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2018-07-30 11:56:58

Summer camps and language camps in Germany

Summer camps and language camps in Germany

Germany occupies one of the first places in the world in terms of the quality of education, both school and university. Today, thousands and thousands of students, and students from all over the world study in Germany, and each year their number is growing. Summer camps for students are gaining in popularity. The most expensive summer camps are camps in Switzerland. Vacation programs combining study and leisure, combining linguistic, academic and adventure aspects can be an excellent summer plan for foreign students. The list of educational institutions that provide such an opportunity is very large, and includes, in particular, the most elite and prestigious, having excellent reviews and rankings. Linguistic programs are designed for participants with any level, including for children with low language level. Prices and prices also vary widely and allow you to choose the right program for everyone.

Advantages of children's camps in Germany:

  • Education in Germany - one of the best in the world
  • Possibility of studying both German and English
  • Comprehensive vacation educational program
  • Full immersion in the language environment
  • Rapid progress in raising the level of the language
  • 100% child safety
  • Highly qualified teachers and staff
  • Accommodation in comfortable conditions
  • Choice of intensity and duration of the course
  • Different kinds of sport, creativity or hobby
  • There are special joint courses for children and parents.

German today is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, it can be spoken in most European countries and a large number of countries around the world. It is official in 5 countries of Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein) and regional in 9 more countries on three continents (Europe, South America and Africa - Brazil, Vatican, Denmark, Italy, Namibia, Paraguay, Poland, Slovakia, France). German has a special status of the "language of recordkeeping" for the UN and is actively used in the bodies of the European Union, the OSCE, in all spheres of business and international activity. Therefore, its study every year only grows, and the number of summer camps offering these programs increases.

Participants in the summer schools are divided into groups according to the level of ownership and age, to build the correct system of education. The smallest participants are usually accompanied by parents / representatives / nannies; in some camps there are special joint courses with the participation of parents. Age groups:

  • From 3 to 7 years;
  • From 8 to 11 years old;
  • From 12 to 15 years;
  • From 16 to 18 years.

All participants are constantly under the supervision of employees, they are guaranteed complete safety. During field trips and activities with the group there are always accompanying persons. Sports classes are conducted by experienced coaches and mentors in compliance with all safety rules. In general, parents can be absolutely calm for their safety.

Summer camp is a complex course, which includes language classes, sports activities and cultural and entertainment program. Education can have a certain bias - for example, professional training in football, education for a particular kind of art or creativity. Lessons are held in small groups by highly qualified teachers. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere is created, the participants constantly use the language in communication, act with presentations, participate in games. Teachers constantly monitor progress and help in solving all complex topics. Language classes vary in nature and intensity:

  • Standard
  • Intensive
  • Preparation for exams or tests
  • Language with an academic bias.

Classes are mainly held before lunch from Monday to Friday, the rest of the time is devoted to additional activities, excursions and other activities. Duration starts from 1 week, usually education lasts from 2 to 6 weeks, but there are also longer ones. Upon completion, a certificate is issued.

The host party provides participants with everything necessary in terms of accommodation and meals. There are several options:

  • Residence. The most common and popular type. Accommodation in hostels on campus in 1-2-bed rooms (or more). Each participant is provided with a bed, own wardrobe and other amenities. The rooms have shared bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens, equipped with everything necessary; There are also play areas and laundry facilities. Meals are arranged on a full board basis, students eat 3-5 times a day. The diet includes only fresh dishes, you can choose a special plan (for example, diet). There are security systems and security.
  • Host family. Also a popular and convenient option for living. Accommodation in the house of a German family. All families eligible for this service undergo a thorough check by employees and supervisory bodies. A separate bedroom is available. A big plus of this type is the opportunity to get acquainted with the way of life "from within", participate in activities, walks and hikes to shops. Breakfast and dinner are held at home, and lunch is in the camp.
  • Apartment / hotel / apartment. It is also possible to stay in a rented apartment or apartment. This option is suitable for the youngest participants living with their parents or a nanny, or for students. This accommodation is not possible for all camps. Food options are discussed individually.

The cost of education varies depending on the institution, intensity, orientation and other conditions. The fee usually includes:

  • Language classes
  • Sporting events
  • Classes on creativity and art
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Cultural and entertainment program
  • Training aids.

Air tickets, visas, pocket expenses are paid separately. The receipt process is not complicated - it is necessary to file an application, provide documents / certificates and pay for education. The specialists of the camp and our staff provide all necessary assistance in obtaining visas and documents.

Examples of children's camps in Germany:

  • Schule Schloss Salem. The study of English and German is available. Directions: science, robotics, music, art, team classes, sports (football, basketball, swimming, golf, mountain biking, sailing and much more), excursions to the sights of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The cost starts from 2,500 € for 2 weeks.
  • Children's Camp Humboldt Munich. The minimum duration is 3 weeks. Includes German professional course + activity (sports, creativity, excursions), characterized by the highest quality of education. From 2,580 € for 3 weeks.
  • Language school DID Potsdam. German for children with any level, the standard course is 2-4 weeks, includes various activities. From 1,200 € for 2 weeks.
  • Alpadia Berlin-Werbellinsee. Course English and German (20 or 25 lessons per week) + sports, creativity, leisure and recreation. Any level of ownership, duration from 1 week to 3-7 weeks. The participation price is from 805 € per week.
  • Language school OISE Heidelberg. Education + active rest. A large number of sports, art and creativity. From 2,400 € for 2 weeks.
  • Summer German Language School Young&Fun. German in the following areas: standard course + rest; + professional football program; + professional tennis program. From 1,480 € for 2 weeks.
  • HEAD LINER Nürnberg. Intensive German course in a special program, including theory and practice. Students attend excursions and activities, go in for sports and hobbies. From 580 € for 2 weeks.
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