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Our Own English High School – Al Ain

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Description of Our Own English High School – Al Ain

  • Age of students: from 3 to 18 years,
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE,
  • Year of foundation: 1992,
  • Type of institution: private school,
  • Language of instruction: English,
  • Type: mixed.

Our Own English High School – Al Ain is an international school in Abu Dhabi that offers an exceptional level of education for children from kindergarten to grade 12.

Located in Falaj Hazzaa, this successful school welcomes students of all nationalities; special attention is paid to the teaching of English at all levels, especially to children who join from non-English-speaking countries.

Founded in 1992, the school quickly became one of the most respected in the region, following an Indian and English curriculum reflecting its international views.

  • At the kindergarten and primary school level, the school follows an international programme to meet the special needs of children from different backgrounds.
  • At the high school stage, the institution is part of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in New Delhi, which conducts the All India Examination in secondary school (grade 10). It is also an affiliate of the University of Cambridge's International Education Assessment (CAIE) in the United Kingdom, which offers the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).
  • At the end of the upper secondary school level, students take either the All India High School Certificate Examination (ISC) or the Advanced Subdidiary (AS Level) or Advanced (A Level) exams.

This structure offers a wide range of experiences to help students learn throughout their lives and become responsible, confident and highly valued members of the global community.

The school is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of a multicultural society as it is a member of two very different international learning councils. Students from vastly different backgrounds learn and play together, learning to live in a cosmopolitan environment that requires understanding and tolerance for differences.

Through a holistic approach, students grow up to be outstanding, level-headed individuals, confident, competent, and motivated to meet the challenges of the future that they themselves will shape.

Programs and prices, tuition fees in Our Own English High School – Al Ain

Program name
Ask for calculation
Last booking 3 weeks ago
All year round
from 6700.00 aed / year
from 6700.00 aed / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 8500.00 aed / year
from 8500.00 aed / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 12000.00 aed / year
from 12000.00 aed / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 12000.00 aed / year
from 12000.00 aed / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year

Activities Our Own English High School – Al Ain

The school development program includes school extracurricular activities (ECAs) that are held weekly during the day or after school.

Closely related to daytime activities are games, support activities, sports and other physical education programs:

  • Improvement of education (mathematics, English, natural sciences),
  • Digital Technologies (Robotics, Science/Math Club/STEAM Classes),
  • Performing and creative arts (arts and crafts, music club),
  • Leadership
  • Sports — chess, football, basketball, Zumba,
  • In-school activities,
  • Interschool Football Championship,
  • Creative festival,
  • Olympiad in Mathematics,
  • Annual "Inter House Sport",
  • Annual public charity event,
  • Exhibition
  • Demonstration of talents.

Students are provided with a platform to express their views and solve major global problems through competitions such as Model UN, inter-faculty debates and eloquence competitions.


  • The school follows an internationally recognised programme suitable for children of different nationalities who plan to integrate into the world's education systems,
  • The language of instruction is English. Other languages taught are Arabic, French, Hindi, Malayalam and Bengali,
  • The teaching of Islamiat and the Holy Quran to Muslim pupils and moral instruction to pupils of other religions is part of the school curriculum, and Arab pupils are taught in Arabic.

Facilities and equipment at Our Own English High School – Al Ain

The school has everything you need for comfortable learning:

  • The school has a well-stocked library with an index of names for a variety of subjects. Following the policy of open shelves, the school encourages students to make full use of the books they have.
  • Assembly hall for 600 seats with multimedia equipment.
  • Scientific Laboratories: In order to meet the requirements of the curriculum, especially at the senior levels, the four laboratories provide excellent equipment for teaching physics, chemistry, biology and general sciences.
  • ICT laboratories equipped with the latest computers and peripherals to support the development of ICT skills from grade 1.
  • School canteen, which offers a wide range of healthy snacks and drinks at affordable prices. Strict hygiene standards are always observed.
  • A book and uniform store that sells textbooks, notebooks, uniforms and various goods at special prices.
  • A modern medical center with a full-time nurse who takes care of the health of students,
  • Playing field with Astroturf coating,
  • Basketball court with a special coating,
  • Volleyball court,
  • Cricket field,
  • Wi-Fi and large Clevertouch LED panels in all classrooms,
  • Outdoor learning area for toddlers,
  • Fire protection in accordance with the norms of fire safety and safety of the UAE,
  • CCTV cameras.

Enrolment process

Registration for the new school year (after the child completes the pre-registration) begins in mid-November of each year for LKG – 8 classes and CBSE grades 5–12. For Classes 5–12 (IGCSE/AS/A levels), registration begins at the end of May. In all cases, the admission procedures established by the Ministry of Education (for foreign schools) must be followed.

Since the school has introduced BYOD, all students 5 and older must bring their devices to school on certain days to support individualized learning. The use of this technology in schools allows teachers to promote student-centered learning that improves research skills, innovation, and independence.

The education takes place in a friendly and supportive environment that encourages positive individual and collective achievement.

Structure of ADEK

My Identity Framework, which is the structure of ADEK, has been integrated into the school's curriculum. As Vision 2030 (another name for the programme) aims to ensure the safety and stability of the community, the My Identity programme was initiated as one of the important steps towards building loyalty and ownership in Abu Dhabi. The structure consists of six themes: language, culture, community, citizenship, history and values.

Common to all levels is the development of communication skills in English: students who are not native English speakers gain self-confidence through education.

The spiritual growth of students is taken care of through the teaching of Islamiat and the Holy Quran to Muslim students (in Arabic for all Arab citizens and in English for others) and moral sciences for those who profess other religions.

Entry requirements, how to apply, what is required to enrol

  • 2 copies of the student's passport with a valid UAE visa,
  • 4 recent passport-size photographs and 2 mini-photos for the ticket,
  • 2 photocopies of the birth certificate in English or Arabic. Those who were not born in the UAE must provide a certified birth certificate,
  • Copy of the child's vaccination card/Copy of the medical record from the previous school,
  • A copy of the original scorecard for the last exam taken at the previous school.

Scholarships Our Own English High School – Al Ain

There are scholarships to encourage students to excel in academia, creative and performing arts, sports, innovation and digital technology, or Arabic studies. Candidates will receive a benefit ranging from 25 to 100% of their annual tuition fee. Scholarships will be awarded for one academic year, recipients will be required to apply for an extension annually depending on their academic performance.

Institution on the map

Residence permits, citizenship and other services

  • Guardianship services during the studies
  • Student supervision

Review about Our Own English High School – Al Ain

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