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2018-07-30 11:56:58

Summer camps in Oxford for foreign students

Summer camps in Oxford for foreign students

Oxford is a city known all over the world for its high-end programs and ancient traditions of teaching, preserved in England for centuries. Summer language camps in the UK guarantee amazing success in the development of English for students. Important for the parents is the national composition of students - most children's camps are attended by children from all over the world, which allows not only to find friends from different countries and get acquainted with other cultures, but also makes them continue to use English after school hours. Holiday language programs give more effect from teaching for the student both in improving the language, and in developing communication skills.

Despite adherence to tradition, in Oxford you can find a wide range of language programs for students - adventure camps, programs aimed at preparing for a university or college and much more. Linguistic programs in one of the world-recognized centers of education are an amazing opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the country, to see the leading universities and popular colleges that received a high ranking all over the world. Summer educational programs are suitable even for students with poor language knowledge.

Oxford is filled with a unique student atmosphere, which is reflected in the architecture of the city. The ancient universities and new technologies, the richest libraries and cozy cafes, numerous churches and cathedrals are adjacent to modern chain stores - all this creates a unique spirit of the city, in which it is impossible not to fall in love.

Benefits of studying in Oxford

Education in Oxford undoubtedly has a number of advantages:

  • Immersion in the English language environment makes it possible to receive round-the-clock language practice not only in class, but also after them - on sightseeing trips, in communication with friends and during extracurricular activities. This helps to learn the language in a game form, which allows students to "not get tired of the language."
  • An excellent combination of centuries-old traditions and modern methods of education (the latest teaching aids, interesting interactive teaching methods aimed at increasing the interest of students, etc.) can significantly improve the language skills of students.
  • The personal approach of teachers to each student allows to take into account the individual characteristics of students, their goals, desires and interesting. A high level of personalization of education is the hallmark of learning in England.
  • The complexity of the programs includes improving the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • The amazing atmosphere of the school, where students can meet people from all over the world.
  • A high level of security, which is confirmed by the parents' excellent feedback.
  • Summer programs are conducted on the basis of the best educational institutions, which enables students to use modern infrastructure - the richest libraries, the latest sports equipment and much more.

Learning and relaxation with the study of English in Oxford will fill the summer with wonderful memories and new discoveries for children, and parents will stop worrying about the level of their child's English language.

Summer Camps in Oxford

In Oxford, you can find a wide choice of summer courses - from traditional, aimed at raising the level of the language, to adventure, sports or creative, during which students can enjoy any business or develop their talents during extracurricular activities. Also of interest are unique educational programs, during which children will be able to do their hobbies - these are programs where you can not only study English, but also get acquainted with the cinema world, feel like a real scientist or engineer, and learn the world of business and law.

Accommodation in Oxford

Summer camps in Oxford are held on the basis of elite universities, prestigious colleges and the best schools of the countries. Most summer programs in England involve students living in a residence where they are under round-the-clock supervision. Modern residences with cozy rooms create all conditions for a comfortable rest of the child. Usually meals are organized on the basis of a full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Another option is to live in an English family. All families undergo rigorous selection. Life in the family allows you to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the country, get practice of the language in everyday life with native speakers. In most cases, the host family lives 15-20 minutes from the school.

Recreational activities of the camps of Oxford

During the summer holidays an important aspect of the children's camp is extra-curricular activities and excursion trips.

After classes in summer camps, a wide range of sports and creative groups are working, various extracurricular activities are held (for example, cinema night, themed meetings, discos, etc.). For foreign students of special interest is the excursion program, during which students will be able to visit the main attractions:

  • Blenheim Palace
  • Museum of Natural History of Oxford University
  • Sheldon Theater
  • Bodleian Library and much more.

Please note that the excursion program depends on the choice of the camp.

Ranking of Oxford camps for students

Summer camps in Oxford have a high ranking all over the world. Widely recognized vacation programs in England have received for quality education and the most interesting leisure programs.

TOP-3 best summer camps:

  • Summer camp Regent Stowe School is held on the basis of the famous school of the same name. The education is organized by the well-known English language school Regent English Language Training. In this camp, teachers pay great attention to the individual characteristics of the student. During the education, a personal approach to each student is used, which helps to achieve high results.
  • Private School Clare's Oxford is known for its excellent level of educational programs and an extensive program of leisure activities. Students from more than 20 countries from all over the world attend school, which creates a unique multicultural environment.
  • Summer Camp Jesus College Oxford offers summer English courses based on ancient traditions of education combined with modern equipment.

Among Oxford's vacation programs there are interesting courses that allow not only to raise the level of the language, but also to get acquainted with a certain part of the world of science or creativity:

  • The course "Summer English and the Academy of Cinema" (Balliol College Oxford Royal) is ideal for future filmmakers and screenwriters.
  • Several camps offer the "Summer Leadership Program" (for example, Oxford Royale Yarnton Manor), during which students interested in the world of business and entrepreneurship will be able to develop leadership skills.
  • Of particular interest are summer programs for young lawyers - "Summer Program on Law". One of the best schools that conduct this course is Oxford Royal Academy St. Peter's College.
  • Oxford Summer Camp presents a unique program "English + Dance and Drama" for creative students. This course is suitable for future stage stars.
  • Oxford Royale Academy Lady Margaret Hall offers the most interesting scientific courses for students who are ready to immerse themselves in the world of engineering - Summer Robotics Courses, Summer Program on Engineering.

Tuition fees in Oxford language camps

The price of education depends on the chosen program and its duration. The average cost of education in Oxford varies from 2,500 to 4,000 £ for 2 weeks.

The price usually includes:

  • Educational program
  • Accommodation (depending on the option chosen)
  • Educational materials
  • English test on arrival
  • Certificate at the end of the course.
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