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The best summer camps in Italy for foreign students

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The best summer camps in Italy for foreign students

The best summer camps in Italy for foreign students

The dream of many, without a doubt, is a trip to Italy. It is on the territory of Italy that all the most fascinating and informative is concentrated, which will attract the attention of students of any age. How can we briefly describe Italy? Of course, this is a magnificent and at the same time the most ancient country, the popularity and fame of which is due to the picturesque landscapes and such famous Italians as Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael. Even now, in the 21st century, you can feel the flair of the ancient era in modern Italy. While studying at the best Italian language schools at an affordable cost, a foreign student will have an excellent opportunity to get to know the famous monuments of architecture, art, history, as well as immerse themselves in the life of local residents, culture and deep-rooted traditions. Thus, a unique aesthetic and intellectual wealth can be singled out as attractive characteristics of Italy for foreign students.

The combination of relaxation and learning - hurry to study at the leading summer camps in Italy for holidays!

If you want to make an excellent gift for your child, then during the summer holidays it is better to send your child abroad for a harmonious combination of education and relaxation. Without exception, all students strive to explore the world and learn something new, so staying in top-rated language children's boarding schools in Italy will be an ideal place to get bright and positive emotions. As for the location of the elite Italian language boarding schools, they are located in beautiful places, namely, on the coast, at the foot of the mountains, among pine forests, thereby creating extremely comfortable and cozy conditions for effective learning, wonderful relaxation, while ensuring comprehensive development foreign students.

Staying during the summer holidays in the best language camps in Italy promotes the effective study of Italian speech, which is distinguished by the melody of sound, through constant and intensive communication with native speakers, making fascinating travels in Italy. At the same time, a foreign student will constantly contemplate the picturesque landscapes of nature, the Mediterranean coast, swimming in the warm sunshine, and getting to know the sights and objects of culture. How could you understand that studying in the best language boarding schools in Italy promotes the intellectual and personal development of foreign students.

Education for foreign students in the prestigious summer language camps in Italy

The elite Italian language camp Lignano is very popular and in demand. Within the walls of this leading language boarding school, an educational program has been developed that harmoniously combines intensive leisure activities, the practice of language skills, as well as an extensive theoretical education for foreign students. In particular, academic preparation involves students going through phonetics, grammar, and other important sections. The effectiveness of this teaching methodology is confirmed in practice! So, it is planned to conduct 20 classes, each of which is 45 minutes long, this intensity does not overfatigue foreign students, while at the same time providing an exciting and informative session. In addition, lessons are held in a game format. Upon completion of education, foreign students communicate well in Italian, while they glow with health and new and fresh forces that will be needed in the next school year.

Leisure program for Italy's leading summer camps

In any case, vacation means rest, and it is natural that teachers and educators of the best Italian language boarding schools take this fact into account when developing educational programs. So, after lunch, various leisure activities are foreseen, in particular, it can be a variety of creative classes in music, dancing, ceramics, cooking classes, as well as informative and extremely interesting excursions.

In particular, on the territory of the Linguaviva summer camp, a private pool was built, numerous playgrounds are open for visiting foreign students, the infinite coast is located a short distance away, so students will just have no time to be bored.

As part of field trips, foreign students are provided with all the opportunities for a close acquaintance with the main attractions of Italy and of course for tasting national Italian dishes, which are simply magnificent in their taste. If the dates coincide, your child will simply be delighted with the famous and stunning carnival, which takes place in Venice.

Top Italian language football camps for young athletes

If your child is interested in football, then an academy has been created specifically for him in Italy, the popularity and relevance of which is associated with its deep-rooted football traditions. So, the Milan Soccer Camp, which is a prestigious summer football center, has several branches, the choice of a specific branch depends on the dates of arrival chosen by a foreign student. In particular, elite language boarding schools successfully operate in the following Italian cities, such as Venice, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Vicenza, Jesolo Lido. Two educational programs are offered to the attention of foreign students, namely:

  • "Football + culture" - a combination of intensive football training with informative excursions to the famous Italian sights is provided.
  • “Football + learning a foreign language” - this educational program combines classes in the Italian language with sports training.

In this kind of language camps in Italy dream of getting both boys and girls. The level of preparation for football does not play a significant role, as professionals will be able to hone their skills, and beginners will be able to gain skills in playing the most popular sport. Only experienced sports teachers are invited to conduct football training, in particular, some are coaches of the Italian Premier League. They provide assistance to every foreign student in the manifestation of individual abilities and the feeling of being a football star.

