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Summer Holidays in Canada for children and schoolchildren

Summer Holidays in Canada for children and schoolchildren

Key Benefits - Summer Holidays in Canada for Children and Schoolchildren

  • A variety of summer language programs that differs in degree of study intensity and duration of the course.
  • In addition to English lessons, sports and creative classes are organized.
  • During the summer holidays in Canada there is an active study of the English language, skills are practiced on an ongoing basis while communicating with peers.
  • Teaching involves the use of modern techniques. Only experienced and professional teachers conduct classes for foreign children and adolescents.
  • Holidays in Canada is an intensive leisure program (visiting museums, various events, attractions, etc.).
  • The international environment has been created in the leading summer language schools - at the same time, representatives from all over the world are studying, there are all conditions for making new friends.

The attractiveness of Canada as a summer vacation destination for foreign teenagers is due to the excellent environmental situation, reasonable tuition fees and a high level of safety.

What is important to know about holidays in Canada for children and schoolchildren?

When developing summer language programs in Canada, schools take into account the age, level of English proficiency and the individual qualities of the child.

Sports and the physical development of students do not remain without attention. The landscapes and natural conditions of Canada create amazing opportunities for exploring various sports - such as kayaking, rafting, windsurfing. Schoolchildren also take part in team sports: rugby, football, basketball, tennis, etc.

Often, Canada's summer camps offer special preparatory programs, the purpose of which is effective language studying and increasing student interest in education abroad, improving knowledge in the disciplines to successfully pass the entrance exams.

The predominant number of Canada's summer schools are located in picturesque places where children and adolescents can enjoy the natural landscapes and stay in the fresh air.

Teaching is conducted in both French and English. Variations in language programs are determined by the age of the student: for young children, courses with a game form of teaching are offered, while high school students undergo studying as part of preparatory programs with a high degree of intensity, which does not affect the fascination of the course.

How to organize accommodation during the summer holidays in Canada for children and schoolchildren

As a rule, foreign teenagers live in the territory of comfortable school residences, where 1-2 students are accommodated in one room, laundry services, an Internet cafe, and relaxation rooms are offered. Three meals a day, balanced and varied.

What is important to know about studying at prestigious summer camps in Canada?

Especially for foreign children and adolescents, programs have been developed that, in addition to an exciting holiday, significantly improve language and communication skills. The following are the main areas of Canada’s summer language school programs:

  • The academic part is focused on the acquisition of new knowledge by schoolchildren, who will positively affect adaptation to the new linguistic and cultural environment.
  • The language part - conducting summer vacations in Canada is focused on the successful and quick overcoming of the language barrier, the substantial development of the level of knowledge of a foreign language, the expansion of the lexical dictionary, the formulation of the correct pronunciation.
  • The cultural part is a close acquaintance with the main Canadian attractions, a visit to which reflects the identity and beauty of the country.
  • Leisure program - parties, contests, competitions, exciting trips.

To achieve the greatest learning efficiency, the formation of language groups is based on the age of the student and the level of language proficiency. Constant stay and communication with peers, who are representatives of various countries of the world, also contributes to active language practice in English.

Classes are held in the morning for five days a week. Children who can speak English, as well as with a poor proficiency, can enter the language courses. For teaching, only experienced and professional teachers are involved, who practice an individual approach to teaching in relation to each.


Where the best Canadian summer language schools and camps for foreign students are located?

TOP ranking summer schools are located in major cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal.

  • Vancouver has gain its popularity due to stunning landscapes: spacious parks, beautiful bridges, embankments, mountain peaks. According to The Economist, Vancouver is given the status of the best city on Earth.
  • Toronto has the status of the largest metropolis in Canada. According to the publication, The Economist occupies high positions in the list of TOP-5 best cities in the world for life.
  • Montreal - the second largest Canadian city has the status of the largest French-speaking city among all countries of the world. It is here that numerous festivals and cultural events are organized.

In the summer camps of Canada, foreign children and adolescents from 13 to 18 years old are being admitted. Language programs include 20-30 language classes. In addition to the usual language programs, courses have been developed aimed at successfully preparing for the Cambridge exams and IELTS, TOEFL tests.

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