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TOP-50 language schools in Germany that provide language courses for international students

Education information

SMAPSE offers you TOP-50 German language schools available for foreign students. Studying at language schools and colleges in German is really prestigious and popular among students fromm all over the world. It's a great chance to get high-quality education and improve command of language. Moreover, foreign students can get experience of studying abroad that will be valued in their future career.

SMAPSE team has created a full catalogue of language schools and colleges in Germany where you can find all important information about tuition fees, acommodation and conditions of studying.

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Advantages of studying at 50 best language schools in Germany for international students

Nowadays, Germany is the most popular and prestigious destination for getting high-quality education. Many German schools offer studying programs for students of all ages. The average age of students at German language schools and linguistic centers varies from 8 to 18 years, among older students 25-27 years.

Foreign students can choose from a wide range of language schools in Germany. More often, they provide intensive programs of German language (from 20 hours a week) that are available at any time of the year.

The process of studying at language schools in Germany:

When students arrive in language schools, they have special test to determine their command of language and basic level of knowledge. After that, students are formed in small groups with approximately the same language proficiency. In this case, the age and nationality of is completely irrelevant. Moreover, if there are several students from one country, their communication in mother tongue is minimized. In general, such students are in different groups at school.

Groups and studying programs:

Groups at German language schools are usually small - from 10 to 15 people. In high-intensity programs groups are even less (5-7 pupils). In addition, German language schools provide courses for students with different levels: from primary to advanced. The minimum duration of courses is 1 week. It is also possible to choose a period of 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month, a semester and so on up to 18 months. Classes are held on Monday to Friday in the morning.

German language schools offer following courses:

  • Intensive programme of general German
  • Course with an emphasis on vocabulary from any sphere
  • Individual studies
  • Preparation courses for passing exams and admission to universities

Depending on the type of programme, teaching approaches can also be combined. For example, during specialized programs, teachers combine group sessions with individual ones. Moreover, personal lessons with a teacher include popular Study&Live organization in teacher's homes. Foreign students have an opportunity to become fully immersed not only into German, but also in way of life and culture of this country.

Besides, preparation courses to entrance exams are also really popular. Students can get higher education (TestDaF, DSH, etc.) or simply obtain a European language certificate. The duration of such courses is usually 4 to 6 weeks. Furthemore, foreign students can also spend summer holidays at summer language camps. It's a great chance to combine studying German with active rest and fun pastime.

In addition to basic courses mentioned above, many language schools offer in-depth study of German in the field of professional interests for advanced students.For example, students can choose medicine, law, business, economics, technical directions and so on.

Teaching staff is also worth noting. German language schools choose only competent specialists with appropriate education, which gives them right to teach German to foreign students. In general, all teachers are native speakers. At the same time, teachers and coaches regularly attend refresher courses in order to give students only actual knowledge, and also to meet high standards of European education.

7 best German language schools that offer courses for foreign students

SMAPSE offers you 7 best language schools in German:

  • Carl Duisberg Centren. This educational institution has 4 branches, which are located in different parts of Germany - in Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Radolfzell. Every year, this school is visited by several thousand students from all over the world.
  • DID Deutsch Institut. It is considered to be one of the largest educational centers in Germany. The institution is widely known for high quality courses, competently organized educational process. Name of the institution inclodes an abbreviation DID, which translates as "Germany in German".
  • Augsburger Deutschkurse . The school is located in Augsburg. It's one of the oldest educational institutions in the country (founded in 1963). The school has the status of a well-known certified language school, which specializes in intensive German courses. The campus is situated in convenient area in the heart of the city, and is considered quite large - more than 300 students come here annually to study during summer holidays.
  • F + U Academy of Languages. Despite the fact that the school was opened in 2013, it has already get highest rankings among linguistic centers of Berlin. The campus is located in the heart of the city, close to a convenient traffic intersection and many shops. Several key attractions of the city - the Gendarmenmarkt, the Brandenburg Gate and many others are quite near the school.
  • German Language School (GLS). It's located in Berlin. The territory of the school is perfectly equipped. There are more than 130 rooms and studios for students, its own indoor swimming pool, cafeteria, restaurant, balcony, several sports grounds (basketball, tennis) and much more. This school is larger than the previous one - annually more than 600 students from 7 to 18 years from more than 23 countries take language courses here.
  • TANDEM Köln was founded in 2003, it's located in famous German city of Cologne. Campus of the institution is situated in well-known city district of Suedstadt. There are many shops, shopping centers, cafes and restaurants near it. There is also a convenient transport interchange - a three-minute walk to the metro station and a bus stop. The school has excellent equipment: modern classrooms, own library, separate cinema hall and a garden for out-of-school walks.

