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Year of study in Madrid: information for foreign students

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Year of study in Madrid: information for foreign students

The year of study in Madrid will tell you a lot about Spain, its culture and traditions, students will be able to get acquainted with the Spanish system of education and gain deep knowledge in school subjects. The cost of studying in schools and universities of Madrid for foreign students is composed of several indicators, which will be discussed below. Over such a period of time, the level of language proficiency will increase significantly, and first of all it will affect the communicative skill. The lexical base will be replenished with the most relevant words and terms from the academic fields. It does not matter whether the student continues to study abroad or returns to his homeland: this will be a great experience that will definitely come in handy.

Spanish educational centers today offer a choice of academic and linguistic programs that meet modern educational requirements. Here you will find a wide range of destinations in the most popular specialties. In a school in Spain, students can spend an unforgettable year of study in Madrid in comfortable conditions and in a friendly atmosphere. The Spanish education system is characterized by freedom - pupils and students will be able to decide for themselves what subjects to study and what classes they will attend. Teachers wait and appreciate active participation in discussions and bold expression of their opinion. The formal aspects of learning are not so important here - the friendly atmosphere of easy communication is in priority, there is no great distance between the student and the teacher.

As for the price, Spain is considered a country with a fairly affordable education - in comparison with other European countries, the cost here is really slightly lower. However, everything is decided by the nuances - features of the programs, type of institution, prestige and accommodation options. Let SMAPSE experts dwell in more detail on programs for students and consider the price range.

Year of study in Madrid for foreign students: Bachelor and Master

The higher education system of Spain is in the TOP of the best in the world not by chance. The forms of education have developed here for many centuries, pedagogical methods are honed to this day. A mild climate, a high standard of living and modern educational institutions - all this makes Madrid popular among foreign students. The best universities in Spain are located in Madrid, you can easily find English-language programs, and the most powerful departments are considered to be physical-mathematical, engineering, economics and biomedicine.

It is worth noting that the cost of studying at Madrid universities will depend on a number of external factors: prestige, place in the ranking, location, and the particular course chosen, its intensity, the availability of electives and additional nuances. The students study from 3 to 6 years in the bachelor's program depending on the chosen direction, and in the magistracy only a year. The cost of a bachelor's degree is about 10,000 , master's degree - from 4,000 €.

Year of study in Madrid for foreign students

Schools of Madrid are in great demand and have been occupying high positions in international rankings for decades thanks to the developed school system. Secondary education in Madrid can be obtained at private boarding schools or public schools. In general, the quality of educational programs is not much different; in private institutions, as a rule, the basis is the national educational system. However, the level of comfort for foreign students is much higher: students study in small groups, teachers will be able to provide them with maximum attention and support, constantly monitor the success of students. Foreign students live in comfortable residences, where they are waiting for cozy rooms, good food like a boarding house and the safety of staying abroad. For these reasons, many parents prefer Madrid's private schools, despite the fact that the prices are much higher. In institutions of this type, the organizers strive to create all conditions for elite education and accommodation. The cost of studying at the leading boarding schools in Madrid will be about 15,000 - 25,000  per year. In addition, students of private institutions will be able to choose a curriculum: British and international are very widely used.

A great option for the summer would be Madrid's summer camps. For exciting events, excursions, entertainment and sports activities, the guys will not notice the educational load, their tongue will be significantly tightened. Studying here is a pleasure - the guys leave positive feedback and are happy to return here for the next vacation. The price of Madrid's summer camps starts at 700 per week.

Year of study English / Spanish in Madrid for international students

There are dozens of language centers in Spanish cities that have proven themselves to be of high quality for foreign students. Depending on age and goals, everyone will be offered a wide range of language courses. Classical Spanish and English courses are aimed at developing all language skills (the emphasis is on conversational). Business courses or business English / Spanish are suitable for those who are looking for the opportunity to pull up a special skill, learn to conduct a conversation, argue for their opinions and gain the necessary vocabulary and terminology. There are courses that combine linguistic lessons with exploring the city through excursions and walks in Madrid. Studying a foreign language at a Madrid linguistic school will cost about 220 per week.

Studying after class 9,10,11 in Madrid for foreign students

At the final stage of schooling, it is very important to choose the path of further education, it is especially important if you want to get higher education abroad. It is not always possible to enter universities abroad because of differences in educational standards right after school, another difficulty is in adapting to the foreign academic environment. To address these issues, proven preparatory programs have been operating for decades, which will allow for powerful education. The most famous courses in Madrid are the International Foundation and A-Level (according to the British educational module). The duration of such programs is from 6 months to 2 years, the intensity of the classes is very high, they can pull up academic or linguistic knowledge, or undergo comprehensive education. The cost of the programs: about 12,000 .

Examples of educational institutions in Madrid

IED Madrid - European Institute of Design - invites you to comprehensive educational programs for foreign students who seek a prestigious diploma in business, administration, design. Undergraduate studies at the university cost about 10,000 .

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