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2022-02-12 14:24:44

TOP-10 scariest bridges in the world

TOP-10 scariest bridges in the world

These impressive buildings seem to have been built with an idea to amaze the imagination of travelers and excite the nerves of even the most calm and reasonable lovers of history and picturesque views, experienced and managed to see literally everything.

If even the most ordinary bridge over the stream causes a storm of emotions in a person, then what about extraordinary and non-standard objects? Imagine that you are standing over the abyss, and the pebble at the base is staggering. And if the whole structure staggers, shakes and walks?! So, what are they – the creepiest bridges on Earth?

10. Crossing Titlis Cliff, Switzerland

This is the highest suspension bridge in the world: it is located in the middle of the Alpine mountains. Locals do not consider it an infrastructure object - it is designed to perform exclusively the role of an attraction for tourists of all stripes. In their opinion, to be on such a bridge is very creepy: there are three hundred meters of air under you, and gusts of wind rush at a fierce speed. The transition swings, which serves as an excellent source of adrenaline. True, the owners of the nearby resort, the administration of which owns the object, are sure: it is completely safe for the public.

9. Bridge on mount Aiguille du Midi, France

Translated from French - The Noon Needle, exactly the two-headed mountain in the town of Chamonix, to which the cable car leads. An observation bridge connects both peaks, despising wind, rocks and snow, not to mention the almost four-kilometer height. It has everything that an inveterate adrenaline rusher needs - from magnificent views of Mont Blanc and glacial tongues under his feet to the purest blue French sky. They say that having taken a step across this bridge, a person feels himself floating in the sky without any support.

8. Capilano Bridge, Canada

It is located near Vancouver in western Canada. It was opened in the century before last, in the middle of the past it went through a radical reconstruction, which did not leave a trace of the ancient project. Under the span there is a seventy-meter abyss and a narrow river with a rocky channel. The length of the entire bridge is about 145 meters. It's hard to believe, but every year this insignificant structure is crossed by one and a half million travelers hurrying to explore the Western Canadian wasteland! True, the main reason for the popularity is not in the transit function, but in the stunning adrenaline shot, it is only necessary to approach the edge and throw a glance over the railing.

7. Marienbrücke pedestrian crossing, Germany

It was built over the Pöllat Gorge in the mid-60s of the XIX century. It is believed that the mad Bavarian king Ludwig had a hand in the design, but this is only an urban legend. Although, in fairness, it is from the bridge that the best view of the fifty-meter waterfall, grottoes, rocks and the fabulous Neuschwanstein opens.

The bridge is made of high-quality stainless iron, whose strength has only increased over the years, but this does not add confidence - only untethered brave souls can pass it completely along the edge.

6. Kumgang Suspension Bridge, South Korea

The peculiarity of this bridge in the Deidongsan National Park is that one of its halves is oriented vertically in space. Travelers who have seen the second one are outraged: the transition is so unreliably fixed by bolted connections that it swings with a very significant amplitude. Under the bridge dangling and swirling in the air, like a Chinese gymnast, there are hundreds of meters and sharp rocks, so people's nerves sometimes do not stand, and they return halfway. In fact, the bridge is mobile because so its design compensates for vibrations - this "chip" only gives it strength.

5. Ghasa Bridge, Nepal

There is no need to climb this 130-meter-high structure - one look is enough to remember forever. Tourists are afraid, but shepherds driving small and even cattle through it cross the abyss completely fearlessly.

Initially, it was designed to drive large herds of yaks, so the design has a huge margin of safety. Hypothetically, you can even open car traffic on it, that's just the trouble: there are simply no roads on both sides.

4. Ojuela Suspension Bridge, Mexico

At the heart of the construction of this bridge in the province of Durango, which is a few hundred kilometers from Mexico City, is an anchor plug. At that time, it seemed to be a miracle of technical and engineering thought, because a span of over three hundred meters in length knew no equal. Initially, it served as an overpass to the mine, where metal was mined in difficult conditions. These workings were closed decades ago, which does not prevent daredevils from walking along a hundred-meter height. The authorities have a negative attitude to such tests, because it is not a joke: the bridge is 120 years old, and it is made of steel and wood (albeit moraine).

3. Royal Gorge High Mountain Bridge, USA

For almost 70 years – from 1929 to 2001 – he held the title of the highest in the world. It connects the two edges of the Grand Canyon in Colorado. With a length of over 400 meters, it has a height of 290; the entire structure is supported by strong steel cables. Until the 1960s, it was an extremely popular place to settle scores with life: in 1960, for example, 28 people decided to know the moment of free flight. Now there are much more affordable methods of death, so destructive practices have given way to contemplation of brilliant views and an amazing canyon in all its grandeur.

2. Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, China

This structure was built in the Chinese Hunan specifically for people traveling on foot. The flooring of the transition is made of thick tempered glass, and not every person can withstand the contemplation of the abyss located under his feet.

In one place, brave souls who decided to walk along a kilometer winding path of fifteen-centimeter glass are waiting for a trap: with the help of computer technology, the cracking of glass with characteristic sounds is simulated there.

1. Vitimsky Bridge, Russia

The brightest and most impressive building of this top list is our compatriot (he is also called Kuandinsky). It connects two subjects of the Federation - Buryat and Trans-Baikal. The total length is just over 600 meters.  Initially, it was built as an additional one during the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. Soon a railway bridge was built over Vitim, but engineers did not come up with anything for cars. Apparently, even then an urbanist pest was introduced into the design bureau. Willy-nilly, people, even truckers, are forced to use a temporary transition to move, once again proving that there is nothing more permanent than a temporary one.

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