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2020-08-21 12:14:35

Loro Parque in Tenerife: a place of fun and unity with nature

Loro Parque in Tenerife: a place of fun and unity with nature

Loro Parque is a unique family destination located in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, the largest of Spain's Canary Islands. The name of the park literally translates as "Parrot Park", since it was originally planned as a wildlife sanctuary for the conservation of rare bird species. Now Loro Parque is a zoo, arboretum and dolphinarium, offering, in addition to communicating with animals, film screenings, entertainment shows, children's interactive zones and more. It is a kind of educational center for tourists traveling in Spain.

History and background

The park was founded in 1972 by the German Wolfgang Kiessling, amazed by the beauty of the island, who came to work in Tenerife and stayed here to live. During its existence, the reserve has expanded its territory by more than 10 hectares and has significantly increased the population of parrots - from 150 species to 4 thousand. The territory of Loro Parque is a huge oasis of tropical plants and trees that give the impression of being in the wild jungle.

The expansion of the diversity of animals in the park took place gradually, but an interesting fact is that not a single representative of the fauna was "pulled out" from its usual habitat in the wild, but was transported from various zoos and nurseries from all parts of the planet. In the reserve, you will not see large crowds of spectators near the cages, because all animals are in their natural environment - outside the enclosures.

What to see in Loro Parque

  • A Thai village welcomes guests at the beginning of the reserve. Here you will find a ticket office made by Thai craftsmen, cozy ethnic cafes, souvenir shops and a museum of the history of the park. There is a pond nearby, where black swans flaunt and carps splash
  • "Planet of the Penguins" - the largest penguinarium, equipped in the style of Antarctica, has collected and breeds 200 individuals of entertaining flightless birds. Habitat conditions are close to natural - 12 tons of snow are supplied daily for penguins
  • Dolphinarium
  • Orchid and cactus garden - the name of the zone speaks for itself, botanists will not remain indifferent!
  • The Oceanarium, in which more than 15 thousand river and marine representatives of the fauna are waiting for visitors. It is home to tropical fish, catfish, a luxurious illuminated aquarium for jellyfish, and the main value of the location is the longest shark tunnel in Europe
  • Children's hanging park and playgrounds .

There is a zoo on the territory, which is inhabited by:

  • Mammals: chimpanzees, dolphins, meerkats, pandas, tigers, sloths
  • Birds: swans, flamingos, penguins
  • Reptiles: alligators, turtles, lizards
  • Fish, jellyfish, ocean and sea creatures.

Entertainment shows

The entertainment part of Loro Park is not limited to walks in the reserve - various shows with the participation of sea animals are prepared and held daily for visitors. For guests who have bought tickets to the front rows, special raincoats will be sold - it will be wet, but fun!

  • Killer Whales - Performances are held 3 times a day in the indoor pool. Although these creatures are considered predators, they are playful and good-natured during the show.
  • Sea lions and seals - shows with them are considered the most touching and emotional because of the delicate connection of trainers with animals. Animals dance, save "drowning" people and give the audience their love through air kisses, leaving no one indifferent.
  • Dolphins - during the performance they dance, exactly follow the commands of the trainers and even ride the children from the audience around the pool.

In addition to water shows, performances with parrots are also held - they also have something to surprise the guests of Loro Park. Birds fly around the hall, read, talk, ride scooters.

The object belongs to amusement parks.

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