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2021-03-25 00:01:03

TOP-8 universities in Ireland to study in 2021

TOP-8 universities in Ireland to study in 2021

The 21st century offers amazing study opportunities abroad. The most popular destinations are Great Britain, Switzerland, Canada. Italy (especially among doctors), Spain, and the USA are slightly less popular. Today we will talk about Ireland

According to Study Portals, Ireland has the happiest student body in Europe. Ireland is a small young English-speaking country with a rich history and culture.

In the academic year 2018/2019, local universities trained 45 thousand European students and almost 19 thousand who came from countries outside the European Union.

Ireland has many world-class institutions that consistently rank among the best universities in the world and are cheaper on average than other European universities. Best of all, Ireland is open to students right now - even during a pandemic. If you're looking for the best Irish university for yourself, compare the options below and find the one that's perfect for you.


The capital of Ireland, with a population of over 1.5 million, is the ideal destination for students looking to experience a modern cosmopolitan city with old world charm. Dublin offers an active nightlife, countless museums and cinemas, sporting events, concerts, parks and more to explore if you love to be busy. Dublin is the starting point for traveling across the country and Europe, with a variety of public and private transport options.

Trinity College

  • Dublin
  • 20,000 students
  • Founded in 1592
  • 1000 foreign students.

Trinity College Dublin has a liberal environment where independence of thought is highly valued and encouraged to fulfill its potential. The university promotes a diverse, interdisciplinary, inclusive environment that fosters pioneering research, innovation and creativity by addressing issues of global concern.

Dublin City University

  • Dublin
  • 17,000 students
  • Founded in 1975
  • 1400 boarders.

Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland's Enterprise University is a leading young international university that continues to transform life and society through education, research and innovation in Ireland and around the world. DCU is committed to global engagement by forging new and sustainable alliances with strategic global partners. The Diplomatic Office at DCU is committed to international cooperation through the establishment and development of interstate partnerships, the recruitment of international students and the enhancement of student mobility through appropriate study abroad programs and exchange initiatives.

University College Dublin

  • Dublin
  • 32,900 students
  • Founded in 1854
  • 7300 foreign students.

University College Dublin (UCD) is the largest and most diverse university in Ireland. It is also the most international university in Ireland, with 20% of students from 120 countries of the world. UCD is located 4.8 km south of Dublin city center on a beautiful self-contained campus with a variety of on-campus housing options, academic and recreational facilities.

Dublin University of Technology

  • Dublin
  • 18,000 students
  • Founded in 1938
  • 2300 foreign students.

TU Dublin is Ireland's first technology higher education institution to use a hands-on environment to encourage and improve student learning. TU Dublin is located in the city center with two additional campuses in the surrounding suburbs, offering the same programs as other institutions in Ireland, and some specialized - optometry, human nutrition and tourism marketing.


Limerick, located on the Shannon River, is the country's third largest city after Cork. The Vikings founded the city in the Midwest in the 900s before the Irish took over, and today many love to visit King John's Castle and the Cliffs of Moher, which are just an hour's drive away. There is only one university in Limerick, but it's great.

University of Limerick

  • Limerick
  • 13,000 students
  • Founded in 1972
  • 2300 foreign students.

The University of Limerick (UL) is an independent international university with more than 13,000 students, approximately 13% of whom are foreigners. Founded in 1972, UL is a young, energetic and entrepreneurial university that prides itself on educational innovation and excellence in research and scholarships. Evidence of this is the fact that the employment rate of UL graduates is 18% higher than the national average!


Cork's motto is "Statio Bene Fide Carinis", a safe harbor for ships. Ireland's second most populous city serves as a safe haven for international students interested in studying in Ireland. Known as the culinary capital of the Emerald Isle, Cork is ideal for students eager to enjoy the English Market culinary scene. As in Limerick, there is only one university in Cork, but which one!

University College Cork

  • Cork
  • 21,000 students
  • Founded in 1845
  • 3,500 international students.

Cork College is an institution that combines the best of research, academic excellence, Irish history and culture, student safety and well-being, and a vibrant campus life. Exceptional Study Overseas Experience! UCC provides students with a safe, exciting, beautiful, intellectually stimulating environment in which they can learn - from a castle-like campus to a commitment to environmental research and sustainability, from vibrant student clubs and societies to striving to differentiate students, grow - and cherish memories.

Students who choose UCC as an overseas destination do not leave campus just with photos and souvenirs. UCC alumni leave with countless memories, friends from all over the world, enriched with knowledge and a new-found sense of independence and dignity.


Galway, located on the Wild Atlantic Way, is a very lovely, picturesque and international, hospitable corner of Ireland. In 2020, the city was recognized as the cultural capital of Europe. Galway is the perfect place if you want all of the heritage and culture without the hustle and bustle of a big city like Dublin.

National University of Ireland, Galway

  • Galway
  • 17,000 students
  • Founded in 1845
  • 1,700 international students.

Ask anyone who has studied at NUI Galway - this is a very special place. The coastal campus is cozy and welcoming, yet full of ambition. It is home to a diverse and vibrant community of staff and students - dynamic, creative and dedicated.


Are you looking for a classic college campus? Maynooth is a great learning solution. This quiet town located in the northwest of Ireland has a reputation for quirky and fun-loving dispositions. Maynooth is just 30 minutes from Dublin by train, so you can balance between small and large cities.

National University of Ireland - Maynooth

  • Maynooth
  • 13,700 students
  • Founded in 1795
  • 1000 foreign students.

MU is ranked in the Top 200 International Higher Education Institutions in the World (Times Higher Ed.) Also included in the Princeton Review Best 381 Colleges as one of the Best Institutions in the World for 2017. Ranks 68th in the ranking of 150 innovative universities in the world (Times Higher Ed. Top 150 to 50).

It offers a flexible and variable program in the humanities, social, engineering, mathematics and natural sciences. MU boasts world-class learning spaces, comprehensive student support services, small classrooms and a vibrant social environment, and a spacious American-style campus.

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