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Study in Manchester: primary, secondary, higher education

Study in Manchester: primary, secondary, higher education

Manchester is a real student city that is able to compete with London in terms of various criteria: prices for education and housing, level of comfort and safety, richness of cultural life. We figure out why thousands of foreigners choose Manchester and how students study in a red brick English city.

Why International Students Choose Manchester?

Manchester is in the TOP-3 available cities in the UK

On average, students pay about £ 75 per week for housing (for comparison: in London, you have to pay about £ 185). Taxis in Manchester are one of the cheapest in the whole of England at around £ 3.50 per trip. By the way, in the city you can easily do without a taxi: buses appear at stops every minute - the city breaks the record for the number of buses in Europe! Food costs are also pleasant, and the famous local "Archie" burger is sold on every corner.

Manchester Universities enroll about 33,000 students annually

The city has a huge number of students! The leading university in the city, the University of Manchester, has about 40,000 students - it is second only to the University of London, Open University and Open University in England in this criterion.

The city has a developed infrastructure

Manchester is a major city, the ninth largest in the country, and the industrial, financial and cultural center of England. The main attractions of Manchester: Gothic architecture, Old Trafford Stadium, museums, galleries and the third largest Chinatown in Europe.

Impressive architectural solutions

It is somewhat colder here when compared to the weather in London, but the city itself is more compact and comfortable. The city's trademark is the red-brick masonry with an abundance of greenery that adorns the city's streets.

Manchester is home to legendary bands

There are a lot of world-famous bands from Manchester! The legendary roster starts with Lamb, Oasis, The Smiths and Joy Division. Famous bands play regularly, and Manchester itself is home to high-profile events, parties, trendy spaces, designer shops, studios and bars.

Universities Teach Stars in Science and Education

Outstanding personalities, widely known in the scientific and not only world, work at the universities of Manchester. Vivid examples of this are professor and famous physicist Brian Cox, legendary musician Johnny Marr, comedian Peter Kay.

Celebrities on every corner

Manchester is regularly used to translate the ideas of filmmakers: more than one film and TV series was shot against the backdrop of red-brick architecture. In recent years, Manchester has seen Irish actor Cillian Murphy filming Peaky Blinders, Jared Leto visiting the city while filming Morbius and Ed Sheeran starring in his new music video. ... You never know who you will see on the streets of Manchester tomorrow!

To enroll in a Manchester school after grades 8,9,10,11: basic programs

Rankings of the best educational institutions are compiled by special agencies and British publications to help parents and schoolchildren. Check out the 2020 Manchester Evening News ranking of schools in Greater Manchester.

  1. Altrincham Grammar School for Girls (Trafford)
  2. Bolton Muslim Girls School (Bolton)
  3. Loreto Grammar School (Trafford)
  4. Levenshulme High School (Manchester)
  5. Sale Grammar School (Trafford)
  6. Stretford Grammar School (Trafford)
  7. Altrincham Grammar School for Boys (Trafford)
  8. Saint Ambrose College (Trafford)
  9. Cheadle Hulme High School (Stockport)
  10. Urmston Grammar Academy (Trafford).

Programs for schoolchildren of grades 8-11:

  • GCSE
  • A-Level
  • IB
  • Academic English course
  • Foundation
  • University Pathway
  • Oxbridge.

Foreign students choose between public and private schools.

  • Public educational institutions charge more affordable prices and offer effective programs that are no different from private ones. But finding a public school with a boarding house in Manchester is difficult, and the issue of housing for a student will need to be resolved with the help of a host family.
  • Another option is private boarding schools that offer tuition and living on campus.

What specialties can be obtained at universities in Manchester

Manchester universities conduct scientific research in various directions. For example, graphene was discovered here and it was found that graphene oxide is capable of destroying cancer cells. The high level of industrial development has determined the priority areas in universities that have accumulated rich experience in training technical specialists.

The following disciplines are leading in the national subject ranking:

  • Biology
  • Urban planning
  • Architecture
  • Chemistry
  • Marketing
  • The medicine
  • Nursing
  • Pharmaceuticals.

TOP 5 best educational institutions

  1. University of Manchester
  2. Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
  3. University of Salford
  4. University of Bolton
  5. Royal Northern College of Music.

Accommodation in Manchester in numbers per month

  • Country: UK
  • Region: England
  • Population: 395 515
  • Visitors: 1,191,000 per year
  • Private room off-center = £ 259
  • Private room in the center = £ 372
  • 1-room apartment not in the center = 507 £
  • 1-room apartment in the center = £ 682
  • Housing = 256 £ -368 £
  • Meals = 168 £ -373 £
  • Transport = 50 £ -218 £
  • Communication and electricity = 71 £ -103 £
  • Clothes = 20 £ -76 £
  • Recreation and sports = 21 £ -74 £
  • Total expenses per month = 585 £ -1214 £.

What language courses can be taken in Manchester

General English

  • Purpose of the course: studying grammar, phonetics, mastering the skills of listening comprehension, reading, writing, emphasis on the spoken level of the language
  • Average cost per week = £ 299.

English for kids

  • Purpose: to make the holidays and the learning process at school memorable, exciting. It includes several components: linguistic training, entertainment program, good rest, sports, cultural and excursion direction
  • Average cost per week = £ 825.

Preparation for language tests IELTS, TOEFL

  • Purpose: a specific direction provides for the improvement of all the necessary skills for the successful delivery of a test task to determine the level of the language.
  • Average cost per week = from £ 299.

Preparation for entering the university

  • Purpose: emphasis on the development of academic English, high-quality preparation for admission to a university and further study
  • Cost = £ 210.

Business, professional courses 18+

  • Objective: to master the business style for work
  • Cost = from £ 229.

For the work of CELTA teachers

  • Purpose: to improve English language skills, learn about modern teaching methods, concentrate on the specifics of teaching to specialists from different fields
  • Cost = from £ 1175 for 7 weeks.
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