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2023-01-07 14:59:06

Pros and cons of living in Japan

Pros and cons of living in Japan

Japan is a country that attracts many citizens of other countries both as a tourist and as new residents. They want to live in the Land of the Rising Sun, because it is a very beautiful, atmospheric and interesting place. The local culture, the level of education and medicine, advanced technologies and ancient traditions are the reasons why thousands of people move to Japan every year. However, no place can be called ideal, and Japan, like any other country, has its drawbacks.



Since Japan is a developed country, it makes a good impression on guests and is able to please in many ways.

Quality of service

The staff will be polite and friendly in any institution, because friendliness and hospitality are part of the Japanese mentality. Waiters in cafes, administrators in hotels and taxi drivers will be happy to suggest something, wish you a good day and perfectly perform their task. Sellers in stores help to put products in bags, waiters will pack the dish with them and warm it up, if it has cooled down, immediately serve a glass of water or a cup of tea, as the visitor enters the institution. Many service workers are ready to help even in those issues that are not related to their work.

When visiting hospitals, patients receive a questionnaire at the reception where they can indicate what exactly is bothering them. This method saves time for both the doctor and the visitor: the doctor gets acquainted with the questionnaire in advance and selects medicines.

Developed domestic tourism and public transport system

Trains in Japan travel very fast. From a large city, for example, Tokyo or Osaka, you can get to another in 30-60 minutes. Subways and train tracks permeate Japan, so traveling around the country is easy. Moreover, many cities in the country have airports, which makes it easier to move around the islands even more. Thanks to the subway, people can quickly get to work, but local subways are often full, and sometimes you have to squeeze into the car.

The Japanese are very fond of their country and actively travel around them, developing and supporting domestic tourism. They travel with families, couples and groups of friends, which is why there are many interesting cafes and hotels, attractions.

Safety on the streets

 Even in small towns in the dark, you can go out and not be afraid to face bullies and other unpleasant people. In the country, a video surveillance camera is installed on every corner, and the local police conscientiously monitor the order on the streets. According to statistics, Japan is included in the list of leading countries in terms of the safety index and low crime rate.


There are also disadvantages of life in Japan, and some of them noticeably spoil the impression of the country.


 In the Land of the Rising Sun, you can not do almost anything without filling out documents, questionnaires or applications! Locals who want to buy a SIM card can spend more than an hour on the purchase, and visitors have to wait for several days.

The Japanese use savings books instead of bank cards, so contactless payment in the country is only developing. The applications of some local banks do not provide for transfers from cards to other accounts: for transfers you have to visit bank branches or ATMs, which are closed on weekends.

Slow Japanese

The locals are distinguished by their calmness and slowness.  During emergency situations, the people of Japan would rather ignore it and turn a blind eye to what happened than try to fix it.

The owner of the cafe, for example, may incorrectly write down the employee's card number and send money to the wrong place, and the employee will be left without wages. With the submission of documents to the structures of the municipality, they are also in no hurry and constantly miss all deadlines.

Undeveloped applications for mobile devices

In addition to banking applications, in which you can not transfer money from your own card or pay a bill, there are many other problems in the japanese mobile application market. Often the payment of the tariff does not go away, which is why people have to deal with where the money went for weeks. There are often cases when the support service indicates incorrect instructions for solving the problem, which only aggravates it.

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Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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