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TOP-5 important things you need to know about education in Scotland

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TOP-5 important things you need to know about education in Scotland

Scotland is on the list of countries where today foreign students come to receive quality education in English. The country offers many educational opportunities for different students from different countries.

Scotland has not only the British structure of the educational process at its core, but also offers high-quality educational programs, qualified teaching staff, well-equipped classrooms and more to foreign students. Studying with such conditions will allow students to gain a gorgeous communicative experience in an international environment and make useful contacts around the world.

At the same time, studying in Scotland implies an excellent leisure program: at any time of the year you can visit various cultural attractions and historical places, see ancient castles, various festivals, events and competitions that are suitable in Scotland for a whole year.

TOP-5 important things you need to know to study in Scotland

  1. Preschool education is popular here, kindergartens are in demand. In the Scottish preparatory courses, young students are already learning to read, write, count, play music and drawing. This helps students by the time of elementary school to have basic skills for secondary education.
  2. Studying in Scotland will give foreign students the opportunity to not only get a first-class education, but also to tighten their tongues and get powerful language practice. Also, during their studies, young people will be able to get acquainted with the rich cultural life of this state.
  3. Scotland is rightfully proud of its higher education system, which in turn serves as a model for creating systems of other countries. This is not surprising, because the country has not only many years, but centuries-old experience in organizing the work of higher schools: the first University of Scotland was founded in 1411. It is the oldest not only in this country, but throughout the United Kingdom.
  4. Scotland is the country that ranks first in Britain as a place where students have the highest satisfaction with the quality of educational services offered and some of the best indicators for graduate employment.
  5. Scottish education meets high standards, making it widely known throughout the world. At the same time, the cost of obtaining a secondary education and living in Scotland is lower than in the UK - this is one of the reasons to choose a state as a place for receiving a foreign education.

The structure of education in Scotland: secondary and higher education

In Scotland, the vast majority of schools have government funding. In private schools, only a small percentage of local residents study - boarding schools in Scotland are mainly chosen by foreign students (they offer students more educational programs and better equipment). Private schools create a comfortable and friendly environment that helps foreign students to feel comfortable and better adapt to the new environment, as well as to avoid excessive stress that may be associated with moving to another country.

Regardless of the type of funding, all Scottish schools must register with the Department of Education and Industry. Inspectors of this structure regularly check the quality of education in educational institutions of the country.

Since the British structure is the basis of the educational system in Scotland, the educational scheme does not differ much in key stages:

Educational stage

Age range

Stage Features

Primary School

5-12 years old

Here, students receive basic learning skills: writing, reading, counting, and so on.

Compulsory secondary education

(middle classes)

12-16 years old

At this stage, the list of subjects studied is expanded to a standard set of general educational disciplines. The result is passing exams and obtaining a certificate of secondary education

Higher secondary education

(high school)

16-18 years old

Students who plan to enter the university move here: they continue their studies in high school, where they undergo academic education in specialized subjects. The result of education at the highest level of secondary education is obtaining a certificate of Higher Grade.

Higher education

from 18 years

Foreign students can receive both a compulsory degree of higher education (bachelor's degree), and additional (master's and doctorate) depending on their goals.

There are more than 40 colleges in Scotland where you can get a special education. Here students are offered academic and professional qualifications in basic subjects from an elementary level to a diploma of higher education:

  • information Technology
  • business basics
  • electronics
  • construction
  • sport
  • tourism
  • design internal and external
  • healthcare
  • mass media
  • finance and so on.

An alternative to college is considered the passage of the international Foundation program. In Scotland, there is also an analogue of the latter - a single Scottish SIFP program, the successful passage of which opens the door to almost any university in the country.

In addition to the listed stages of study in this country, two more educational formats are available for foreigners students: language schools and Scottish summer camps for children.

Programs for studying English for visiting students are usually carried out on the basis of private educational institutions - Edinburgh schools are most popular (although, of course, you can learn the language not only in the capital, but also in other Scottish cities). Edinburgh schools organize programs for studying English for foreign students of all ages:

  • General English course
  • Intensive program
  • Business English
  • Preparing for the language exams
  • Preparation for admission to an English-language university.

In general, English language learning programs in Scotland will be a great gift for a student: here he will be able to learn independence, make new friends from all over the world and spend unforgettable vacations abroad.

Higher Education in Scotland

A key feature of higher education in Scotland is the breadth of the offered knowledge, which gives students the opportunity to apply a flexible approach to obtaining knowledge and constantly engage in self-education. Universities in Scotland are in equally high demand among local residents and among visiting students from all over the world: almost 45% of students from the total number of applicants are foreign students. This is annually more than 40,000 young people from more than 180 countries.

The universities of Scotland have well-developed curricula and specialties related to the following areas: engineering, the oil and gas industry, information technology, and applied sciences.

The structure of higher education in Scotland is similar to most European countries: undergraduate, graduate, doctoral studies. The basic course of study at a Scottish university lasts 4 years. The first two are devoted to the study of a wide range of basic subjects, and the remaining two to special disciplines in the chosen specialty. At the same time, young people can choose for themselves completely different disciplines available at different faculties.

To obtain a master’s degree will require 2 years (one with an accelerated program), and the program for obtaining a doctorate will take 3 years. Graduates of Scottish universities can also receive a diploma with a double degree (joint degree) - for example, a qualification in economics and accounting.

The process of admission to higher education in Scotland is no different from applying to British educational institutions. This means that the recording goes through a special UCAS service. Abroad, the paperwork procedure takes some time, so it is recommended that you begin to resolve this issue in advance - about 1-1.5 years before starting your studies. Such a margin of time will allow the applicant to fully assess their capabilities, select the most suitable university as accurately as possible, and pass all entrance tests on time.

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