The year of its foundation is 1910, and during this period of its functioning the elite language school-boarding house has earned an impeccable reputation. The developed educational program is distinguished by a balance, which provides a combination of training and recreation, which includes the holding of a variety of sports and creative pursuits.
  • Leading summer camp Cran Montana-entry to this school-boarding house will provide your child a terrific adventure during the summer holidays. the advantages of this language children's camp is an excellent geographical location, the beauty of the scenery is simply breathtaking. Note that all the beauty of nature can be seen by foreign students from the windows of the campus. As a key goal of the language camp in Switzerland is the development of healthy habits in foreign teenagers. In connection, the school-boarding house organizes numerous sports events, which guarantees the physical activity of students, while maintaining a healthy balanced regime.
  • AlpadiaZug - is a prestigious language summer camp located in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, for this educational institution is characterized by a unique international atmosphere. The language summer school is based on the campus of the top college of St. Petersburg. Michael, which is located at the minimum distance from Zurich. Foreign teenagers, literally just leaving school territory, will find themselves on the picturesque embankment. As for the foreign languages being studied, the teaching is conducted in German and English.
  • Village Camps Leysin-is the leading language school-boarding house, which is created on the territory of the famous and popular among foreign tourists the Swiss resort. During the summer holidays, foreign teenagers have an excellent opportunity to improve their level of English or French.
  • SLC Swiss Language Club Leysin is a branch of the well-known network of SLC education centers. The elite language camp in Switzerland has developed effective and cognitive educational programs, which are planned during the summer holidays. Target audience are foreign teenagers aged 10 to 18 years. Note that the teaching is conducted in the following foreign languages, as English, French, German.
  • Ecole International La Garenne - is the leading private school-boarding house, which was founded by family members Mean in the distant 1947. The reception is provided by foreign children and adolescents aged 6 to 14 years. Effective academic courses are conducted in English and French. In addition to effective training for foreigners, a rich leisure program is organized, providing for various cognitive excursions and other events in the open air.

The leisure program of the best language camps in Switzerland - participate more boldly in various activities and excursions!

As already mentioned above, in addition to teaching the pedagogical staff of the boarding school, an intensive leisure program is organized, involving a variety of excursions, sports and entertainment events in Switzerland. Your choice of the time of year and the specific leading language school in Switzerland will determine the list of sports activities, namely football, volleyball, horse riding, archery, swimming, snowboarding, skating and skiing. The geographical location of the school determines the cities for excursions, namely, it can be Geneva, Montreux, Lausanne, Verbier. Within the framework of cognitive excursions it is planned to visit breathtaking castles-museums and fascinating amusement parks.

Geographical location of the elite summer camps in Switzerland

In most cases, the prestigious language camps in Switzerland are concentrated in small suburbs, in particular the popular Verbier resort, located at the foot of the Swiss Alps, the city of Leysin, 1.5 hours away from Geneva, or as an option of Montreux, deservedly awarded the status of the pearl of the Swiss Riviera . Regardless of your choice, your child will admire the picturesque scenery of Swiss nature, breathe only the purest air. In addition, for each foreign student an individual professional approach is applied, which allows to significantly improve the level of knowledge of a foreign language.

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