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2019-08-22 00:35:31

Best schools in Brighton for international students

Best schools in Brighton for international students

Prestigious schools in Brighton for international students

Brightoneverywhere has the status of a vibrant city located on the south coast of Great Britain. To get to the British capital, it takes only an hour by car. Due to its specific atmosphere, Brighton is becoming increasingly popular among informal youth who want to visit the local stylish shops, as well as sit in the cozy North Lane cafe. If a foreign student is a creative person, it is in Brighton that he will have a great opportunity to visit the famous Royal Theater, as well as walks in a picturesque park.

List of Brighton's top schools for foreign students

This college has at its disposal a large and modern educational center, which guarantees a high level of quality educational services. So, only experienced and professional teachers with all the skills to work with foreign students are involved in teaching. This elite school has the status of an advanced language school in Brighton .

As for accommodation issues, SMAPSE experts recommend that foreign students aged 14 to 16 years live in a comfortable hostel together with English-speaking peers. In addition, it offers the opportunity to live in a host family, which will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the everyday life of a standard family in Brighton.

In addition to effective studying, it is planned to organize fascinating leisure activities for foreign students, in particular, students will be able to visit local ancient shops, cafes that attract the attention of foreign tourists. If interested, a foreign teenager can attend classes in art or music.

It is a ranking English school located in the south of the UK. At a distance of two kilometers is the famous county of East Sussex. This school is assigned the status of the best independent school, both in Britain and other countries of the world. An elite school practices a separate studying format, so only girls are accepted for education. So, annually, graduates freely enter top British universities like Cambridge and Oxford. In addition to studying, a comprehensive and harmonious development of students is provided. In particular, classes are held in art and sports.

Upon completion of studying, graduates acquire such useful personal qualities as determination, tolerance, courtesy, and the ability to defend their own point of view. Immediately from a young age, girls plunge into a multicultural environment due to the simultaneous education of representatives of more than 40 countries. The area of Brighton's school is about 47 hectares. The territory of the school campus includes 3 huge libraries, a modern computer class, and children have Internet access. In addition, several art studios, as well as a center for the study of design and technology, are successfully operating. At the same time, a modern language center was created, which is equipped with modern multimedia devices. Creative personalities will be delighted to hear that an elite school has created a theater that seats 30 spectators, as well as workshops and dance studios. An audience has been built for music lessons.

Brighton College - useful information for foreign students

Elite school of Brighton practices a joint format of education, thereby accepting girls and boys aged 3 to 18 years. According to statistics, every year 20% of graduates become students of ranking universities such as Cambridge and Oxford. According to the data of 2018, a positive decision was made regarding the enrollment of 650 graduates in one of the top universities of the Russell Group, while 30 applicants were enrolled in popular medical programs.

The uniqueness of this Brighton school is due to the fact that for the first time in this educational institution, such a discipline as entrepreneurship was added to the educational program. So, in the framework of the education, the students are expected to create an original product, as well as its further presentation to industry experts.

In terms of geographical location, Brighton College is located in the immediate center of Brighton, off the coast of the Celtic Sea. To get to the British capital, it takes only an hour by train.

At the same time, the ranking school is conducting thorough and high-quality education in creative and sports areas. So, according to 2018 data, 30% of graduates became students of top British creative universities. In addition, over 30 graduates take part in various sports world championships.

On the territory of the modern school campus there are:

  • scientific laboratories
  • libraries
  • sports grounds
  • a concert hall
  • a music school.

Positions in the UK rankings of the prestigious College Brighton

  • School of the Year - The Sunday Times 2019
  • 7th line in the English ranking of the best schools - prepared by TheTimes in 2019
  • In terms of average results for the exam A-level takes 5th place in the ranking of the best British schools
  • In terms of average results for the exam, the GCSE takes the 9th line in the ranking of the best schools in the UK - prepared by the publication Best Schools according to 2018.

Organization of the educational process at the best school Brighton College

In deciding to get advanced secondary education at Brighton College , a foreign student aged 13-14 can take academic studying as part of the following British high school programs, namely A-level and GCSE.

Within the framework of the first year of study, students are introduced to academic subjects, after which a list of disciplines of interest is formed. The educational program provides for conducting not only academic studies, but also classes in dance, art, photography, technology, design, theater, music, as well as programming. Based on the results of summer exams, the final list of academic subjects is formed.

As for high school students, they select 4 disciplines from a list that includes 24 subjects. During the first year, a foreign teenager is given the opportunity to replace the subject. Within the walls of a ranking school, the following disciplines are most popular among foreign students from 16 to 18 years old, whose share is 75%, namely biology, chemistry, economics, and mathematics.

As an interesting fact, SMAPSE experts note that on Wednesdays it is planned to organize meetings with famous people, in particular, it can be politicians, athletes, actors and even musicians.

If interested, foreign students can attend courses on the art of presentation, entrepreneurship, programming, Chinese. At the same time, an effective educational program has been developed for successful admission to Oxbridge universities and the passing of SAT exams.

Leisure program of the best schools in Brighton

Each student, based on individual goals, preferences, will be able to choose a hobby of interest from the widest list. In particular, such interest groups are offered to foreign students:

  • Yoga
  • The photo
  • Chess
  • Confectionery
  • Discussion club - ideal for future political scientists
  • Science club
  • Medical club
  • Programming
  • Lego robotics.

As for sports, foreign students can go in for:

  • athletics
  • cross-country
  • hockey
  • rugby
  • golf
  • horse riding
  • football
  • fencing
  • swimming.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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