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The best airport in the world: it has everything

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The best airport in the world: it has everything

For several years in a row, the port of Singapore, Changi, has been called the best airport in the world. In principle, this is not surprising: it is stupid to expect less recognition at the airport, which has its own waterfall, the floors are covered with carpets, and that and look, an amusement park will appear!

Changi's area reaches 1,300 hectares, and 870 of them have been reclaimed by builders from the sea using innovative and safe technologies. What is not available at Changi airport:

  • More than 350 stores
  • More than 120 bars, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and pastry shops
  • Free foot massagers in every terminal
  • Entertainment for children: many tables with drawing supplies, interactive and virtual games, children's rooms and rooms for mothers and children, playrooms
  • Separate areas with design
  • Theme parks: Cactus Park (Terminal 1), Butterfly Gallery (Terminal 3), Orchid Park, Sunflower Park and Magic Garden (Terminal 2)
  • A huge vertical green wall-garden (Terminal 3): its dimensions impress any traveler - 15 meters high, 300 meters long
  • Own beautiful waterfall!

Perhaps this is the best place for connecting flights, even if it is long!

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