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Study in Miami after the 8, 9, 10, 11 grades

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Study in Miami after the 8, 9, 10, 11 grades

America's educational programs are known all over the world as one of the most advanced educational courses. Education in the United States is built on the basis of the latest teaching methods, the widespread use of computer technology in conjunction with historical teaching traditions. American certificates of secondary or higher education are quoted all over the world and can compete with British ones. Studying at a prestigious university in the United States is a great opportunity to gain practical experience, develop personal creative and sports opportunities, and master academic disciplines at a high level.

Miami is a city in the southeast of Florida, in Miami-Dade County. The city was founded in 1896 and is now a financial, commercial, cultural and entertainment center. In Miami hundreds of different companies and holdings have settled down, which has shaped the special business atmosphere of the city.

This city attracts students from all over the world, which has objective reasons:

  • High level of education
  • The newest technical base of schools and universities
  • A wonderful climate that gives an opportunity not only to study, but also to enjoy the school life, the amazing Atlantic Ocean and a lot of interesting activities
  • A large number of foreign students, which allows you to get acquainted with different cultures
  • Relatively low cost of education in comparison with other states of America (the average cost of education is about 6,000 $ a year).

Education after 8, 9 grade

Foreign students who graduated from the 8th, 9th grade at home can enter the 9-10th grade of the American school. Grade 9 is considered the beginning of high school in high school. A feature of secondary education in Miami can be considered a large number of religious schools. In this city there are about 114 high schools, of which about 67% have a religious orientation of education.

In the US, there is a system of credits: that is, to enter the university, the student must not only successfully pass the exams, but also gain a certain number of credits during the education. Usually for successful completion of the school and admission to the university it is required to collect at least 20 credits for 4 years.

In America, there are several educational programs for high school students:

  • American High School Diploma
  • IB Diploma (the first 2 years students are engaged in the regular program, the next 2 years are directed to the study of subjects of the IB program)
  • Other educational programs that meet the requirements of the State of Florida.

American High School Diploma is an educational program, accepted in America and aimed at preparing students for entering the university. The course of studies ends with passing exams in 6 main disciplines. The American certificate of full secondary education is recognized throughout the world.

The school program is aimed at developing and improving the creative and personal qualities of students.

The IB Diploma program differs only for the last 2 years of study. At this time, students learn the disciplines that are necessary for admission to the university, under the IB International Baccalaureate program. During this period, students master 6 basic disciplines from various fields of knowledge.

Schools can also take their own educational programs if they fully meet the requirements of the state of Florida.

It should be noted that, despite various programs, US schools have common trends:

  • The study of basic disciplines (English, mathematics, computer literacy, social and natural sciences)
  • Focus on extracurricular activities, development of creative abilities
  • Great attention is paid to sports achievements of students.

Ranking of schools in Miami:

  • Design and Architecture Senior High 
  • International Studies Charter High School 
  • Young Women's Preparatory Academy 
  • Archimedean Upper Conservatory Charter School 
  • I Preparatory Academy
  • Coral Reef Senior High School 
  • New World School of the Arts 
  • Terra Environmental Research Institute 
  • Law Enforcement officers Memorial High School
  • Miami Palmetto Senior High School.

Education after 10 grade

After the 10th grade, foreign applicants can enter the Advanced Placement (AP) course. This program is aimed at comprehensive preparation of students for admission to the university. At the same time, it assumes an in-depth study of each topic from different angles. This program is also aimed at adapting the student in a new learning and language environment. During the education, students study subjects similar to the first year of college in the US, which makes it possible for the student to enroll in the second or third year at some universities.

Education after 11 grade

For applicants who have completed a full secondary education at home, there is the possibility of entering the American university. Top universities require the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), which is aimed at identifying students' knowledge of basic school disciplines.

Traditionally, the following documents are required for admission to American universities:

  • TOEFL test results
  • Certificate and report card with marks for the last 2 years
  • Motivation letter
  • Reviews from teachers or employers
  • Awards for achievements in sports can be a huge plus on admission.

The best universities in Miami by the results of 2017:

  • University of Miami
  • Florida International University 
  • Barry University 
  • Miami Dade College
  • Nova Southeastern University.
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