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10 tips how to enter the TOP US university by the example of California Institute of Technology

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10 tips how to enter the TOP US university by the example of California Institute of Technology

This article will review the application process for the California Institute of Technology or Caltech f the first year of study.

A student is considered to be an applicant entering the first year if he has not yet received a diploma of full secondary education, also if the student has been enrolled in a native country or entered dual college programs. In addition, if a student has graduated from school, but has not yet entered the university, he is also considered an entrant.

If you are applying for undergraduate programs, are not a US citizen and do not have a permanent residence permit at the time of application, you are considered a foreign candidate. The California Institute of Technology accepts applications from students who have studied in various academic programs, such as IGCSE  and A Level , as well as Oxbridge Pre-U, Advanced Placement, IB. These courses meet the requirements for admission to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

Application Process

In the Admissions Committee of the California University of Technology, the process of reviewing applications and making decisions is more like art. Instead of counting the scores and results on the computer, the admissions committee members carefully and with interest read each application and essay in order to understand what kind of person is before them and whether the university will suit him. For the university admissions committee, each entrant is an individual, not a set of GPA and test results. Therefore, preparing individual answers and recommendations for each student takes a lot of time.

Are you prepared enough?

In order to assess the level of academic preparation, the admissions committee reviews the results of the tests, evaluations and recommendations. As a rule, students of the California University of Technology successfully pass the tests and show good results in Mathematics and science. If the applicant has successfully passed the testing, the admissions committee considers his assessments and recommendations of the teachers to confirm strong academic preparation. Applicants are not compared to each other, even if they are from the same school, because each of them has different life circumstances. Also, it is very welcome if the applicant has attended additional courses or did studies outside the school, reports on this are better included in the application, as this will be considered as a plus and can play a decisive role in entering a university.

Academic requirements

At the time of application, a student should have the following academic achievements:

  • 4 years of studying mathematics
  • 1 year of studying physics
  • 1 year of studying chemistry
  • 3 years of studying English (4 recommended)
  • 1 year of studying US history (not required for foreign applicants)

The courses AP, IB, A Level, Pre-U do not count automatically, each applicant must take internal tests in Mathematics and Physics for admission. According to the results of these examinations, students may be credited for a certain discipline.

Have you shown sufficient interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics?

As a rule, university applicants tend to many technical sciences and disciplines. In the application, applicants have an opportunity to indicate their interests in other related areas, to talk about what attracts in a particular subject, and also to tell about their experience in this field. At the university admission committee they want to know about the scientific interests of their future students. 

How will you influence the university community?

The admission committee wants to know what role the future student will play in the university community. Students at the California University of Technology are people who are reliable and always ready to help. Some will wonder why the questionnaire, gives difficult questions about the moral choice, but all this is not accidental. The Admission Committee seeks in its future students the desire and ability to live and study in accordance with the motto of the educational institution: "No member of the university should treat the other unfairly." Each minute detail in the information about the entrant gives the opportunity to make a full-fledged "portrait" of the future student and to understand how he will fit into the friendly team of students of the California University of Technology. Therefore, it is important to specify all the details that can be said about the student more, for example, what he does in his free time.

Requirements for applicants

For consideration of the applicant's candidacy, the following documents must be submitted to the admission committee:

  • Application completed through a special online platform Common Application or Coalition Application
  • $ 75 registration fee
  • SAT exam results with an essay or ACT with a written part (official results from testing organizations )
  • SAT exam results for level 2 maths
  • SAT exam results for one of such subjects as biology, chemistry or physics
  • 1 recommendation from the teacher of mathematics or natural sciences
  • 1 recommendation from the teacher of humanitarian or social sciences
  • Certificate of graduation from school
  • Educational success 

Additional recommendations:

In addition to recommendations from teachers, the applicant can also attach a recommendation from the class teacher or curator.

The entrant must provide all of the above documents and exam results. The Admission Committee reserves the right to withdraw from consideration of an applicant who has not provided any of these documents.

It should also be noted that the California University of Technology requires essay from the new version of the exam SAT (reissued in the spring of 2016). Applicants who apply for autumn 2017 can submit the old version of the exam SAT w / writing or the new version SAT w /essay. However, the applicants for the autumn of 2018 and further years will be required to provide a new version of SAT w / essay .

Additional requirements for foreign applicants

If you are a non-citizen of the United States or do not have a permanent residence permit, then you should be applied as a foreign entrant. All documents in the native language must be translated into English. In addition to the above documents, foreign applicants must provide the following:

  • TOEFL results, exceptions are cases where the applicant

1) is a native speaker of English
2) studied for 2 years or more in English at school.

The California University of Technology does not accept IELTS or other similar examinations.

  • When submitting an application as a foreign student, you need to confirm an understanding of the conditions for the provision of financial assistance. California University of Technology seeks to encourage foreign students in need of material support.

Application deadline

  • Early application deadline: November 1
  • Notification of the decision of the admission committee for early applications: mid December
  • The end date of the general acceptance of documents: January 3
  • Notification of the decision of the selection committee: mid-March

Testing deadlines

All required examinations must be submitted before the indicated dates. The results obtained later are not considered by the admission committee.

  • Early submission before October
  • General submission - until December

It should be noted that the registration deadline and the date of passing the examinations SAT / ACT may vary by country.

Find the latest information about the SAT exam by clicking on the link College Board Online, about the ACT exam - ACT Website.

Codes for registration for the exams:

  • SAT code: 4034
  • ACT code: 0182
  • TOEFL code: 4034

Interesting Facts of the admission committee 2016

  • The California University of Technology has received only 6,800 applications from applicants for the 2016-2017 school year.
  • Of these, 235 were entered
  • 11% of foreign students were accepted from the total number of  entered students
  • 44% of girls and 56% of boys entered
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