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Lough Corrib - Ireland's second largest lake

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Lough Corrib - Ireland's second largest lake

Ireland is known as the land of shamrocks, beer, castles, cathedrals and wars. Few consider it a country of picturesque nature. Nevertheless, these lands shake with their incredible beauty all those who were lucky enough to be here.

Lough Corrib Lake is one of the places that are not considered one hundred percent tourist, which is why it is always clean, quiet and calm. But local people who know a lot are trying to spend as much time as possible here: after all, where else can you catch such trout, breathe in such air or enjoy the subtle noise of the water? If you are a sophisticated tourist who has seen a lot of things, visit Lough Corrib - and you will not regret it!

Lake history

Back in the 12th century, on the site of Lough Corrib Lake, a stream flowed along which rafts to the sea to Galway were carried out. Today it is the second largest lake in Ireland: its depth is ten meters, its surface area is 176 sq. km. The origin is karst, i.e. associated with the dissolution of rocks. About 3,000 islands are located on the lake, the largest of which is Inchail. The flow of the lake along the Corrib River flows into Galway Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Lough Corrib is located in the Connemara area. One of the main activities of local residents has long been considered fishing, especially the lake is rich in trout. This is one of the few places in the world where brown trout is found. In addition to trout, the catch can be:

  • Bream
  • Roach
  • Tench
  • Perch
  • Acne.

Animal world

A whole forest “family” has settled in the waters of the lake and on the islands: minks, ermines, frogs, beavers and bats found shelter here. If a traveler lifts his head up, he will easily see hawks circling over the area, and you can hear outlandish birds singing by visiting the lake in early spring.

Interesting Facts

  • At a time when the Irish authorities did not establish Mayfly as an official public holiday and the days were working / school days, school benches were still empty. The beginning of May is the season of trout fishing. Local students manage to make good money by catching fly flies for profit and selling fresh fish in the local market. Sometimes, in order to return students to classes, school leaders had to resort to police assistance.
  • Oscar Wilde's father wrote a book about the lake, which was published in the mid-19th century. He loved this place so much that he built his personal gazebo on the shore and many hours disappeared there.
  • In 1996, Lough Corrib was included in the Ramsar Convention, which implies state protection.
  • In 2007, while studying the bottom of the lake, researchers discovered vessels made back in the Bronze and Iron Ages, a small 10th-century boat that depicts Vikings and a Victorian yacht.

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