Moreover, there are also representatives of Study&Live in your Teacher's Home. Living in a German family gives a foreign student a unique opportunity to get acquainted with characteristics of the culture and life of another country, and of course, round-the-clock language practice.

The cost of language courses in TOP-40 German schools and colleges for international students

In order to take German language courses in one of the German language school, foreign students need at least minimal language preparation. Otherwise, studying will be too difficult for young student. In general, linguistic schools offer various studying programs for different language levels - from A1 to C2.

When the school is chosen, it is important to complete the application form on the institution's website and wait for the answer. If there are places on the course, the school staff will contact you to resolve formal issues - confirming the reservation and withdrawing the invoice for payment. After the payment, you can apply for a visa.

Tuition fees for taking language courses in Germany varies from 100 to 400 euros per week. This cost usually includes studying itself, participation in leisure programs and teaching materials.

For example, 8-week course in Carl Duisberg Centren will cost 1170 euros for everyone. In this case, it will be necessary to pay separately for the host family (about 1500 euros for the same period) and meals - either half-board (twice a day provided by the family) or remain at the student's full control.

In Germany, there is an opportunity to take language courses on a free basis. Foreign students need to have a strong command of German and pass a fairly strict competition. Actually, budgetary courses are based in higher education institutions - colleges or universities. For example, Au-Pair programme, which foreign students can enter before the age of 26. As a part of the programme, an international student can live with a host family in Germany.

Don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to help you and answer all questions.

Частные школы Англии

Cost of living in Germany

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 263 357
Food 181 362
Transportation 62 197
Communications and utilities 90 137
Clothing 26 97
Sports and leisure 22 93
Total 644 1,243
Accommodation in Germany USD/Month.  
Shared room outside of centre 266  
Shared room in city centre 361  
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 412  
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 571  

Statistics of English courses in Germany

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week
General German 15-20 8-10 Starter €240+
Intensive German Course 28-30 5-15 Starter €250+
Crash Course 35-40 5-15 Starter €490+
Exam Preparation Courses 20-25 8-15 Upper Intermediate €270+
German for Work 20-25 7-10 Intermediate €270+
Study & Live in your Teacher's Home 20-30 1 Starter €1,450+
German + University 25-30 8-12 Beginner €295+
Part-Time Courses 4-15 8-10 Starter-Beginner €60+
One-to-One lessons individual 1 Starter €60+ (1 lesson)

Students Accommodation Options in Germany

Accomondation Meals Number of people per room Cost per week/min Cost per week/max
Homestay full Board or half Board 1-2 €180 €350
School residence full Board 1-2 €190 €300
Appartment without meals 1-3 €180 €750
Hotel with/out meals 1-2 €30/day €150/day

Estimated Costs

Estimated Costs Min., € Average €
Consular fee of the embassy €35 €60
Flight (Moscow - Berlin - Moscow) €221 €250
Medical insurance €20/week €35/week
Study material €10 €20
Delivery of invitations by express mail €50 €70
Transfer/Escort €50 €75
Additional payment for accommodation per week, during the high season €25 €35
Additional payment for tuition per week, during the high season €25 €40
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