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2019-08-14 16:36:45

The best language camps in Germany for foreign students

The best language camps in Germany for foreign students

Exciting holidays in the best summer camps in Germany

When deciding to spend an exciting vacation in Germany, your child will be able to undergo effective language education, at the same time having a good rest and receiving a lot of bright and positive impressions and emotions. So, undergoing education in the framework of educational programs developed by prestigious boarding schools and summer language camps in Germany, foreign students will have a great opportunity to study the German language, communicate closely with peers from all over the world, learn about history, culture and German nature, as well as participating in a variety of recreational activities.

Note that the popularity and demand among foreign students of German elite language courses is increasing annually. So, many foreign students decide to spend school holidays in Germany with the aim of significantly improving their level of foreign language skills and passing quality language practice. Thus, upon completion of education, foreign students can successfully apply their skills in practice and in the natural environment.

Teaching in the leading summer boarding schools in Germany is conducted on the basis of specially designed educational programs aimed at foreign students, taking into account the level of German language proficiency, age and duration of study. Before starting the lessons, it is planned to conduct a test and / or interview in order to determine the level of language education. Based on the results obtained, students are divided into groups. Thus, foreign students are offered the widest choice of language programs, courses for beginners with a level of A1 are offered for beginners, as well as for students with a German language level of B2 and higher. As a rule, classes are held in small groups, the number of which does not exceed 10-15 students. Thus, within the framework of teaching, an individual approach is guaranteed for each student.

In the classroom, a very friendly and free environment was created, contributing to the successful and quick overcoming of the language barrier. Achieving a high degree of effectiveness of language programs offered by the best German summer camps is possible due to the use of interactive communicative methods in teaching, making the educational process for foreign students extremely exciting. So, the participation of foreign students in various games, interviews, discussions, presentations is provided. In addition, the walls of leading language boarding schools in Germany focus on live out-of-class communication.

German advanced language camps for foreign students

Compared with the leading German language centers for adults, then the prestigious children's summer camps and boarding schools in Germany are located in the picturesque and cozy regions of Germany, in particular, Hoechst, Odenwald, thereby providing comfortable and safe accommodation for foreign students. However, for lovers of a dynamic lifestyle, educational options are offered in elite children's, youth language camps, which are located in such large German cities as Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich.

As for the duration of study in summer in Germany, it varies from 2 to 9 weeks, which is due to the chosen degree of intensity of the language program. So, during the week, 20-25 classes are provided. Note that in addition to the educational program, specially for foreign students, various leisure programs are organized, including cultural and recreational events, educational excursions. In addition, students are actively involved in sports and art.

Tuition fees in ranking summer camps in Germany

The cost of education for a week at the leading summer language school in Germany is on average 360 , including the educational process, accommodation, medical insurance, accident insurance, guided tours, as well as various entertainment and cultural events.

As for accommodation issues for the period of study, as a rule, foreign students live in comfortable residences, however, you can stay in the family of the teacher or in the host family.

Language programs of the best summer boarding schools in Germany for foreign students

All language programs offered by German ranking summer camps have characteristics such as saturation and activity, some academic courses have a truly unique character. A foreign student will be able to make an amazing and memorable summer adventure by going to the advanced children's camp, which is open on the basis of the leading German center Humboldt-Institut, located in the picturesque cozy area of Schmalenberg.

Everyone knows that among the Germans, football is a favorite sport. Thus, the ideal summer vacation option for young athletes aged 15 to 18 years to harmoniously combine the improvement of language skills with professional football training. So, within the framework of this educational program, it is planned to conduct 30 lessons per week and participate in real football matches taking place at Bad Fredeburg Academy.

A prestigious language boarding school has been created for artists, located in Lenin on the basis of the Institute of Fine Arts and Culture. Thus, classes in the German language are harmoniously combined with art lessons. In addition, after lunch, students are expected to work in art workshops, embodying their ideas and creating works of art.

The process of choosing a language summer camp and boarding school in Germany

The leading summer language camps in Germany are developing a variety of educational programs for foreign students, which take into account the level of knowledge of the German language and the age of the student. As noted above, when entering the best language courses in Germany, the best boarding schools in Germany provide for determining the level of students' language education by writing tests or interviewing. Based on the results, a distribution is made for the corresponding language groups. Recruitment to the leading language boarding schools in Germany is conducted for summer, winter, spring and autumn programs.

Types of language children's camps in Germany

German language boarding schools are classified in the following areas, as:

  • Linguistic
  • Summer schools
  • Sports
  • Creative
  • Leadership
  • Tourist
  • Computer

The target audience for education in the best language boarding schools in Germany are foreign students aged 6 to 18 years.

Class format in elite language boarding schools in Germany

It is natural to assume that the best time of year for studying in Germany is summer vacation. At the same time, intensive and active educational and leisure activities are being developed today for the leading language camps in Germany for winter recreation. Please note that, as a rule, the validity of a visa is limited to the period of stay in Germany. So, in the morning hours, it is planned to teach theoretical lessons, since it is the effectiveness of the lessons that is the highest in the morning. In the afternoon hours, various cultural and recreational events are held, in particular, visiting exhibitions, expositions. So, in the walls of German creative camps, needlework classes are held, including graphics, drawing, painting, music. In the case of the leading German sports camps, active sports are provided, namely horseback riding, archery, rock climbing, kayaking, soccer, field hockey, badminton. If your child has chosen the Boy Scout direction of the German camp, then he will find a fascinating installation of tents, survival in extreme conditions.

The specifics of Germany’s leading summer camps for foreign students

It is impossible to deny the attractiveness of Germany for tourists and foreign students. So, as the specific features of Germany, it is worth highlighting architecture, the history of which has several centuries, art, cultural values. Special attention is paid to the German mentality, lifestyle, the unique pedantry of the Germans, the habit of order, and, of course, intelligence. A complete immersion in the language environment contributes to a significant improvement in German language skills, as well as instilling discipline and developing creative skills, while at the same time there is a general physical strengthening of the body of a foreign student through active participation in various sports events.

Listed below are the key benefits of taking part in German advanced summer camps:

  • Ability to learn German to an advanced level
  • Excellent academic and language education, allowing you to freely enter the ranking university of Germany
  • A great combination of relaxation, learning and extracurricular activities
  • High Security Guaranteed
  • Comfortable climatic and environmental conditions.
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