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Study in Madrid for foreign students: the cost, reviews

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Study in Madrid for foreign students: the cost, reviews

An excellent option for foreign students is Madrid. This city is located in the center of the Iberian Peninsula and has a rich historical past. Luxurious architecture in European and Arab motifs and majestic park areas create a unique mood of the city. In Madrid, science and art, culture and industry combine, thanks to this, foreign students from all over the world come here.

The main advantages of education for students from abroad

  • In Madrid, it is easier to find a school with a boarding house than in Barcelona, where the host family is more common;
  • Schools in Madrid are popular among foreign students who want to receive a quality education. Not everyone is ready to go to Foggy Albion to study due to climatic conditions, rigidity and conservatism and high prices for education;
  • Here you can choose from programs: English, international or national, as well as the language of instruction;
  • Acquisition of the European culture: the city fascinates with the luxury and grandeur of architecture, study here can be combined with interesting excursions;
  • Comfortable accommodation: Madrid is a green city full of parks and gardens, with a pleasant climate;
  • Developed infrastructure: here is the second longest subway in Europe, as well as cozy trams, buses and trains;
  • Here is the largest and one of the oldest universities in Spain - Complutense University of Madrid, in which Lope de Vega, Tirso de Molina and others studied. In addition, there are well-known business schools, such as IE Business School, as well as the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy. Madrid universities are known for their success in engineering, physics and mathematics, economics and biomedicine;
  • The prices for education here are much lower than in other Western European countries;
  • In this multinational city it will be easy to adapt to any foreign student.


Features of the organization of education in Madrid

Among foreign students, the Madrid schools enjoy a stable demand, as diplomas and certificates of local educational institutions allow entering the best universities in the world. In Madrid schools, education can take place through the international program International Baccalaureate, British A-Levels or national Spanish.

For foreign students, private schools are more suitable, where you can choose the program and language of instruction, and easily solve the issue of living. As a rule, the teaching is conducted in English + in parallel the students study Spanish. In the first year of study, students from abroad try to unload and leave the study of the second or third foreign language (German or French) for the following courses.

The simplest way to go to school is in primary school, the hardest thing is to get into the upper classes. In private schools of the British model education is built on 3 steps:

  • primary school (5-7 years);
  • high school, at the end of which students receive an English GCSE certificate (14-16 years);
  • high school (16-18 years), based on the British A-Level program.

Many British schools in Madrid accept students up to the age of 5 for the period of the kindergarten, and entrance tests are not required (in contrast to the primary classes, where the applicant must pass a series of introductory assignments).

Senior classes are two-year blocks - and it's impossible to enter the middle of the block. A good level of language is considered a requirement.

Admission to leading universities in Madrid

When enrolling in the leading Spanish universities, it was previously a mandatory requirement to pass the Selectividad entrance examination, but in recent years some universities have started accepting without this examination - however, each university can put forward its demands, so it is necessary to specify the information in each individual case. Madrid universities consider applicants without an entrance examination, but only after the second allocation of seats in September, when it is already impossible to get to the most ranking faculties. The following Madrid universities accept without examination and you can apply in January: Carlos III, CEU San Pablo, Camilo José Cela, European University of Madrid.

In Madrid universities you can get education in the following programs: bachelor's degree (duration of education will be from 3 to 6 years), master's program (usually one year of study) and doctoral studies (duration 3 years).

Topical information for foreign students

  • Work while studying. Foreign students can earn extra money while studying, but finding a job with a flexible schedule is very difficult, and you can not work more than 20 hours a week. You can work full time on a vacation. Increasingly popular among students is freelance.
  • Scholarships and grants. In Madrid, there are scholarship programs and grants for students from abroad, but students from European countries are preferred. But all students have benefits for travel in public transport, visits to cinemas, museums and galleries.
  • Confirmation of the certificate. To confirm the certificate in order to study in Spain is strictly necessary. You can apply for help in a special organization for the process of homologation of the certificate or obtain a special permit from Credencial de Acceso for admission to education.

What are the programs and prices for foreign students?

In Madrid, for foreign students, there is a wide range of educational programs aimed at improving the language skills:

  • Study and rest in summer language schools lasting not less than a week. The average cost of education is 700 € per week
  • Language learning in the language school (220 € per week)
  • Average private school (16,000 € per year)
  • Pre-university preparation (per year 10,000 €)
  • Bachelor's (12,000 € per year)
  • Master (4,000 €)
  • MBA (36,000 €)
  • Doctoral studies (3,300 €).
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