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2021-08-24 15:49:32

Master's degree in Ireland for foreign students: tuition fees

Master's degree in Ireland for foreign students: tuition fees

Master's degree in Ireland is a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge and raise the level of professionalism. Ireland is a developed beautiful country with a huge historical heritage, where you can study both creative and computer specialties. The country's universities offer a large selection of master's programs for international students.


Advantages of getting Master's degree in Ireland


  • Learning in English traditions
  • Language environment
  • Simple visa procedure
  • Opportunity for excellent employment in Europe
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Students from around the world
  • A wide range of programs and specialties.

To enter Master's program in Ireland, you will need the following documents:

  • Completed higher education – diploma
  • IELTS or TOEFL English Exam Results
  • Motivation letter
  • Personal characteristics
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers and employers
  • Resume (CV), portfolio and interview.

List of documents for Irish visa:

  • Passport and all previous passports
  • Copies of passport
  • 2 photos 
  • Certificate from the place of study
  • Invitation from the school
  • Confirmation of payment for the course
  • A copy of the application for money transfer to the school's account from a bank
  • Medical insurance
  • Questionnaire filled in on the site
  • A document confirming the previous study of english
  • Bank statement on the availability of funds.

Universities in Ireland are in the top 200 of the world ranking for the quality of education. The academic year for master's programs begins in September and includes 2 semesters and 2 vacation periods. A greater number of applied master's programs last only a year, and a two-year master's degree focuses on theory and research.

One master's program prepares about 60 people. Due to the fact that a large number of courses are offered to choose from master's students, the average composition of the group that attends a certain subject is about 10 people. Many students from Argentina, Brazil and the United States enter the magistracy in Ireland. Mostly students who study in the magistracy in Ireland, 27-29 years, some - 30-35.  Studying in the magistracy often includes an internship, many universities provide for a six-month internship after receiving a diploma. International students can only work 20 hours a week during the academic process and 40 hours during the holidays.

Prices and cost


A year of study at the magistracy will cost you from $ 10,000 to $ 35,000. There are a small number of full scholarships in Ireland's universities, but some universities are ready to pay for tuition and accommodation for students from abroad, sometimes scholarships for foreigners are issued by charitable foundations. In addition, financial support for students is provided by the Irish Research Council.

Life in the country is quite expensive - at least 650 € / month.

Despite the fact that Ireland does not provide full scholarships to master's students that cover 100% of the cost of tuition, there are still good funding options:

  • Scholarships for students of Trinity College Dublin and The University of Dublin: €10,000 to cover expenses for 1 academic year.
  • Masters scholarships – 2000€-4000€ for those enrolled in one of the Master's programmes of the National College of Ireland
  • Future Leaders Scholarship – scholarship only for those master's programs that start in September, covers up to 50% of the tuition fee.
  • Entrepreneurship Scholarship – scholarship for masters in entrepreneurship.

Institute of Technology Carlow = from 11 750€


The State University of Ireland has been in the TOP-20 of Irish universities and in the British tops for several years. At the university you can study the following areas:

  • Construction, business
  • Sports Media & Marketing
  • Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Science and health
  • Computer Science
  • Aerospace Engineering.

The strengths of the university are advanced technical equipment and a clear orientation of study to practical application: internships, individual and group projects, workshops in large companies and industries, attracting active successful businessmen, industrialists.

Advantages of studying at  Institute of Technology Carlow

  • Rapid development of the university
  • Accredited Programs
  • Affordable prices for study.

BIMM – British & Irish Modern Music Institute Dublin = from 6000€

It is one of the best music and creative universities in Europe and the world.

Advantages of studying at BIMM – British & Irish Modern Music Institute Dublin

  • Prestigious creative university
  • Quality educational programs
  • Availability of additional courses
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • Special programs to support international students
  • High level of equipment
  • Active networking program: master classes, events and lectures
  • Social networking platform BIMM Connect.

Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) = from 13 500€


One of the largest higher education institutions in Ireland, a public institution. At the moment, dublin Institute of Technology is considered one of the most popular in Ireland and is in the TOP 10 best universities in the country, taking 8th place.

Other universities worth considering for Master's programs:

  • Trinity College — 19 609$
  • University College Dublin — 20 762$
  • University College Cork — 17 302$
  • National University of Ireland, Galway — 14 995$
  • Dublin City University — 16 725$
  • University of Limerick — 16 148$
  • Maynooth University — 16 148$
  • Technological University Dublin — 13 265$
  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland           — 13 265$
  • Waterford Institute of Technology — 11 700$
  • Athlone Institute of Technology — 10 000$
  • Dundalk Institute of Technology — 13 841$
  • Cork Institute of Technology — 12 976$.
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