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Year of study in the UAE: information for foreign students

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Year of study in the UAE: information for foreign students

Do you want to live in the country of eternal summer and study at a prestigious private school or university with a high ranking? Educational institutions of the United Arab Emirates accept students from all over the world: their academic programs (even a year of study in the UAE) are suitable for foreign students, highly valued abroad. Moreover, the cost of education in schools and universities of the UAE is controlled by the state and kept at an adequate level.

Year of study in the UAE at the university - Bachelor and Master

The final cost of studying at a school or university abroad is formed on the basis of several factors: the ranking of the institution, the duration of the academic program, living conditions, additional classes and many other factors. University programs in the UAE are based on the British model of study - here you can get a bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees. The most popular faculties among foreign students are considered medical, hotel business, tourism, architecture and oil production.

Entry requirements can vary greatly: in some universities you need to take difficult entrance exams, while in others it’s enough to pay for a course of study. A year of study in state universities in the UAE for fireign students will cost 5,000 $ - 11,000 $, in the branches of British universities twice as much - about 20,000 $. To get a bachelor's degree abroad, you will need to study 3-4 years in most specialties, and 1 year for a master's degree.

For foreign students, studying in the UAE is possible only on a paid basis, but the best students are paid a scholarship - so outstanding students get the opportunity to receive education almost for free. By the way, a student visa provides an opportunity to get a job in the UAE.

Tuition at school in the UAE for foreign students

As in a university, the cost of studying at a school in the UAE varies depending on the type of institution - public or private - its ranking, curriculum, type of accommodation (boarding house or with parents). There are a lot of foreign students in the UAE, so the education system is adapted to the needs of a multinational society. Here you can find academic programs adopted in different countries: French, German, Canadian, American and Indian. About 30% of schools are focused on British educational models.

Although in the UAE, secondary education is available for foreign students on a commercial basis in public schools, private schools are the best place for students from abroad. The most expensive study is in schools with British programs (in addition, in high school, the price can increase several times compared to primary classes). By the way, in 2014, educational institutions in the country raised prices so much that studying in a boarding school in Britain cost parents less than in Dubai! Since then, the cost of education in the UAE, even in private schools, is controlled by the state. A year of study in the UAE in grades 6-8 will cost from 68,000 $, the cost of education in grades 9-10 - from 76,500 $ per year.

Year of study in the UAE for foreign students

Although Arabic is recognized as the official language in the UAE, English is very developed here: it is actively used in business, it is taught in many schools and universities. A year of studying English in the UAE will create an excellent language base for foreign students who want to continue their education at a school or university abroad.

The following types of linguistic courses are available in the UAE:

  • standard English classes of different intensities;
  • Academic English programs for students entering schools and universities;
  • private lessons in English;
  • business English;
  • TOEFL and IELTS courses.

Preparation for TOEFL and IELTS will cost from 345 / month, business English - from 570 / month, and general English from 118 / month.

Tuition fees in the UAE after grades 9, 10, 11

It is sometimes very difficult for a foreign graduate to enter a prestigious foreign university without a preparatory course: the educational system in our country is significantly different from most of the world. As in British universities, before entering, foreign students will first have to go through a educational program or unlearn in the first year of a local university.

To graduate abroad, after grades 9, 10, and 11, it is recommended that you pass the A-Level, International Baccalaureate or Foundation programs. Typically, education in the UAE in such courses takes 1-2 years. The average price for education in these programs is from 22,600 / year. A year of study in the UAE under the Swiss Baccalaureate program will cost more - from 58,500 .

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