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2018-07-30 11:57:09

Things to consider when choosing summer education in UK

Things to consider when choosing summer education in UK

Great Britain is the best place to study classical British English. Numerous educational and language programs have been developed to effectively improve the level of English.

It is difficult to find a better option for a summer vacation than sending your child to the leading British children's language camps. So, staying in the rating language school-boarding house of Great Britain allows to create successful combination of rest with useful and effective employment. If you want to improve your language skills in English and at the same time have a great time during your holidays, then you just need to go to English leading summer language camps. During the school holidays it is planned to conduct classes in the best language schools in England. Regardless of the level of academic preparation and the age of a foreign teenager, it is possible to attend education in the best British children's language camps.

Highly qualified specialists of our educational center in the context of selecting an educational program for your child take into account your individual goals, preferences, and financial opportunities. The UK's top language language boarding schools are guaranteed to maintain a balance between study hours and free time for participating in recreational activities organized by the school. In connection with which, a high result in the form of significantly improved language skills of a foreign teenager will not have to wait long, as the intensity of the classes ensures the effectiveness of teaching. It is also worth noting that the leading British educational institutions guarantee the continued use of English, not only in the classroom, but also with participation in recreational activities.

In the opinion of our experienced specialists, to improve language skills and to learn English quickly, the trip to the best language camps in England will be the best way that will allow you to relax and get quality education.

Our educational center has established close cooperation with rating schools-boarding houses of Great Britain, which creates a wide range of educational and academic programs for selection of teenagers.

Top language children's camps in England

A subdivision is envisaged for several types of leading British language children's camps, namely:

  • With regard to the season, they are divided into summer, winter, autumn, spring, which corresponds to the duration of the holidays
  • In the context of age in the UK, advanced language camps for children, adolescents and youth
  • As for the sports component, the prestigious language boarding schools can be with a focus on tennis, football, basketball, golf, surfing, horse riding, sailing, motorcycling and cycling
  • Dance or vocal language children's camps are specially created for creative personalities.

With regard to accommodation conditions, foreign  adolescents during their stay in England can live in cozy residences or in a host family. Each type of accommodation has its own advantages. For example, in a British host family, a child will not leave the feeling of being at home, at the same time receiving family warmth and coziness and having on an additional basis a constant conversational practice with members of the new family. As for the residence of the elite school-boarding house of England, the foreign teenager has wide opportunities to communicate with peers who are representatives of the most diverse nationalities.

Taking a decision on the passage of educational programs during the holidays, your child will receive a truly fascinating journey, filled with adventure, gaining knowledge of English, as well as familiarity with the traditions and culture of the unknown Britain. Constant communication in English with peers, representatives of different countries of the world, stay in a new language environment contributes to the development of interest in the learning process and improve the level of English. As evidence, we can cite numerous positive responses from parents testifying to the effectiveness of education in the top British camps.

It is worth noting that our highly qualified specialists have personally visited the best boarding schools in the UK, in connection with which our educational center guarantees the objectivity of the evaluation as part of the process of selecting an educational institution or a children's camp. In particular, the elite school-boarding house Millfield, located at a distance of three hours drive to the British capital, occupying an area of about 50 hectares, has developed a wide range of educational programs aimed at effective learning of English by foreign teenagers, namely:

  • Some courses are related to specific topics
  • Some programs provide additional classes in certain disciplines
  • Part of the language courses is focused on conducting qualitative preparation for the successful passing of international language examinations
  • The duration of the education is at least two weeks.

In addition to conducting effective education sessions in the best British language camps and boarding schools, the educational programs designed include the organization of cognitive excursions, incendiary discos, fascinating contests and various olympiads. Thus, these events contribute to the full disclosure of the student's potential and the manifestation of individual abilities.

At the age of seven, a teenager can enroll in the UK's language children's camps. However, as practice shows, parents decide to send their child to England when he turns 12-13 years old and reaches 16-17 years of age.

At the time of arrival in the elite English language boarding school, it is planned to conduct a test among foreign teenagers in order to determine the level of English proficiency. Based on the results obtained, the schoolchildren are divided in terms of age. As a rule, before the dinner ends all classes. In the afternoon hours, children do not have to be bored, as various fascinating excursions are organized for them, sports and creative classes are organized, as well as the possibility of staying on the beach. Thus, both in the classroom and in communication with peers who are representatives of the most diverse countries of the world, on an ongoing basis there is communication in English, including in an informal setting, thereby significantly improving the language skills. To further increase the effectiveness of education, it is worthwhile to choose the placement of the child for the period of study in the leading language camp for living in a host family in the UK. If your child is 16 years of age, then it will be more acceptable for him to live in a comfortable hotel.