It is worth noting the flexibility of the class schedule, thus, each student is given the right to choose a convenient educational schedule. In addition, the schedule also includes language classes. As a rule, lessons are held in the morning, and sports training is provided directly in the afternoon.

When deciding to visit the ranking summer language camp in Italy, your child will spend simply magnificent and breathtaking holidays that will give a lot of positive emotions and impressions. Upon arrival home, parents will hear about an amazing vacation in Italy from their child!

Tuition fees in Italy's leading language camps

Please note that, as a rule, the cost of education in advanced Italian summer schools includes an educational program, educational materials, meals, accommodation, participation in regular educational excursions and leisure activities, sports competitions, transfer, insurance. Note that the transfer is not organized by all schools in Italy, and in case of organization, certain hours are spent. So, on average, the cost of education ranges from 550 to 1,000 per week, the variations are due to the prestige of the institution, location, as well as popularity.

For example, SMAPSE experts note that the cost of education under the weekly Discovery language program offered by Alphabet International Camps will be 1,100 . As for the cost of education under the program of the adventure elite camp in Italy, it is slightly higher, amounting to 1,200 per week stay. At the same time, the cost of education for two weeks in Lignano starts at 1,680 .

Effective study of Italian and English in the walls of the advanced children's camps in Italy

Due to the fact that Italian has the status of the official language of Italy, the predominant number of leading language camps in Italy conducts instruction in the Italian language. In particular, Linguaviva has developed intensive Italian language educational programs. So, it is planned to conduct 20 lessons per week, simultaneously with participation in various excursions, ensuring full immersion in the new language environment, thereby significantly increasing the effectiveness of education. At the same time, prestigious summer children's camps were created on the territory of Italy, which developed language programs for the English language. In particular, you can take a quality English course at the prestigious language boarding school Alphabet International Camps. So, within the framework of this academic program, 18 hours of classes are provided for a week. Note that only native speakers of the language are involved in teaching, which guarantees the effectiveness of education.

Note that classes in the Italian language are held in small groups, the number of which is 10-15 students. Their distribution is based on the student's age and level of knowledge of a foreign language. The determination of the level of language knowledge occurs immediately upon arrival at the prestigious language camp in Italy by writing a special test.

It will be useful to find out that if the foreign student feels that he is incorrectly distributed in the language group, he is given the opportunity to discuss with the teacher about the possibility of transferring him to another group. So, the advanced language Italian children's camp pursues the achievement of the following goals:

  • Improving foreign language proficiency;
  • Enhancing and expanding vocabulary;
  • Overcoming the language barrier and providing professional assistance in applying Italian language skills in practice;
  • Improving the listening comprehension of Italian speech;
  • Upon completion of education, foreign students receive a certificate of successful completion of language courses.

Schedule of the best Italian language camps

Usually the leading children's camps in Italy function during the summer school holidays, namely from June to August.

Types of language programs and accommodation for the period of study

Italy’s prestigious language summer camps are campus-based. So, foreign students study and live in a single closed territory, which is guarded around the clock. In particular, the Italian language boarding school Alphabet International Camps is located in a nature reserve where a playground for sporting events has been created, a pool is open for foreign students. There are all possibilities for taking walks, since a park has been created that has green areas with trees, a lake near which deer graze. All the buildings that belong to the prestigious camp are ancient village estates in which modern repairs are made. Also noteworthy is Lingua Viva Lignano, located a short distance from a private beach, in a park area, which is filled with beautiful conifers. In addition, a large area adjoins the summer camp, on which a complex of buildings is built for an active lifestyle and intense sports. In particular, students are offered a swimming pool, basketball and volleyball courts, a football field, a tennis court, as well as a gym. As for food, it is organized on a full board basis, namely, it is offered to the attention of foreign students breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as light snacks.

Leisure program of top Italian children's camps for foreign students

The best Italian children's camps are developing for students a rich and intense leisure program involving cultural and recreational activities. In particular, these can be sports, namely football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, beach volleyball, water polo, as well as swimming. In addition, it is planned to hold a lesson in water aerobics in modern swimming pools. Young sports enthusiasts can also enjoy horse riding. For creative personalities, creative workshops and various master classes are organized, the theme of which may be different, namely cooking classes, painting t-shirts, costume design, craft classes. In addition, events are organized in the evening, the format of which is watching movies in the open air, a disco, beach and theme parties, karaoke, concerts, various competitions and much more. It is also worth noting that fascinating trips are organized especially for foreign students various Italian cities, namely Venice, Verona, Trieste, Rome, Florence, Naples.

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