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2018-07-30 11:57:13

Summer holidays in Paris, a vacation in Paris for children and schoolchildren

Summer holidays in Paris, a vacation in Paris for children and schoolchildren

Travel to France is a dream of many people. Whether it's a French village, a charming coastal village or cosmopolitan Paris, you will surely find a rich history and culture in the alleys and wide areas of France. Of course, a smart, challenging and challenging adventure capital must be visited at least once. In summer Paris becomes a boiling cauldron of foreign tourists, eager to have time to visit all the best views and popular places of the city. However, those who still decided to combine adventure vacation and study in the summer, the capital will not disappoint either. The most prestigious educational institutions of France are in Paris , leading, by the way, in the ranking of student cities in the world. A comfortable average air temperature of + 20 ° C in summer and a huge number of elegant parks favors a pleasant learning environment. In addition to studying French or English, the choice of language courses for the summer will make it possible to join the popular local summer tradition of the open air cinema festival and the biggest national holiday of France - Bastille Day.

The best linguistic camps in Paris for children and schoolchildren

The best language centers and universities open their doors every summer for children and schoolchildren from all over the world.

  • One of them is OISE Paris , a branch of the prestigious international network of language schools in Europe. Qualified teachers pay maximum attention to the study of the structure of language, grammar as the basis for correct and beautiful oral speech. What is important, the classes are held in small groups of 4 people, there is the possibility of private lessons one-on-one with the teacher. There are also academic programs for preparing for the international languages of the DELF , DALF and TEF examinations. In the framework of this linguistic program, teachers emphasize the study of the language in accordance with the structure of the exam and create the most approximate conditions for its surrender. Vacation program involves an intensive study of the French language and acquaintance with the culture, sights of Paris. OISE is located in one of the most beautiful quarters of the capital - Mare: just a few minutes walk from the training center there are Chatelet Square, the famous Louvre, several other famous Parisian sights. The course suggests field trips once a week outside of Paris: in Versailles and the amusement park Asterix.
  • Another popular Eurocentres language school in Europe also has its own branch in Paris. Eurocentres is one of the oldest and most prestigious networks of language centers with offices on six continents, specializing precisely in organizing language courses for foreign students for more than 70 years. Experts in the field of education will help not only to master the language, but also to overcome the cultural and language barriers, guaranteeing the best memories of the rest. In Paris, the linguistic school is located on a quiet pedestrian street, so that the everyday noise of the city does not distract from studying in the classroom. French language courses for the summer are available for teens from 16 years old even with an initial level of French. The duration of the course can vary from 2 weeks or more with a standard academic load of 20 lessons per week, and if desired, training can always be extended for a longer period. As a leisure program, the center organizes traditionally excursions around Paris, cultural and sporting events and field trips to discover the pride of France - wineries and French cheese factories.
  • For those who like to kill just two or three or four birds with a hare, France Langue Paris Opera offers French language courses for the summer to teenagers from 17 years in the following areas:
  • A key idea in the work of the elite school of learning English and French CERAN - mutual understanding of cultures. Language is the basis of any culture, therefore the school works year-round to improve its linguistic programs for adults, children and schoolchildren from 12 years. The summer camp is located in the picturesque and safe suburb of Paris Cergy, where foreign students can rally and feel a special, cozy atmosphere. The CERAN Center provides a choice of academic programs with a standard and intensive workload of learning English or French. All teachers of the school are native speakers from the UK or France. In order to organize leisure activities for foreign students, the campus has golf and tennis courses, so that the most athletic students can offer foreign language programs with a combination of golf (equipment is provided, a form is needed), tennis or horse riding (additional insurance is necessary). All classes are conducted by professional instructors in small groups, and the level of athletic training does not matter.

The entrance level of knowledge of the language is not important - courses are available for children and schoolchildren, even with zero knowledge of the French language. The program costs from 2071 euros for 2 weeks, including materials, food, accommodation, entertainment and excursions.

The price of the course for two weeks is 672 euros. If you require additional academic work, the school offers courses with a load of 25 academic lessons per week worth 812 euros, taking into account residence in the residence or family.

  • kitchen and pastries - in the classroom you will learn how to prepare delicious French desserts;
  • cooking - the best chefs in France will reveal their secrets to you;
  • winemaking - the program provides for visiting private wineries, tasting the best varieties of France and getting to know the subtleties of the tastes of dry and semisweet flavors;
  • Style and fashion - includes classes with stylists, make-up artists and perfumers.

Each program aims to intensively study French in a specific direction, taking into account the development of language skills, writing, reading, listening and oral communication. The cost of language courses varies depending on the chosen direction and the chosen duration of study.

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