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TOP-10 places to visit in Scotland

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TOP-10 places to visit in Scotland

Northern, romantic and beautiful part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain - Scotland. There are no azure coasts, the scorching sun and the resort atmosphere that tourists are looking for. But there are legendary medieval buildings, temples and universities, palaces and fortresses, which every self-respecting traveler should see.

Edinburgh castle

One of the most mysterious castles in Scotland is located in the capital - Edinburgh. Everything here attracts tourists: external architectural features, interior decoration, myths and legends, the history of the building. The site for the construction of Edinburgh Castle was not chosen by chance - an extinct volcano: this was an excellent reason to bypass the fortress and not attack it.

Roslyn Chapel

Roslyn Chapel is not an empty phrase for all lovers of The Da Vinci Code. In the film, Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou found the burial of Mary Magdalene under the stars. Yes, there are stars here, but they have nothing to do with the fictional story of Dan Brown. One way or another, the chapel is worth a visit: the building of the 15th century delights with the inner beauty of carvings and stained-glass windows, patterns consisting of mysterious details.

Falkirk wheel

The Falkirk Wheel is the world's first operating boat lift that revolves and connects 2 canals: Union and Fort Clyde. One of the parts of the ship lift is an aqueduct, a significant part of which runs underground. The diameter of the structure is 35 meters, and its shape resembles a Celtic double ax. The process of crossings is as follows: ships move from one channel to another thanks to 2 containers filled with water and balanced according to Archimedes' law. Opened in 2002 by Queen Elizabeth II, the building in 2003 became the best in the field of architectural design.

Wallace Monument

Opposite the castle in Stirling stands a point marked by Wallace's Tower. The rock on which the structure is located offers an incredible view of the city and directly to the site of the battle of 1297. In this battle, William Wallace Braveheart became famous - the one played by Mel Gibson. The tower houses a museum where you can:

  • Learn the history of the battle, strategy and course of events
  • See the sword with which the future national heroes fought
  • See a production by local amateur actors acting out the morning of the Englishman and the Scotsman after the battle.

Royal Mile in Edinburgh

The Royal Mile is a 1800-meter line of streets in Edinburgh that connects Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. The mile is like a fish skeleton, consisting of small puffins and 4 main streets:

  • Castlehill
  • Lonemarket
  • High street
  • Canongate.

A significant part of Edinburgh's attractions are located on the Royal Mile: the Whiskey Heritage Center, St. John's Church, Camera Obscura, souvenir shops, Bank of Scotland, etc.

Isle of Skye

Skye is an island best viewed by car or bike. The route must include:

  • Portree - a city whose surroundings will give you an acquaintance with seals
  • Rock Old Man of Storr
  • Kilf Rock Waterfall
  • Kirang Valley
  • Dunvegan Castle is the seat of the Macleod dynasty, where you can meet the highlanders and learn the amazing story of their struggle with the MacDonald family
  • Fairy Pools Lakes.

Loch Ness

Loch Ness is the largest and perhaps the deepest lake in Scotland, famous for icy water and a mysterious monster, according to legend, lives here. About Nessie - this is the affectionate name of the animal - was written by the Romans, which gives a good reason not to doubt its existence. Scientists deny the existence of the monster, which does not prevent tourists from peering into the water surface in search of traces.

Isle of Arran

Scotland has an amazing place for cycling enthusiasts - the island village of Arran. Thousands of tourists have “tested” the scenic route here, after which you finally fall in love and begin to feel the nature of Scotland. In addition to species, travelers are attracted by the rich history of the area: at one time Arran belonged to the Romans, Varangians, Britons, who left traces of their residence here that have survived to this day.

Culzin Castle

Culzin Castle is located on the Ayrshire coast. Construction began in 1777 by order of the city of David Kennedy, and was completed in 1792. The Kennedy clan owned the castle until 1945, until he handed it over to the National Endowment of Scotland, hiding from taxes. Dwight Eisenhower, the President of the United States, has stayed in one of the rooms 4 times; today, an exposition is dedicated to him in the palace. What is a Scottish castle without a ghost? There are 7 of them, including a piper and a couple of maids.


A tropical beach in Scotland? Why not! Laskentir is the north coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This peninsula is famous for its white sandy beaches and clear waters. Everyone who lives in St. Petersburg and Stockholm can imagine what the weather reigns most of the time on the peninsula - Laskentir is located with them at the same latitude. Therefore, a few hours of sunshine here is a real success!

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