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Best schools in Austria for foreign students

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Best schools in Austria for foreign students

Where to give a good education to your children? - A question that worries parents around the world. This article will not only tell you about the education system in Austria, the features of popular educational programs and the intricacies of teaching a foreign language, but will also help you to choose the right school.

On the one hand, Austria is the pearl of tourist Europe, and on the other, school in Austria, school education in Austria is a precious foundation of secondary education and the successful start of a child. The mountain scenery, culture, ecology and comfort of Austria unconditionally attract people, but the parents of students are interested in the secondary education system, which is internationally recognized. Austria is attractive to students from all over the world.


School system in schools in Austria

The secondary education system in Austria is rightfully considered one of the best systems in the world and can compete in quality with the education system in America. Despite the fact that a large number of inhabitants of the country speak the Austrian dialect of the German language, instruction in schools is conducted in English. In addition, all students have the opportunity to learn an additional foreign language. All educational programs in secondary schools in Austria comply with international standards, and diplomas of secondary schools in Austria are appreciated by all leading universities and higher educational institutions of the world. Compulsory secondary education in Austria lasts nine years. The education system in Austria is very similar to the education system in Germany. It consists of 3 main steps:

Grades 1-4

Primary School

5-9 grade

Secondary school

10-12 grade

High school

Features of school education in primary school in Austria for foreign students

Education at a public elementary school in Austria starts at the age of 6 and lasts 4 years from grades 1 to 4. At this stage, students are studying a standard set of subjects. Education is free, since travel, textbooks and other expenses are paid by the state. However, if your child is a foreign student, then he will not be able to study at a public school, and tuition in private boarding schools will have to be paid for independently. Primary schools in Austria come in three forms:


primary "folk" school


elementary school


school for children with special needs and care


Features of secondary school education in Austria for foreign students

After the student finishes primary school, at the age of 10 he goes to grade 5 and continues to study in one of the secondary schools in Austria until grade 9. There are 4 types of secondary schools in Austria:


secondary "folk" school

Allgemein bildende höhere schulen

high school with in-depth study of some disciplines


secondary schools


gymnasiums with a focus on the study of scientific subjects

Wirtschaftskundlisches Realgymnasium

gymnasiums with a focus on studying households

The children choose a school on their own, depending on what they plan to do next: continue to study at a higher school, in a professional institution or go to enter universities. Education is carried out according to the state curriculum and differs from most schools in the world in that the division into various specializations is carried out already at this stage, and not in high school. In secondary schools in Austria, any student can choose, for example, a language department, mathematics or humanities. For more active children, some high schools offer educational programs with a sports or creative bias. Education provides students with the opportunity to study in depth professional skills, practical and theoretical knowledge, as well as to intensify the preparation of future students for admission to higher education institutions around the world. High schools in Austria with in-depth study of subjects are more prestigious than the "folk" schools, therefore, in order to get there, the child must pass a tough competition and pass the entrance tests well. In order to choose a discipline and a suitable profile, students engage in courses and get acquainted with various professions, as well as undergo practical education. When high school finishes, students already know what specialization attracts them and which institution of higher education they would like to enter later. At the end of any type of secondary school in Austria, a graduate receives a certificate of either secondary education or secondary vocational education.

Features of school education in higher education in Austria for foreign students

Most students, after 9th grade, do not go to polytechnic colleges or schools (Polytechnische Schule), but continue to study the profession at a higher school in Austria. In the final, twelfth, class, students deepen their knowledge in the field of their future profession and consolidate their skills in economics, natural sciences, and languages. At the end of the12th grade, students take the final exam, and after passing the test they receive a Matura certificate. With this document, they can enter higher education institutions not only in Austria, but throughout the world.

Tuition fees in Austria

Unfortunately, today there are no schools in Austria where a foreign student could get an education for free. The cost of teaching a foreign student in one of the private schools in Austria may vary depending on the number of subjects, specialization of the school, as well as the number of languages that are taught there. If compare the prices of education around the world, then education in Austria is one of the most inexpensive. The price is affordable for citizens of almost all social sectors. Education in Austrian schools will cost parents 300 € - 700 € per year, but to this figure you need to add accommodation and meals, as well as pocket expenses. International schools and some elite private schools have higher prices, parents can pay for school education from 12,000 € to 30,000 € per year.

Educational programs for foreign students in schools in Austria

Foreign students can enter one of the private Austrian boarding schools as participants in 2 educational programs:

The program is designed for students 16-18 years old. After the end of the program, a diploma is issued, which is recognized in one hundred countries of the world. The program consists of subjects that will help your child successfully prepare for university entrance. Groups are formed by the level of language proficiency, approximately 10-15 people. This allows teachers to devote a sufficient amount of time to each student during the lesson, and the student can always get individual advice. The education is conducted in two languages: the official language of Austria is German and the national language is English. This is a great opportunity to master several languages at once in perfection. In addition to language, Austrian schools pay special attention to the physical and aesthetic development of pupils. Each student can choose additional classes in music, skiing or drawing. On weekends, all students travel with the class on excursions, exhibitions, festivals or to theaters. On the territory of schools, all conditions have been created for a comfortable stay of students from all over the world: educational buildings, dormitories, canteens, libraries, sports complexes and playgrounds, educational theaters and dance halls. If you wish, then there is the opportunity to see any high school in Austria that you like. Open house days are held in February-March, and as for the beginning of accepting documents for admission, it takes place in March. Study starts in October and lasts until the end of July.

If you are not sure of the level of knowledge of your child’s foreign language, then it is worth considering preparatory courses for hanging communication skills in German or English. The option of relaxing with benefit in the summer language camp at one of the schools in Austria is possible. This will help the child not only improve his foreign language, but also go to school for a while in order to feel the atmosphere of the institution and understand if he wants to stay there for a whole year or if he needs to find something else.

Documents required for schooling in Austria

In order for your child to be able to get a school education in one of the schools in Austria, it is necessary to prepare a standard package of documents:

  • international passport;
  • statement with grades for the last 2 years from the last place of study;
  • letters of recommendation from teachers;
  • language test results;
  • questionnaire about personal interests of the student;
  • permission from parents or legal guardians to study and live abroad;
  • medical certificates.

List of the best schools in Austria today

  • GTVS Aspernallee;
  • VS Meissnergasse;
  • Europaschule Bilinguale Schule;
  • VS Neulandschule;
  • Montessori-Schule Hütteldorf;
  • VS Währingerstraße;
  • Volksschule am Judenplatz;
  • VS Montessori Atelier;
  • VS IMA St. Pölten;
  • VS Otto-Glöckel-Straße.

Every student who chooses secondary school in one of the best schools in Austria will receive irreplaceable experience. A foreign student will not only get acquainted with the culture of a new country, peers from different parts of the world, but will also become the owner of quality knowledge in the framework of the curriculum and beyond. A diploma from a school in Austria will help you to easily enter prestigious universities in the world and continue to conquer new heights. Do not forget that knowledge of a foreign language will be practically at the level of a native speaker.

If you have decided that your child should receive secondary education in one of the prestigious schools in Austria  then SMAPSE experienced specialists are ready to help in choosing the most suitable conditions and the most popular educational program. SMAPSE employees are well versed in the secondary education system of Austria and professionally approaching the issue of educating foreign students abroad. SMAPSE experts are ready to advise you in detail on all issues at any convenient time and in any convenient way.

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