True lovers of exciting adventures are ideal summer vacation in the best boarding schools in the UK. If your child is shy, modest, and he keeps growing in very home conditions, then he will not have time for boredom at home, staying in a prestigious British summer school-boarding school. Educational programs of rating children's camps of Great Britain are distinguished by their extreme saturation and intensity, at the same time the effectiveness of improving the language skills is achieved by constant communication with peers. Upon arrival, your child's home will be filled with the brightest emotions and impressions of being in the UK, and his level of English will grow significantly.

A large number of prestigious British summer language boarding schools are functioning successfully in the UK. Some elite schools are concentrated in the big cities of England, in particular in the heart of the British capital, other children's camps are located in the most beautiful quiet cities surrounded by forests. It is worth noting that the British educational programs of summer advanced language boarding schools are distinguished by their diversity. Adolescents are guaranteed a quality and rich holiday, which harmoniously combines effective English and sports courses, for example, horseback riding, tennis, football, rugby, golf, yachting. For creative individuals, arts are available for attendance, namely music, theater, cinematography, dancing, photography, fashion. Regardless of the age of the child, they will be delighted with such pursuits, because they are extremely entertaining and informative. We draw your attention to the fact that a careful approach is required with respect to the choice of the British elite language summer camp. It is necessary to ensure the conformity of the educational program with the preferences, goals and hobbies of a particular child.

The process of organizing studies in the UK

Some parents are very worried about the negative impact on their children's health during the school holidays in England. Agree that the main purpose of vacations is rest. Thus, the very essence of summer vacations is not lost even during the period of being on education in the best children's camps in Great Britain.

We draw your attention to the fact that in prestigious language schools-boarding schools in England, full-fledged instruction in English for foreign children and adolescents is provided. Despite the daily conduct of lessons other than the days off, their duration does not exceed a total of three hours, which in total amounts to approximately 15 hours of lessons during the week. Agree that the teenager this load will seem extremely easy and easy after education in the school. In addition, the passage of the summer elite English courses in the UK will give your child the brightest emotions and impressions. So, the format of classes more like a game, if you compare with the standard lessons in the school. We guarantee that your child will not feel that he is studying.

In addition to English, other academic subjects, such as mathematics, computer science, geography, literature, diverse types of arts and sports are taught. The number of hours and a list of possible disciplines for study is determined in the majority of cases by the individual preferences of the adolescent and his age. Thus, the duration of study in the rating British summer boarding schools, targeting schoolchildren aged 16 to 19 years, does not exceed 6-7 hours per day. Thus, students are given plenty of time for fascinating leisure and recreation.

We rest in the UK

The highest level of quality of children's recreation is determined by the receipt of many brightest emotions and impressions, so that parents will listen carefully to funny stories about England's fascinating vacation in their child. To guarantee positive emotions, the best British language children's camps are very carefully organized by the leisure program of events.

As part of the stay in the children's language summer school-boarding house of England, foreign teenagers are given an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the famous sights of British cities, in particular London, and also to plunge into the magnificent picturesque landscapes of the counties of Great Britain. In addition, the leisure program includes a visit to the amusement park, theater and museums, participation in hikes, which can have the format of riding on horseback or skating along the river. Also worth noting is that in the walls of the top language camps in England, sports competitions, theatrical performances are held on an ongoing basis, students are given the opportunity to have fun barbecues and picnics, discos and, of course, parties. Thus, you can rest assured that your child will not have time for boredom.

Accommodation in the UK

To begin with, the best summer children's language schools-boarding houses of Great Britain provide 24-hour guardianship and protection. In connection with which, at the time of arrival at the airport and before the child leaves the campus, it is guaranteed constant supervision of the wards.

Foreign teenagers usually, as practice shows, live in a school residence, accommodated in comfortable rooms designed for 2-4 students. Some leading British camps provide for accommodation in British host families at a small distance from the school grounds. At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that if the goal is to have some fun and spend an exciting time, then the teenager should live within the walls of a cozy student hostel.

