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2022-07-18 16:03:49

The most favorite and important holidays in the USA

The most favorite and important holidays in the USA

On the territory of the United States of America there are several dozen peoples and representatives of different ethnic groups. Many consider the United States a country of immigrants with a bright multiculturalism. Every nation or nation that moved to live in the United States decades or hundreds of years ago has made an invaluable contribution to the formation of North American culture. The customs of the indigenous people, the traditions and social phenomena of the visiting British, French, Spaniards, Latin Americans, Africans and other peoples have created a unique culture in which almost every day an event is celebrated. There are so many holidays and ceremonial traditions in the United States that on any of the 365 days of the year you can come to the region of the country where something will be celebrated.

What holidays do the inhabitants of the United States like?

Tourists and researchers consider Americans one of the most cheerful peoples who love to rejoice and celebrate any events. From any day, Americans can make a holiday, because for this it is enough just to call all friends or neighbors for a barbecue or a game of Monopoly. However, many events are celebrated by the inhabitants of the country not only for laughter and fun, but also to pay tribute to the ancestors, traditions and historical past of the state.

Most of the major holidays celebrated in the States are not much different from the world ones, Christmas, New Year or Easter are also celebrated here. Americans celebrate Christmas not on January 7, but on December 25, but this is the only significant difference. On Christmas Eve, the entire territory of America turns into decorations from a winter fairy tale with decorated facades of houses, tall Christmas trees on the street, socks for gifts on the fireplace, garlands on the windows. In many states, they even organize an annual competition of the most beautiful houses in the Christmas style.

Americans celebrate the New Year on January 1. For them, Christmas is considered more important. Residents of the United States celebrate the New Year with their families, but those who do not attach importance to the holiday go to work on this day.

Easter is celebrated like everyone else, on a Sunday in the spring, with no exact date. Americans cook cakes, dye chicken eggs, go to church and pray.

U.S. Public Holidays

Americans celebrate President's Day every third Monday in February. It is dedicated not to the person who now occupies the presidency, but to the office itself as a symbol of democracy and freedom of the country. The holiday is timed to coincide with the birthday of the first American president - George Washington. On this day, Americans do not arrange parties and bright celebrations, but they pay tribute to the past and remember this date every year.

Memorial Day is celebrated on May 30. Only residents of the United States go to the cemetery in order to honor not only the deceased relatives, but also all the people who have passed away. On this day, Americans thank distant ancestors for the life given to them, as well as people who gave their lives for peace in the country.

Veterans Day in the United States takes place on November 11, and at this time the citizens of the country remember those who participated in all wars involving America (unfortunately, there are many of them). Many government agencies suspend work on the 11th, and the president travels to the national cemetery to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated every fourth day of November. The holiday is held with the family, with a roast turkey on the dining table and gratitude for what is in the lives of these people. You can thank God, others, the state, fate — or yourself.

Independence Day is considered one of the most important holidays in the United States and is celebrated on July 4. Every year, Americans remember that in 1776 a declaration was signed proclaiming the creation of a new independent state – the United States of America. Thousands of people in costumes take to the streets and go to parades, after which grandiose fireworks are arranged in each city.

Father's Day is celebrated every third Sunday in June and is dedicated to American dads who are strict and harsh, but remain loving and caring parents who go to great lengths for the well-being of the child. Each family decides how to spend the holiday, there are no clear rules here.

Unusual American holidays

Pirate Day is celebrated every September 19 and gives every American the opportunity to feel like a real sea robber for the day. People put on pirate triangles, take sabers and fight each other, sipping each corsair's favorite drink – grog.

On February 2, the population of the country celebrates Groundhog Day. Residents of Canada also celebrate this day (since 1886). On this day, all people wait for a groundhog to come out of his mink. If he comes out calmly - very soon spring and warm weather will come, and if the animal looked out apprehensively, was afraid of its own shadow and ran away - spring will not come for another month and a half.

Tailgate Party is held by sports fans long before the start of the expected match. People gather in the parking lot in front of the arena, fry steaks, dance, listen to music, drink beer and look forward to the long-awaited match. There are those who come to the match as much as a day before the start in order to have time to have a good time and take the best seats in the stands.

Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17, when the country turns green for a day. Irish traditions brought to the U.S. have become popular, and today's U.S. residents walk the streets in green suits and hats, visiting pubs and drinking dozens of pints of beer. If, during the celebration, vacationers notice a person in their ranks who is not dressed in a green outfit, they have the right to pinch him.

Kwanza is a holiday that is celebrated by African Americans in the last week of December. This is a local New Year, when people thank their loved ones for everything and give them gifts. The festival begins on December 26 and ends on January 1, during the celebration people walk the streets with candles, talking about philosophical topics. The American Dream is a holiday whose meaning no one remembers. However, the population continues to remind themselves that any dream can be fulfilled, and freedom is the most important thing that a person has.

Panking Changing is an autumn holiday for farmers. People rejoice in the approaching autumn, rest and boast that this year their farm and perseverance brought a rich harvest. The highlight of the program is the fun that everyone loves – every self-respecting farmer should take a bigger pumpkin and blow it up in front of the public, causing joy and laughter in the neighbors.

Mardi Gras is essentially similar to the Slavic Maslenitsa. Americans cheerfully, noisily and cheerfully see off the winter: during the holiday, carnivals are held, to which people in costumes come, eat pancakes and choose the king and queen of this parade. There is a legend that the holiday must be finished before midnight, so that the devil does not take the souls of the merry people. The holiday is held not only in America, but also in the territory of Western Europe.

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