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2018-07-30 11:57:00

TOP-6 best institutes of hotel business in Switzerland

TOP-6 best institutes of hotel business in Switzerland

Switzerland is the country where the education dedicated to tourism originated, and the best institutions of hotel business in Switzerland attract more than 50,000 students annually, with one in three from the total number of students from another country. In Switzerland, there are several dozen international universities, so for foreign students, this country should be the first to receive education in the field of hotel business and tourism. In this industry today, serious competition, so in order to make a career, young people need quality education and practical skills in the best higher schools of suitable direction.

Education in the hotel business in Switzerland

The best institutions of hotel business in Switzerland have an excellent reputation among educational institutions due to the built structure of the educational process. The essence of the system lies in the fact that Swiss higher schools combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills in equal proportions in educational programs: this gives graduates of specialized schools the opportunity to perform their work qualitatively right after receiving a diploma and to move quickly along the career ladder. To receive higher education in hospitality and tourism, young people can choose one of the following areas: hotel management in Switzerland, restaurant business, culinary arts and not only.

Obtaining education in the field of tourism and hospitality implies the passage of several mandatory steps. The first is the receipt of a certificate for the chosen specialization, such a document entitles you to start working with a non-functional function. Education lasts for 12-18 months. For those who want to continue their studies, the next step will be to obtain a document advanced diploma. In order to obtain higher education, the hotel business institutes in Switzerland offer various BA degrees in hotel management and tourism management - it takes 3-4 years for the student to receive this qualification - many Swiss schools teaching hotel management issue double diplomas to Swiss students - Swiss sample and American or British. This is one of the main advantages of local universities of hospitality.

At the stage of higher education in the tourism industry, restaurant business or cooking, there is also the second stage - the master's program, the period of study here will be one year (in rare cases, one and a half). In general, this degree is not necessary for obtaining a good post, but the master's degree gives the candidate the opportunity to enter a managerial position even with relatively little work experience. For those who already have a higher education, in the schools of the hotel business in Switzerland, there are postgraduate programs and numerous advanced educational courses.

Each school of hotel business in Switzerland provides educational courses and programs in one of the following specializations:

  • Tourist management;
  • Marketing and product promotion;
  • Event Management;
  • Personnel Management;
  • Finance and economy in the sphere of tourism;
  • Organization of major events;
  • Restaurant business;
  • Cooking and others.

Any institute of hotel and restaurant business in Switzerland provides an excellent education for foreign students, because it correctly combines the volume of theoretical and practical parts. Internship at the factory is an obligatory part of the education at any stage of education in the field of tourism. One academic year can be conditionally divided into 2 parts: the first half of the year (4-5 months) is designed to obtain theoretical knowledge, and the second - to gain practical experience. Internships in Swiss schools of hospitality and restaurant business are held in the conditions of hotels and public catering establishments. Students of many higher schools gain experience in the institutions of such large networks of the tourist industry as Hilton, Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Radisson, Kempinski, Four Seasons and others. As a rule, more than 80% of graduates subsequently receive job offers in one of these companies before the completion of their studies.

Hospitality in Switzerland: the best and most prestigious universities in the country

This is one of the universities, standing at the origins of the formation of the educational system in the tourism industry. Graduates of the Glion University are recognized as the leading employers of the industry as ready-made specialists: more than half of the companies on the market prefer to hire people who have received education at this university. The university has 2 campuses - the first in Switzerland in the city of Bühl, and the second in the British capital.

The state educational institution in the city of Lausanne is considered one of the oldest in the country - Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne was founded over a century ago. This university also took part in the development of an educational structure in the sphere of tourism and hotel business, and today it annually receives up to 2 thousand students of foreign students.

This Swiss university of tourism, hospitality and restaurant business is distinguished by the fact that it has a campus not only in Switzerland, but also in 2 other countries - Spain and China. The university provides excellent education in the most demanded specialties in the tourism industry.

The university, which began its work in the distant 1982, now has the status of a universally recognized leader. Cezar Ritz College's diplomas are listed in any country in the world, and graduates employ the largest hotel chains. The higher school has the certificate of the world tourist organization UNWTO.

One of the prestigious hospitality schools in Switzerland. The university has 2  campuses, in each of which students undergo different programs: in the building near Montreux there are diploma and postgraduate courses available, and the Leysin campus - bachelor's and master's degrees. There are also double diplomas of American and British design.

Leading University of Tourism and Hospitality in Switzerland. IHTTI was founded in 1984 and over the years has earned a reputation among employers as an educational institution that provides exceptionally high-quality educational services. IHTTI students also have the opportunity to receive Western diplomas of 2 kinds: the British document on education and the Swiss, both versions are listed in various universities and companies in any country in the world.

School of Hospitality in Switzerland: list, ranking, cost

The prices for getting an education at the Institute of Hotel and Restaurant Business in Switzerland will depend on several key factors: the chosen university, the curriculum and its duration, the school provides housing or not, and so on. The average cost of education in the school of hotel business in Switzerland is 30,000 - 35,000 Swiss ₣ for 1 semester. The list of paid services includes the educational process, teaching materials, form, internship organization (the student's work is paid), as well as food and accommodation on the campus.

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