As for nutrition, it is three meals a day. In the case of an excursion lasting half a day or a whole day, each student receives a package of food, which consists of sandwiches and drinks.

Rankings of kids language camps in England

Staying in the British summer language school-boarding house will give the teenager a fascinating journey, combined with effective learning of English, as mentioned above. The best season for passing the language courses is, as you might guess, this summer. Regardless of age and nationality, seasonal prestigious centers and specialized schools located on the territory of the United Kingdom can be enrolled; at the same time, the UK's language children's schools do not provide opportunities for boredom due to a harmonious combination of teaching, a program of recreational and sporting events, as well as cognitive excursions . Regardless of the chosen British leading camp, it can be an elite or inexpensive educational institution, an exciting and rich entertainment and educational program is guaranteed to incoming foreign teenagers, in addition, there is a wide choice for creativity and sports. Within the framework of classes, whether academic or creative, sports, the development of communication skills occurs, in addition, all the necessary conditions for finding new friends, for successful adaptation to the language and academic environment, as well as a close acquaintance with British traditions and culture are created.

Children and teenagers can choose from the widest list of summer children's language boarding schools, some of which organize virtual 3D tours. In addition, in the context of the time of year and conducting additional lessons, British language courses for children are divided into the following categories:

  • Summer - it's fun to spend a vacation in the summer, namely in June, July or August.
  • Winter - education is possible in December, January, February
  • Autumn -  education is possible in September, October, November

Based on the individual preferences of the child, there is an opportunity to choose sports language camps that emphasize sports, in particular tennis, football, golf, horse riding, rugby, or in the case of creative abilities, choose creative summer children's boarding schools in which pass classes related to fine arts, music, design, photography, cinematography and providing a visit to the theater. Agree that every teenager on the basis of his own preferences, lei can choose the appropriate prestigious British boarding school and an educational program.

Optimal age for visiting the top British children's camp

Below are the age categories for admission to UK children's summer school-boarding houses

  • From three to seven years - in the majority of cases, these camps are day-time, that is, at the end of the course the parent or guardian takes the child from the leading English school. In the case of a small child, the teaching is conducted in the framework of an educational program providing for the presence of the parent. That is, parents can be educated together with a child in the same school only at different courses in English. In particular, some elite British boarding schools provide for the possibility of living on the campus of parents with a child.
  • From 8 to 11 years-for this age category, not only day camps are available, but also children's language boarding schools that provide accommodation on the school grounds. Thus, living in common student rooms promotes close and constant communication with peers who are representatives of the most different countries of the world. It is at this age that foreign children and teenagers acquire the first experience of an independent trip abroad.
  • From 12 to 14 years-according to statistics, teenagers have fairly good language skills due to repeated visits to prestigious camps for children. For this age group of schoolchildren, the leading British boarding schools are developing rather difficult educational programs that provide for the study of academic disciplines. Foreign teens have the opportunity to choose the format of education, namely on a full board or full-time basis. As a rule, the most popular option is the residence on the school grounds in a comfortable residence or campus.
  • Age from 15 to 18 years - the students have the opportunity to make an independent trip to the language camp in England. In case of interest, parents can decide on ordering an accompanying child on their way. As a rule, foreign teenagers choose specific educational programs that emphasize the study of academic disciplines, provide for effective preparation for entering the following programs, such as GCSE, A-level, IB, as well as successful enrollment in the rating British university.

The tuition fee in the best summer camps for children in the UK

To a greater extent, the price of education in prestigious British summer language boarding schools includes not only the study of the chosen educational program, but the study materials, accommodation, meals, as well as a leisure program , which includes excursions, sports games and various events, insurance. In addition, some English camps for foreign students organize transfers at certain times. Once again, we note that the cost of education is determined by the degree of prestige of the institution, its territorial location, popularity, the chosen format of accommodation, thus, approximately the price varies from 400 to 1700 pounds per week.

It is worth noting that as part of the excursions that are included in the final cost of the summer courses in the UK, an excellent opportunity is provided for close acquaintance with the main and world famous British sights, in particular this is Stonehenge, with beautiful university towns like Cambridge and Oxford, medieval majestic castles , as well as for making exciting horseback riding.

Summary of summer education in the UK

Every rational parent can not disagree with us that the greatest effectiveness of learning English is achieved in the UK. So, within the walls of the best language summer schools-boarding houses of Great Britain is given the opportunity to master classical British pronunciation.

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