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2019-08-22 00:22:16

Best schools in Madrid for international students

Best schools in Madrid for international students

Leading English schools for international students

Choosing a leading school for a foreign student, many parents opt for elite English schools in Spain. So, everywhere the high appreciation and prestige of the certificate of secondary British education among all countries of the world is given, while at the same time simplifying the procedure for admission to ranking universities in Spain and other countries.

Elite British schools in Madrid provide a high level of quality educational services. Teachers who have experience working in leading English schools that are outside the UK and are directly familiar with the British educational system are involved in teaching. Teaching is conducted in English. As for the Spanish language, it is studied as the first foreign language. Please note that classes in physical education and science are conducted in Spanish. If there is a second official language in the Spanish region, this language is also taught. As a rule, in the first year of study, foreign students do not learn the local language due to the decrease in the already large language load. On an additional basis, it is possible to study German, French and Chinese. The nature of instruction, namely the compulsory or optional nature, is determined by the most advanced school in Madrid.

Choosing a ranking English school in Madrid, high school students can not only get a quality education, but live comfortably during their studies. It is in Madrid that the top British schools successfully operate, which offer a modern, comfortable hostel on campus.

List of TOP-best British schools in Madrid for foreign students

Within the walls of an elite college in Madrid, an individual approach to education is applied to every foreign student. The main goal of teachers is to acquire theoretical knowledge by student, and the skill of analyzing the knowledge gained, defending their own point of view. At the end of education, graduates demonstrate high results in final exams. According to statistics, about 98% of graduates, receiving high marks for exams, become students of top universities, both Spain and other countries of the world. As for accommodation issues, foreign students can be accommodated on school grounds.

  • Elite English School in Madrid British Council School

This school has the status of the oldest English school in Madrid. As an interesting fact, SMAPSE experts note that during the Second World War, this prestigious school was universally considered the center of English culture in Madrid. In addition, the rankng English school is a member of the honorable British organization British Council, whose task is to spread the English language and culture among all countries of the world. This school is assigned the status of the undisputed leader of bilingual education in Spain.

  • Hastings School - ranking English School in Madrid

Over the 40 years of its functioning, the elite English school has earned an impeccable reputation, in addition, the educational institution is extremely popular among foreign students the achievement of high academic results by students and the use of an individual approach to teaching for each student. Despite the intensity of education in the framework of the developed educational programs, the school has a friendly and family atmosphere. It is worth noting that this school is included in the advanced international network of Cognita schools, the number of which is 55 schools located in the following countries, namely the United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Chile, as well as Brazil.

  • St. George's School - Prestigious English School in Madrid

The year 2010 was marked by the opening of this prestigious school. The target audience for education is foreign students aged 3 to 18 years. This school is included in the network of private English schools of St. George in Spain. So, branches successfully operate not only in Madrid, but also in Malaga, Almeria, Seville. The total number of students is over 1,400 students.

  • Montessori School - the foremost English school in Madrid

The year 1993 was marked by the opening of this private college. Entering this prestigious college in Madrid, a foreign student aged 14 to 16 is guaranteed to receive a quality education that is consistent with the British educational system, taking into account the required parameters of the Spanish educational system. Thus, upon graduation, graduates easily become students of the best universities in Spain and other European countries.

  • Runnymede School - elite English school in Madrid

The educational model of this school is based on the idea of comprehensive studying for each student individually, independent of the country of permanent residence. Thus, in the framework of the education, the comprehensive development of students is guaranteed in all possible areas, namely, intellectual, artistic, creative, sports, etc. That is, all conditions are created for the full disclosure of the potential of foreign students. In addition, emphasis is placed on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for students. The educational process is based on British standards.

How to choose a leading school in Madrid - ranking of the best Spanish schools?

Choosing the best educational institution in Spain, parents and students should turn to well-known publications and platforms that analyze and evaluate educational services and their quality in the market. Thus, the process of selecting your preferred school in Madrid can be facilitated by examining the required rankings.

So, the prestigious publication El Mundo on an annual basis compiles the “Rating of the 100 best schools in Spain” for 2017 based on 27 parameters. Please note that in 2017 it was published 18 times!

The ranking is based on criteria in the context of which Spanish schools are evaluated, and which, in turn, are divided into three groups, namely:

  • Education model - includes the cost of education, curricula, the composition of students, the degree of prestige of the institution
  • Educational offer - learning languages, teaching staff, leisure activities, medical services, etc.
  • Material means - the relations between teachers and students, the size of classrooms, the canteen, transport, the number of students in the class, etc.

Top 10 best schools in Spain - choose only Madrid schools!

A prestigious school in Madrid practices a mixed format of education, is private. At the same time it is religious and multilingual.

In the El Mundo ranking for this school, the first line of the ranking is assigned. By entering this school, a foreign student can receive a religious education. The title of the best school in Spain is regularly confirmed in practice through the award of such quality marks, namely EFQM, Normas ISO, Madrid Excelente.

The elite school of Madrid is located in the municipality of Alcobendas, at the same time 2017 was marked by the introduction of disciplines in the educational process of Bachillerato Artístico (art) in three areas, namely:

  • Audiovisual
  • Fine
  • Stage art.

The walls of the top school in Madrid successfully operate their own music school, conservatory. Two areas of study are offered to the attention of foreign students, namely the Bachillerato Dual and the Bachillerato Internacional.

Teaching is conducted in English, German, as well as French. Cambridge University is directly responsible for taking exams to determine the level of knowledge of foreign languages.

  • Estudio

For over 75 years, Colegio Estudio has been successfully operating, the leading school is private, accepting foreign boys and girls for education. Please note that this school is secular. According to statistics, more than 90% of graduates at the end of their studies successfully pass the entrance exam to ranking universities in Spain and other countries of the world.

In the framework of the applied educational model, teachers emphasize the harmonious development of intelligence, creative abilities, logical thinking, intuition, and even musical hearing. In addition, education in the elite school of Madrid promotes the development and education of such personal qualities as independence, responsibility, taking into account the personal characteristics of each student. It should be noted that a conservatory, a sports club, and a music school are open on the basis of the school.

  • Nuestra senora de las maravillas

This prestigious school is included in the La Salle network, the educational model of which is based on the active use of modern teaching methods and the introduction of innovations. The educational format is mixed, and the school also has the status of a religious educational institution.

Among the prestigious awards of this school, the following quality marks should be highlighted, namely Madrid Excelente, Medalla de Oro de la Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid, EFQM 500+. Indisputable confirmation of the high level of quality of bilingual education is the prestigious BEDA certificate, Bilingual English Development & Assessment.

Foreign students can visit their own pool, conservatory, a modern sports club, as well as a dining room with a kitchen. Students are expected to pass the English exam at Cambridge University and the DELF international exam in French.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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