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2019-08-22 00:18:45

The best language camps in Belgium for foreign students

The best language camps in Belgium for foreign students

The best language camps in Belgium for foreign students - useful information

Studying in prestigious language camps in Belgium has security and European comfort. The purpose of the entertainment events organized by the ranking language camps in Belgium is due to physical development and health promotion. In addition, sport plays an important role in European countries. Thus, as part of a stay in leading Belgian camps, a foreign student can engage in tennis, climbing, swimming, and at the same time, modern sports grounds have been built on the school grounds.

It is worth noting that in the walls of the advanced language camps in Belgium the necessary conditions have been created for the development of talents and abilities of creative students. In particular, while studying in Belgian camps, you can visit studios for artists, sculptors, and music.

In addition, when deciding whether to study at the best language camp in Belgium, a foreign student is guaranteed to use an individual approach in teaching.

In Belgium, a sufficiently large number of leading schools, colleges, ranking universities, and also summer camps are successfully operating. Within the framework of the proposed effective language programs, foreign students can choose to study English, French, and German. Before starting to study, it is envisaged that all foreign students pass the entrance test in order to determine the level of language proficiency. The results of this test are the basis for the distribution of students by language groups, the number of students in which does not exceed 10-12 children, thereby ensuring the comfort and effectiveness of learning.

During the week, an average of 20 hours of classes is provided. In addition, the vast majority of prestigious language schools in Belgium have developed intensive language programs, the intensity of which is 25 hours a week or more. It is also worth noting that the attention of foreign students is offered by thematic programs that harmoniously combine the study of a foreign language with sports and art.

Brief information about studying in Belgium for foreign students

Belgium is a cozy European country, which is characterized by a high standard of living. You will be surprised how rich the Belgian culture is, in particular, this is the Ostend resort, breathtaking Gothic castles, monuments, chocolate, national cuisine, beaches. Belgium is included in the Schengen area, in connection with which, having a Schengen visa in your hands, you can safely undergo education in the walls of the best language camps in Belgium.

Belgian territory is divided into three regions, while each locality has its own official language, namely French, German and Dutch. For this reason, in the framework of the developed language programs, the study of several foreign languages is provided. So, during the spring or autumn vacation, a foreign student is given the opportunity to study in the spa area, where it is possible to study a choice of English, French or Dutch. During the summer holidays, learning the German language is possible. It is worth noting that in the city of Ferrier during the summer holidays, truly excellent conditions were created for a quality study of English, French, as well as Dutch.

Please note that all educational programs are divided by the age of the student, namely:

  • Foreign students from 9 to 18 years old
  • Students from 18 to 24 years old.

How do the best language camps in Belgium work for foreign students?

On a year-round basis, prestigious camps in Belgium operate. Foreign students who have reached the age of 18 can be educated at any season. As for foreign students under the age of 18, the doors of the leading language camps in Belgium are open for them on the following dates:

  • Spring break - from March 20 to April 9
  • Autumn holidays - from October 30 to November 5
  • Summer holidays - from June 26 to August 27.

Educational programs of advanced Belgian camps

  • Round-the-clock camp program

When deciding on education in a leading Belgian round-the-clock camp, 28 classes in the selected foreign language await you. So, all students are provided with educational materials, as well as organized sports. A foreign student will be able to choose a sports direction of interest from a wide list, in particular, football, beach volleyball, baseball, karate, athletics, etc. In addition to education, a leisure program is organized that provides for full-day and half-day excursions. Upon completion of education, graduates are issued a certificate of successful completion of the program.

  • Foreign language + sport - a combination of language classes with sports is provided. The following sports are most popular, such as tennis, football, horse riding, etc. If the foreign students are interested, they can choose a multi-course, in the framework of which classes are held in several sports at once.
  • Foreign language + creativity - provides for the development of creative skills and abilities of students in addition to the quality of learning a foreign language. In particular, classes are held in music, dance, painting, etc.
  • Foreign language + culture - as part of this educational program, it is planned to organize numerous educational excursions to the main Belgian sights, in particular, ancient castles, cozy streets, various workshops, as well as try delicious dishes of national cuisine. Thus, the study of a foreign language takes place as part of a close acquaintance with the culture of Belgium. The teaching emphasizes the development of communication skills.
  • Preparation for passing international language exams , in particular, in English, French and German. Foreign students are given the opportunity to prepare well for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, DELF, DALF, ZDaF. So, having an international language certificate on hand, a foreign student will be able to freely continue to receive prestigious foreign education. The target audience for this program is foreign students aged 16 to 18 years.

As you may have noticed, Belgium has a variety of educational programs. The developed language programs are suitable for foreign students with any level of language and academic education. That is, beginners and experienced students who are focused on deepening knowledge and developing skills will be able to choose the educational course of interest. The language courses offered are suitable for foreign students between the ages of 9 and 18.

Leisure program in prestigious language camps in Belgium

In addition to education specifically for foreign students, numerous events are organized. In particular, some recreational activities are held on the school campus during the afternoon and evening hours, namely:

  • discos
  • parties
  • talent competitions
  • theme shows
  • quizzes 
  • various competitions.

In their free time, foreign students can devote time to theater, photography, vocals, sculpture, origami, painting, yoga, water aerobics, pilates, synchronized swimming, dancing, rugby, etc. As part of the stay of foreign students in the walls of the Belgian camps, emphasis is placed on sports, relay races, as well as competitions. As for the choice of sports, it is determined by the level of equipment of the educational institution, and its location. Conducting educational excursions, in which foreign students get acquainted with the main Belgian sights and neighboring European states, do not go unnoticed.

Tuition fees in leading camps in Belgium

The cost of education in an advanced round-the-clock Belgian camp is an average of 1,390 per week. Choosing a standard language program, taking into account additional individual lessons, you will have to pay 1,530 . The cost of education will increase 1,735 if the program is supplemented with various sports activities, in particular, golf, tennis, horse riding, etc. Payment is provided on an additional transfer basis, its price in one direction is 100 .

As you can already understand, when deciding on your child's studies in a prestigious language camp in Belgium, the cost of a stay for one week will range from 1,300 to 1,500 . Please note that the final price includes directly education, a leisure program that provides for cultural and recreational activities.


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