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TOP train stations you haven't seen yet

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TOP train stations you haven't seen yet

Several metro station lobbies in Moscow have been turned into office buildings - for example, Prospekt Mira (ring) or Kurskaya (ring), or even residential buildings, as happened with the lobby of the already radial Prospekt Mir.

But that metro! Our article will tell you about similar objects of railway transport - bridges, branches, stations and similar structures, one way or another connected with trains.

Train passing through a residential building

The largest in terms of population and the largest in terms of population density (minus the suburbs), the Chinese city of Chongqing is distinguished by many wonders. For example, one of the lines on the local monorail runs straight through an apartment building. Residents can even take a train: to do this, you need to go down (or go up) to the 7th and 8th floors of the house, buy a ticket and wait for the carriage going in the required direction.

Chongqing was notable for its dense population back in the 70s, but the city administration thought about building a full-fledged transport system only in the late 80s and 90s, when there were no more free sites for the construction of a light metro. The engineers found a non-trivial way out of the situation - the tracing was carried out straight through one of the high-rise buildings. When the construction came close, part of the eighth and seventh floors was dismantled, and a full-fledged station was built on this site.

Train passing through a densely populated area

Life in Hanoi is not sugar. This is partly due to the dominant socialist system, partly to the colossal poverty caused by thirty years of bloody wars with the French and Americans for freedom.

The Old Quarter is especially densely populated by the poor: people simply cannot afford a better lot, and therefore they live here. The road leading to the bridge, Long Bien, runs directly along the city street. There are no sidewalks either to the right or to the left of it, so it is not uncommon for a train to knock down children playing on the streets or cut off an extra limb for a gaping smoker, which was stuck out the window at the wrong time.

The peak of traffic intensity occurs between 16 and 19 o'clock in the afternoon: at this time, the natives are rapidly hiding in their homes and dragging their goods inside. But as soon as the threat passes, everyone gets out back, hurrying to satisfy the interest of numerous tourists and travelers, attracted here, including by the ill-fated road.

Runway in New Zealand

Gisborne airfield was originally built at the intersection with railway tracks, moreover, operating. Aviation and railways are forced to synchronize the departure and arrival of their modes of transport, and the dispatch group consists of both air traffic controllers and experienced railroad workers.

The only strip of one and a half kilometers in length initially ended, not reaching the tracks almost 100 meters. However, the inexorable course of scientific and technological progress demanded a longer run - and this is how this strange hybrid of a bulldog with a rhinoceros was born. In addition to the full concrete, there are three primers for light turboprop machines.

Gyeonghwa Railway Station

The Jinhe District in Japan is famous for three things.

  1. First, since the end of the 19th century, the area has been densely populated by Korean migrants. Initially, they were coolies, cheap labor employed in loading operations. However, over time, the qualifications of the residents of the quarter have grown - now they are mainly geeks, technical specialists and programmers.
  2. Secondly, on the territory of the district there is a colossal cherry orchard, numbering more than 330 thousand sakura, creating amazing and amazing landscapes in the spring.
  3. Thirdly, a full-fledged railway is stretched through this splendor, serving both as transport and one of the main attractions in this part of the country.

Train passing the top of the dam

The dam in Schleswig-Holstein connecting the island of Selt with the land is named after Reich President Hindenburg. It was erected in the mid-1920s and served as the basis for the line of the North German and Holstein railways built on it. During construction, the length reached more than 11 kilometers, but due to the draining of swamps and lakes, by 2020 the structure "dried up" to 8 kilometers.

Since the opening, a railway has existed on the crest of the dam, which was and remains the only method of communication between the cities of Niebülle and Westerland. There is, however, and automobile: once every two days a train specially equipped for transporting cars is driven along a piece of iron.

Death Road

Strictly speaking, the second line of our review could compete for the right to bear this name - there will be at least no less corpses.

The bridge over the Kwai, which formed the basis of the plot of the literary work of Pierre Boulle and gave the plot to half a dozen films, is currently one of the most famous landmarks in Thailand. It bears the name of the "Road of Death", there are regular tours of the rocks, including the Riddim cave formation, deep jungle and monotonous rural plains.

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