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2019-08-22 00:20:58

Best schools in Salzburg for international students

Best schools in Salzburg for international students

Prestigious schools in Salzburg for foreign students

It is worth starting with the fact that Salzburg takes the 4th place in terms of the size of a city in Austria, so the leading schools of Salzburg are popular and in demand among foreign students. In addition, tourists, choosing travel routes, decide to visit Salzburg among other Austrian cities. In particular, fascinating festivals are organized in Austria every summer, while historical sights are listed by UNESCO.

You will make a wonderful choice by sending your child to receive a prestigious secondary education in Salzburg. In their free hours, foreign students will be provided with a truly unique opportunity for close acquaintance with objects of architecture, full immersion in the history and traditions of the oldest city. At the same time, it is worth highlighting that after graduation, graduates have a high level of quality of academic knowledge and a prestigious certificate, the presence of which allows you to enter rating universities in both Austria and other countries of the world as the main advantage of studying in Salzburg ranking schools. In addition, foreign students between the ages of 13 and 17 gain extremely useful experience of independent stay abroad, and they will also be able to relax in a picturesque and interesting city.

Compulsory education in Austria is education in nine classes of elite schools in Salzburg. So, children go to elementary school, and undergo education for 4 years. Upon completion of elementary school, students are given the opportunity to choose one of two types of educational institutions in order to go to an advanced secondary school, namely:

  • General secondary school - the period of study is 5 years
  • Gymnasium - the duration of educational process is 8 years.

It is also worth noting that foreigners students are given the opportunity to study at an elite high school in Salzburg, in the framework of which the emphasis is placed on academic subjects. At the same time, in order to become a student at this Salzburg ranking school, you will need to complete your studies with honors from primary school. Since only students with high results are accepted for education.

More than 300 prestigious schools are successfully operating in Austria, teaching over 350 thousand students. Agree that the scale is impressive. Speaking about the school year in the best schools of Salzburg, it lasts from October to June.

If you graduated from the leading general secondary school in Salzburg, then after graduation the graduate has the opportunity for further education in a professional educational institution, and in case of excellent performance and high results, you can go to an elite gymnasium in Salzburg .

The attention of foreign students is offered a choice of three educational programs in the best schools of Salzburg, as part of the education, mathematics, German, and other foreign languages are taught. The main differences in the developed educational programs are due to the level of academic load and complexity.

Thus, in the case of successful completion of education under the most intensive educational program, a graduate will be able to become a student of a top gymnasium in Salzburg, having the status of the most prestigious secondary educational institution, allowing foreign students to freely enter ranking universities not only in Salzburg, but also in Austria and other countries of the world.

Given the similarity of teaching methods and curricula, secondary education, which was received at the walls of elite gymnasiums in Salzburg, is more fundamental due to the fact that more hours are allocated for teaching foreign and German languages in the best gymnasiums, if compared with the Austrian general secondary schools. The final stage of graduation in secondary schools in Salzburg is the writing of the final exam, according to which a graduate is issued a certificate of complete secondary education of the Austrian standard.

Along with public schools in Salzburg, prestigious private secondary schools are successfully functioning, accepting foreign students representing a variety of countries to study. It should be noted that all foreign students aged 11 to 18 years are guaranteed the highest level of quality of educational services. Teaching is conducted in English. Foreign students are offered education in the following educational programs:

In addition, Waldorf schools were created in Salzburg, within the walls of which teaching is carried out according to the program, which was developed by the popular teacher R. Steiner. The uniqueness of this program is due to the fact that an emphasis is placed on the education of a free personality, the comprehensive development of the student, as well as talents and abilities. The education of aesthetics and ethics in each individual student does not remain without attention.

Brief information about the elite school of Salzburg - American International School Salzburg AISS

Year of foundation


The target audience

Foreign students from 12 to 19 years old

Educational programs

Advanced Placement courses, pre-university preparatory programs, English courses

Number of students

125 students

Educational format


Placement option

Upon reaching 12.5 years, students live in the residence on a full board basis

Cost of education

From 10,500  per term, including accommodation and meals


Has the status of the best American school not only in Salzburg, but also in Austria


As you can already understand, in this Salzburg ranking school, teaching is based on the traditional American education model. Distinctive features are due to the high intensity of the educational process and practical orientation.

The teaching is conducted in English, while only experienced and professional teachers who are residents of the United States and Canada are involved in the teaching. Foreign students are admitted to the following groups:

  • Secondary school - corresponds to grades 7-8
  • High school - corresponds to grades 9-12
  • Graduate school - is a 13th grade, in the framework of which an effective pre-university preparation is conducted.

In the framework of the developed educational programs, students are expected to study such subjects as English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, German, social sciences. In addition, foreign students are given the opportunity to select disciplines of interest for study from a wide list. In particular, you can choose drama, art, design, etc. On an optional basis, if interested, a foreign student can attend classes in English.

Educational programs of the TOP Salzburg school American International School Salzburg

Name of educational program

The target audience

Cost per year,

Middle classes (English)

12 to 14 years old

From 33,290 

Diploma + Advanced Placement

From 16 to 18 years

From 37,640 

English summer course

10 to 19 years old

From 2,090  in 2 weeks

German summer course

10 to 19 years old

From 2,090  in 2 weeks


Food and lodging at American International School Salzburg

Foreign students live on campus, in comfortable residences, housed in comfortable rooms designed for 2-3 students, with all amenities. Directly high school students are offered accommodation in single rooms. Lounge, laundry room and kitchen are open for students on a regular basis.

As for food, it is organized on a full board basis. A selection of foreign students is served European and American cuisine. Dietary or vegetarian meals can be arranged on an individual basis.

Key Benefits of Elite Secondary Education at American International School Salzburg

  • This school has received accreditation issued by the Austrian Ministry of Education, as well as authoritative specialized associations of the USA and European countries. The distinctive features of this Salzburg school are due to the highest level of quality of educational services, as well as the academic education of students. Upon graduation, graduates become students of the best universities in Europe and other countries of the world.
  • Convenient geographical location - a 10 minute drive from the educational buildings is the central part of Salzburg, where you can find many interesting sights and have fun.
  • In addition to studying, the school is developing a leisure program that provides for educational and recreational, as well as sports events.
  • For the purpose of physical development of students, various walking tours, camping trips, and also bicycle tours are organized. In winter, foreign students can snowboard and ski.
  • As part of the teaching, an individual approach is applied to each student.

Infrastructure equipment at American International School Salzburg

The campus is 3 hectares, where 3 buildings are located, in particular, one building was built in the 18th century (currently completely restored). Classes are equipped with modern interactive technology and computers, a library and a dining room have been created. Residential residences were built in two buildings, with boys and girls living separately.

For intensive sports, there are sports complexes and venues at the Olympic level, fitness rooms, dance classes, as well as climbing sections.

A package of documents - what needs to be prepared for admission to prestigious schools in Salzburg?

  • Copy of 1 page of your passport
  • International language certificate
  • Grade tables for the last 2-4 years of study
  • Completed school registration form
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers in mathematics, a foreign language, as well as from the class teacher. In some cases, a letter from the principal may be required
  • Passing a test that determines the level of knowledge in mathematics, a foreign language and other academic subjects
  • Interview with a representative of the selection committee, format - face-to-face meeting or via Skype
  • Providing various diplomas, awards, achievements
  • Motivation letter
  • Passport format photo
  • Vaccination statement, provision of a medical certificate on the general health status of an adolescent
  • Birth certificate of an incoming child.



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