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Vancouver Secondary Schools, Vancouver Secondary School

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Vancouver Secondary Schools, Vancouver Secondary School

Education in a Canadian school is considered prestigious around the world. In a highly developed and prosperous Canada, a huge amount of investment goes to the development of science and education, thanks to this, even public schools are well equipped with the latest technology. In addition, Canada is characterized by mild climate, good ecology and hospitality, which is of great importance for foreigners choosing a school abroad. At the same time, the cost of studying in Canada is usually lower than in educational institutions with the same rating in the United States or the United Kingdom .

One of the most popular cities to study in Canada is without doubt Vancouver - a cozy and safe city in the west of the country with a large number of museums and parks.

Features of teaching in Vancouver schools

  • Canada is one of the safest countries for foreign students. First, the Canadians are friendly to the guests. Secondly, private schools provide children with high quality protection;
  • The Canadian high school diploma is appreciated by the most prestigious universities in the world;
  • The cost of studying at a boarding school in Vancouver is much lower than in London, San Francisco or New York, with the same level of education and the rating of the school;
  • Training in the Vancouver school gives an opportunity to enroll in a Canadian university - and he, in turn, build a career and obtain a residence permit. This is not difficult due to a soft visa policy;
  • Canada invests a lot in education, science and technology, and the achievements of Canadian universities are highly appreciated by the elite of world science;
  • In private schools in Vancouver they pay great attention not only to the development of the academic program, but also to the education of students in independence, responsibility, leadership qualities;
  • As in most foreign schools, Canadian schools emphasize regular sports activities and equipping the campus with everything necessary for this;
  • Private schools in Canada largely continue the British tradition. For example, in some schools, boys are taught separately from girls.

Features of training programs in Vancouver secondary schools

In Canada, two official languages are accepted, so most schools teach both in English and French.

In high school children under 18 years of age. The academic year is divided into two semesters. Unlike the Russian system, where the school program provides many compulsory subjects, students in Canada themselves choose which disciplines to study. Some of the subjects they can study in depth in the program Advanced Placement - upon completion of the school this program gives advantages when entering the profile universities. The more disciplines of an in-depth level the school offers, the higher its rating and the more prestigious its academic program.

The final score for each subject is made up of the evaluation for written assignments, an individual project and for the final examination. As in America, the performance in Canada is estimated as a percentage. To go to the next class, you need to get at least 50%. For particularly high academic successes, the student can be exempt from the exam. In the final grades, special attention is paid to the preparation for entering universities.

An important distinctive feature of the Canadian school is quality feedback: teachers regularly compose reports on the behavior and successes (or failures) of the schoolchild for parents.

Advantages of Vancouver's private boarding schools

Private schools in Vancouver have several important advantages over public ones:

Top 3 best boarding schools in Vancouver for foreigners

  • Bodwell High School (from 38 600 $ CAD per year). The school invites to study both Canadian schoolchildren and foreigners from all over the world. In addition to the high quality of academic education, the school is aimed at fostering original thinking, independence, initiative, leadership and communication skills and working in a team. Here pupils from more than 40 countries of the world study. Russian speaking students are not more than 15%.
  • Pattison High School (from 23 280 $ CAD per year). Here they study in English, which makes it possible to prepare for admission to prestigious universities all over the world. The average class size is about 15 people. The school is proud of the multinational composition - here children from all over the world are trained, which creates a friendly atmosphere, teaches students tolerance and mutual respect.
  • Alexander Academy (from $ 15,800 CAD per year). One of the main goals of the boarding school is the education of children in the modern international world. Here students from all over the world are waiting, regardless of their origin, nationality or color. Children are taught to be tolerant and polite, strengthen their sense of belonging to a single global society, create safe and comfortable conditions for the full development of the individual. Students strive to harmoniously develop children in all spheres: academic, moral, creative, sports and social.
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