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2018-07-30 11:57:11

Summer vacations in Nice for foreign students

Summer vacations in Nice for foreign students

What could be better than rest on the Cote d'Azur? Perhaps, only useful rest. You can combine business with pleasure in foreign camps for students. French language schools and camps are among the leaders in positive reviews among children and adults: after spending the summer in a linguistic camp in Nice, your child will experience unforgettable emotions, make new friends, become more independent and self-confident, and get acquainted with peers from different countries the world will help improve the knowledge of foreign languages and communication skills.

Why Nice - the best place for children's holiday in the summer?

  • Schools and camps Nice for summer open vacation programs for students of different ages. Here you can choose a camp with the study of French and / or English.
  • Excursions around the city and the surrounding area will introduce students with local color, customs and traditions, visiting museums and galleries will help to learn more about the history, art and culture of the country, broaden the horizon as a whole.
  • Nice is located in the coastal part of France - on the one hand the warm sea, on the other side of the mountain. There are ideal conditions for sport: whether it's surfing, diving, kayaking, volleyball or cycling, trekking in the mountains. All these activities take place under the supervision of instructors of camps and instructors.
  • In Nice, a high level of comfort and safety: here you can safely send the child, without worrying about the environment, which in the majority consists of intelligent and educated people.

Organization of education in a language camp in Nice

During the vacation period, curricula are developed for foreign students that take into account the age of students and the level of proficiency in a foreign language. Depending on the program, the minimum course is 16 academic hours, and the students' ages range from 8 years to 21 years (but some schools are ready to accept young students from 3 years with poor knowledge of a foreign language - in this case the education takes place in a game form).

The linguistic part of the education is primarily aimed at overcoming the language barrier through daily communication in the studied language, replenishing the vocabulary, improving pronunciation and grammar.

Organization of leisure in children's camps in Nice

In addition to the educational part, a very entertaining entertainment program is organized in all foreign camps and schools. Walking and relaxing on the beach, all kinds of sports activities, shopping is a small part of what students do in their free time. On weekends, excursions can be organized for the whole day around the surroundings of Nice or to neighboring cities where you can visit popular sights - from Nice you can easily reach Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez.

Organization of accommodation in the summer camps of Nice

Students over 18 years of age are accommodated in comfortable residences, apartments or hotels. All wishes are negotiated individually.

For students under 18 years old, accommodation in a host family is often offered, where they live in comfortable rooms, eat together and spend their free time - this way the students immerse themselves in the language environment, communicating with the native speakers. Residing in residences is also organized: as a rule, these are rooms for 2-3 people board meals.


Leading language schools in Nice

The school is located in the Old Town, with easy access to the main attractions of Nice. The auditoriums are equipped with modern facilities, there is a cafeteria and a lounge area with a permanent Wi-Fi.


Age of students

Tuition feeslist

French for students for the summer: the study of the common French language for students with a level of language skills from elementary to intermediate

8-17 years old

From 1,225 € per week.

The price includes a course of 20 academic hours, accommodation + meals, transfer.

The Riviera French Institute Language Camp offers programs for learning French and English for children and adults.


Age of students

Tuition fees

French for students for the summer

8-18 years old

From 950 € / week

The price includes a course of 16 academic hours, accommodation + meals, transfer.

English + school holidays for summer


Home Language International offers an elite training option - individual lessons. Students of any age (3+) live in the teacher's family and communicate daily in English in a relaxed atmosphere. Students share meals, attend various activities together with the teacher's family. This gives the maximum result in learning the language.

The cost of such a program starts from 1,030 € / week.

Sprachcaffe Nice Language School

The language school Sprachcaffe Nice - one of the 30 schools of the international network Sprachcaffe - is located in the central part of the Old Town. In the market of educational services Sprachcaffe exists more than 30 years, it is considered top-ranking - it is considered prestigious to study here.


Age of students

Tuition fees

French for students for the summer, study of the common French language Requirements for admission: the level of French from A1

15-21 year

From 575 € per week.

The price includes a course of 20 academic hours, accommodation + meals, transfer.

In addition to children's programs for the summer, the school offers a course in preparation for the DELF exam required for admission to a French university. The age of the students is 16+ with the knowledge of the language at least level B1. This course is designed for 12 weeks, the cost starts from 1,440 €.

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