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The best language camps in Switzerland for foreign students

The best language camps in Switzerland for foreign students

Education in Switzerland is always a guarantee of reliability and top quality. All parents want their child to be successful and in demand in the future, so they do not send them on vacation to relax at sea, but to study in language camps. This article talks about how to choose a camp in Switzerland, when to buy a ticket, and how much it all costs.

Many modern parents seek to send their child to study abroad, because the education received there is considered one of the best in the world. Camps in Switzerland: the best language camps in Switzerland for foreign students give the student the opportunity not only to learn languages with qualified teachers and native speakers, but also to improve their communication skills with peers. When choosing a country in which student spend time with maximum benefit for themselves and their future, parents pay attention to many factors: safety, ecology, the ability to not only learn a foreign language well, but also relax, get acquainted with culture and local residents. Switzerland is the place where most of the most prestigious and elite educational institutions in the world are located. This is the best country for students to relax and learn, which offers an extensive educational and entertainment program for everyone. A huge plus is that the country has 4 official languages: French, German, Italian and Romansh. In addition, the residents of Switzerland speak English and Spanish fluently, so choosing a suitable educational program for a child will not be difficult. If you additionally want to learn Spanish or Chinese, then many schools practice teaching 2 or 3 languages in combination with the main language of the educational program. During education in one of the best language camps in Switzerland for students, your children will make new friends from around the world, successfully overcome the language barrier, get acquainted with the culture and traditions of another country, and also have a good rest in the best resort places of magical Switzerland.

Variety of educational programs, duration of study and additional activities in language camps for international students in Switzerland

Every year, there are more and more people who want to go on vacation to a language camp in Switzerland, so it is better to apply for education a few months before the start of classes. The most popular season for studying is summer vacation. Despite this, you can easily choose the right time and program for your child, because language camps operate all year round and are located in small suburbs with a small population in different parts of the country. And whatever you choose, your child will enjoy not only clean air, picturesque nature, but also a high level of teaching foreign languages. Language camps in Switzerland open in early June and work until the end of July, winter shifts work from early December to late February, and spring shifts from early March to mid-May. The program can last from 1 to 7 weeks, and the average load is from 8 to 30 lessons per week. The curriculum is selected individually after the child has passed the preliminary test and filled out an interest profile. Some language camps allow you to complete additional lessons, and to achieve maximum results in a short time, language camps prepare an individual course - Home Language International. This educational program provides for teaching and living in a teacher’s family, where the child can constantly communicate in a foreign language with the teacher and his close associates, get to know the life of residents of another country and become more independent. Higher-ranked language camps for children in Switzerland prepare students to pass international exams to determine their level of proficiency in a foreign language, such as the Cambridge exam or DELF. The term of study depends on the intensity of classes, the chosen program and the age of the child. Choosing an educational program, everyone can pay more attention to either a practical course or grammar classes. The standard program is designed for 15-20 lessons per week, and the intensive program involves 25 to 35 academic hours per week. Classes go from Monday to Friday until noon and last 40-45 minutes.

The specifics of the organization of accommodation and meals for students in the best language camps in Switzerland, the best age for education in camps in Switzerland

Children's language camps, of which there are about 250 in the country, provide an opportunity for students of different ages to come to Switzerland. Language educational programs are designed for: children from 3 to 6 years old; for children from 7 to 9 years old; students 10-13 years old and students 14-18 years old. Teachers of all age groups use innovative teaching methods. For example, programs for students from younger groups are more like a game. With this format of classes, students better learn the material, do not get tired and do not lose interest in a foreign language. Private boarding schools, on the basis of which leading children's camps are organized, offer round-the-clock programs with accommodation in a boarding house with wonderful views from the windows to the mountains, forests and lakes. Usually, students live in comfortable rooms for 1-2 or 3-4 people, and a shared bathroom and toilet are on the floor. Sometimes, international students may live in a host family under the supervision of camp management. Students eat in the school cafeteria 3-5 times a day. Chefs prepare a traditional European menu, but if necessary, the student will be fed vegetarian or diet food. Also, guesthouses often arrange evenings of national cuisine of the country whose language is being studied in the camp at the moment. Some private camps in Switzerland offer a special day camp program without paying for accommodation and meals. This option is suitable for those who came to rest with the whole family. The student will spend time in the camp only until noon, and in the evenings and at weekends he will be with his parents.

Additional activities and excursions in language camps in Switzerland for foreign students

Since the goal of children's camps in Switzerland is to comprehensively develop the personality of the child, self-development, self-education, identifying leadership qualities and the ability to cope with any task, any program involves additional extracurricular activities. In their free time, students can go in for sports: in winter, for example, students ski, ice skate or snowboard, and in summer play basketball, football and volleyball, as well as go hiking, take riding lessons, circus art, archery and rock climbing. Schools offer your children a rich excursion program to Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux and tours of local and regional attractions. In the evenings, they organize discos, karaoke, movie screenings, table tennis tournaments, bowling, barbecue and international parties for students. Studying in Switzerland will help foreign students develop interest in a foreign language, desire to study and give them new friends, valuable knowledge, irreplaceable experience living in another country and communicating in another language.

Tuition fee in a language camp in Switzerland for foreign students of different ages and levels of education

The cost of leisure and education at a children's camp in Switzerland in most cases includes everything you need: a curriculum, school materials, Internet access, accommodation, meals, regular excursions, transfers, evening events and insurance. Depending on the time of year, the ranking of the host camp, its location, residence option, duration and intensity of the educational program, as well as additional options, the price can vary from 1,500 to 5,000 Swiss per week. When planning a trip, SMAPSE experts also recommend taking into account pocket money for a child, the amount of which is strictly individual for each family.

In Switzerland, there are many language camps offering a variety of programs: a camp with in-depth study of foreign languages, language schools with an additional sports load or camps with thematic focus such as dancing, theater, design or music. Also, such language programs are available for graduates or those who have already graduated from school, but wish to increase their level of language proficiency in order to continue their studies at the best universities abroad.

So, a language camp in Switzerland provides a wonderful opportunity to make an unforgettable trip to a beautiful country with rich traditions and beautiful diverse nature. Vacations spent in Switzerland will be remembered for a long time! In the language camp, each student will have a good time, meet peers from all over the world, and also improve their knowledge of a foreign language. Upon graduation, your child will receive a certified diploma indicating the level of knowledge of a foreign language, which will then be of great value when continuing to study in different countries.

SMAPSE experienced specialists have been successfully providing services for organizing studies abroad for a long time. Thanks to SMAPSE vast experience and deep knowledge in this matter, SMAPSE experts will be happy to help you navigate in choosing not only a suitable children's camp in Switzerland, but also the most effective educational program for your child. SMAPSE work with the most prestigious educational institutions, on the basis of which the best language camps in Switzerland for foreign students work.

SMAPSE experts are ready to conduct a free consultation in any way convenient for you and at any time convenient for you.

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