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Best private schools in the Netherlands for international students

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Best private schools in the Netherlands for international students

Prestigious schools in the Netherlands for foreign students

Teaching in the best private schools in the Netherlands is carried out in the framework of various educational programs around the world, in particular the British, while meeting international educational standards. It is this distinctive characteristic of the leading private schools in the Netherlands that distinguishes Dutch educational institutions from other European countries, in whose territory teaching is carried out as part of national educational programs.

It is worth noting that Holland is the first country, being non-English, which was introduced into the teaching educational program in English, corresponding to international education programs and national courses.

On the territory of the Netherlands, there are 2 types of schools that practice the international educational format. So, public schools are subordinate to the Ministry of Education, at the same time funding is provided from budgetary funds. Other educational institutions are private.

In addition, all ranking international schools in the Netherlands have been accredited by the American Association of Schools and Universities of New England NEASC, the European Council of International Schools ECIS, as well as the International Baccalaureate Organization IBO, located in Geneva.

Enrollment in the best schools in the Netherlands is based on the results of the interview with an incoming teenager and the presentation of a certificate prepared by the educational institution in which he previously studied. In the case of an insufficient level of knowledge of English, a foreign student can undergo education as part of an effective language educational program.

Educational programs of leading private schools in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, among international students, the international baccalaureate program, which combines the best practices of European secondary education programs, is especially popular and in demand. This universal program was developed in 1968 in Geneva, allowing foreign students to receive secondary education at an international level in any European country. At the same time, the certificate of passing the international baccalaureate program is quoted by a predominant number of ranking universities around the world.

Several leading international schools have been successfully operating in the UK, teaching within the walls of elite English high schools. These advanced schools provide effective education for the successful entry of the GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Education, which is a general certificate of secondary education. Moreover, in case of successful completion of the British A-level educational program lasting two years, a foreign student can become a student of top universities in different countries of the world.

  • Dutch educational programs - HAVO and VWO

The duration of studies in educational programs of the best private schools in the Netherlands, taught in the Dutch language, varies from 5 to 6 years. The categories of students for which the period of study is 5 and 6 years are listed below, namely:

  • Foreign students seeking higher education at elite universities of applied sciences have been studying for five years, thereby becoming a holder of a diploma in general secondary education, a HAVO diploma is issued.
  • Foreign students who plan to graduate at prestigious academic universities have been studying for 6 years, so they are given a diploma about getting pre-university education at VWO.

Tuition at the best private schools in the Netherlands for foreign students

  • The cost of education throughout the year will be on average 45,000  in case of education at a prestigious Dutch boarding school;
  • In the case of living in a boarding school and attending a school located close to the educational institution, the price of general expenses includes accommodation in a boarding school, amounting to approximately 30,000  per year, and tuition, the cost of which ranges from approximately 4,000 to 15,000 , due to the type of educational institution and the chosen educational program.

TOP best private schools in the Netherlands

Start with the fact that about ¾ schools are private in the Netherlands. The list of the best private Dutch schools for foreign students includes the International School of Amsterdam, the Full Force Sports Academy. Below is more detailed information of one of the top private schools in Holland, namely the International School of Amsterdam, which was created in 1964:

  • The school is located in the city of Amstelveen, which is a suburb of Amsterdam, the distance is 11 km;
  • The cost of education throughout the year starts from 20,000 €;
  • Teaching is in English;
  • As for the conditions for accommodating foreign students, the provision of a dormitory for schoolchildren is not provided.

The ranking international school of Amsterdam is assigned the status of the best, both in the Netherlands and among other countries of the world. A prestigious private school is located in a beautiful park area, not far from the Amsterdam Forest. As for the architecture of the building, it includes several buildings in which are located:

  • Research labs;
  • Library;
  • Cinema and Media Center;
  • Creative workshops;
  • 2 gyms;
  • Equipped outdoor playgrounds for playing sports;
  • A modern center of information and computer technology.

It is worth mentioning that in all classrooms only modern technical media devices are presented, at the same time, students are not allowed to actively use devices, only if necessary, and there is a ban on the school territory from bringing phones to the school.

Having a diploma on passing the international baccalaureate program, a graduate of the international school of Amsterdam will be able to freely enter the top universities in the UK, Canada, the USA and other countries of the world. A foreign student has the opportunity to choose a second foreign language to study, in particular, it can be European, or Japanese, or Chinese.

Entering the elite international school of Amsterdam, a foreign student can be studied in elementary, secondary or high school.

The cost of studying at the elite international school of Amsterdam is determined by the class of instruction of a foreign student, namely:

  • The cost of primary school education for a year is 20,000 €;
  • Middle classes - the cost varies from 22,000 to 23,000 €;
  • The cost of studying in high school is 24,000 .

Leading Dutch colleges - useful information for foreign students

If you need to undergo preliminary preparation for admission to leading universities in the Netherlands, you should pay attention to prestigious Dutch colleges. Having completed education throughout the year, a foreign applicant will be able to facilitate the educational process at a ranking university in the Netherlands.

The list of the best colleges in the Netherlands includes the following educational institutions, namely:

Let's take a closer look at ONCAMPUS Amsterdam, which is an international college based on the University of Amsterdam. It was created by the Cambridge Education Group, a company that provides professional assistance to foreign applicants in the field of effective education, focused on successful admission to top universities, starting in 1952.

Foreign teenagers can undergo education under the Undergraduate Foundation Program for 1 year. Education involves an intensive pace, and in case of successful completion of the course, the graduate has a guarantee of obtaining student status at the University of Amsterdam. At the same time, while studying at a Dutch college, foreign students have an excellent opportunity to use the infrastructure of the university, in particular, computer centers and libraries. After the preparatory program is completed, the graduate can enter the bachelor's programs in such specialties as:

  • Politics, Psychology, Law, Economics
  • Operations Research and Econometrics
  • Economics and business
  • Assessment of probabilities and risks.

As for the duration of the education, the preparatory program provides for 25 academic hours during the week. So, foreign students are taught such subjects as English, mathematics, economics, business discipline. On an additional basis, an opportunity to study the Dutch language is provided. The results achieved and the success of students are subject to close monitoring. So, on a regular basis, testing is planned to assess the level of knowledge of students and determine the need for adjustment of classes to increase the likelihood of successful admission to an advanced university in the Netherlands.

As for the mandatory requirements for foreign students for successful admission to the educational program, they include the following:

  • Reaching 17 years of age as a foreign student
  • English proficiency must be at least 5.0 on the IELTS scale.

The cost of education starts on average from 17,000  excluding accommodation. If you rent a single or double room in Amsterdam, its cost varies from about 300 to 550 per month. If SMAPSE experts consider renting a room in a student hotel, the price varies from 600 to 950 per month. Variations in the cost of living are determined by the district of the capital of the Netherlands in which the apartment is located, the degree of its arrangement, comfort and modernity.

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