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Summer camps in Belgium, the best summer camps in Belgium for children and schoolchildren

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Summer camps in Belgium, the best summer camps in Belgium for children and schoolchildren

Numerous prestigious language camps for children and schools inviting foreign and Russian teenagers to study successfully operate on the territory of Belgium. After reading this article, you will learn everything you need about educational programs, tuition fees and extra-curricular activities.

Belgium is a wonderful country for learning!

Among the EU countries it is Belgium that has the highest standard of living. Popularity among foreigners and Russian children and adolescents of Belgium is due to its richest culture. So, while staying in prestigious Belgian boarding schools , foreign teenagers will have an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with Gothic castles and monuments, beautiful beaches, taste the best dishes of national gourmet cuisine, delicious chocolate. Russian girls will be able to personally assess the high level of quality of diamonds, in addition, you can visit the famous Ostend resort. As you know, Belgium is included in the Schengen area, thus, having a Schengen visa, foreign children and adolescents will not encounter any obstacles with admission to quality developed language programs.

Speaking about the territory of Belgium, it is worth noting that it is divided into three regions, each of which has its own official language, namely French, German, Dutch. In connection with which, in the framework of language programs aimed at foreign and Russian youth, teaching of several foreign languages is envisaged. Staying in the best language children's camps in Belgium during the autumn or spring holidays will give a wonderful trip to the picturesque place of Spa and make a choice regarding the language you are studying, namely English or Dutch. If a Russian teenager comes to the advanced Belgian boarding school for a summer vacation, then he is given an excellent opportunity to learn German.

If your child seeks to improve his language skills in English, French or Dutch on a summer vacation, then he should go to the quiet town of Feres. Note that the language programs are divided in the context of the schoolchild's age. For example, groups are created for foreign teenagers aged 9 to 18 and young people aged 18 and up to 24 years.

Schedule of the prestigious summer camps for children in Belgium

Ranking Belgian language schools-boarding houses is conducted on a year-round basis. For foreign and Russian teenagers under the age of 18, the doors of the language camps in Belgium are widely opened between March 20 and April 9. Autumn holidays - the period from October 30 to November 5, summer holidays - from June 26 to August 27. At the age of 18, a foreigner can arrive at any date based on individual preferences and goals.

Educational programs of the best language boarding schools in Belgium

Usually, foreign and Russian adolescents choose to attend the leading 24-hour language camp in Belgium . Thus, the language program provides for 28 lessons in the chosen foreign language throughout the week, the provision of teaching materials, the organization of sports, while a foreign teen chooses from the broadest list the preferred sport, in particular, it can be beach volleyball, track and field athletics, karate and etc. In addition, an intensive entertainment program is developed within the language course, and cognitive excursions for half a day and a whole day are organized. Russian teenagers live on the territory of the leading language school-boarding house on a full board basis. If necessary, a foreign teenager can use the laundry services twice a week. And after the successful completion of a successful language program, a foreign student is issued a certificate attesting to a qualitative language education. In case of an additional fee, a transfer from school to airport and back can be arranged.

The leisure program of elite language boarding schools in Belgium

In the hours free from studies, foreign and Russian teenagers are provided with the widest opportunities for organizing fascinating leisure. In particular, all the necessary conditions for practicing theatrical art, photography, origami, vocal, sculpture, painting, yoga, aqua aerobics, pilates, synchronized swimming, rugby, dancing, etc. are created.

Tuition fees in the top summer camps for children in Belgium

The formation of the price of education in the rating Belgian language camps is based on several parameters. The cost of training in the walls of the leading round-the-clock camp in Belgium averages 1390 euros per week. If you choose a standard language program that is combined with additional individual lessons, then the price of training increases to 1530 euros per week. In the case of an interest of a Russian teenager, it is possible to add a sports profile to the training, thereby actively engaging in tennis, horse riding or golf. At the same time, the cost of tuition goes up to 1735 euros. On a separate basis, there is a transfer fee, in one direction the price of the trip will be about 100 euros.

Rating children's summer camps in Belgium - the most important thing that you need to know a foreign and Russian teenager

The target audience for training in the educational programs of the Belgian summer summer camps are foreign children and adolescents aged 8 to 17 years who are striving to acquire the highest level of French. As a key advantage of the Belgian educational programs, it is worthwhile to highlight the guaranteed continuous monitoring and supervision of schoolchildren by the educational and pedagogical staff. In addition to training, numerous cultural and sporting events are held, in which foreign adolescents can in practice use the acquired skills and knowledge. As for classes, they are held in small classrooms. In the evening hours, so that students do not get bored, it provides for watching interesting films, playing bowling, billiards, board games and much more. As part of the internship, foreign adolescents need to prepare a brief report on their lives in Belgium. As for the format of the report, it can be a video or an album with photos in French. At the end of the passage of the language program, a foreign teenager is given a separate copy for memory.

Bruges is the best place for a summer vacation!

Among the cities of Flanders a separate place is occupied by the beautiful city of Bruges, which is a medieval city, called the Northern Venice because of the numerous water channels. As for the historical center of the city, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Speaking about the location, Bruges is located at a distance of 10 kilometers from the North Sea, thereby acquiring popularity and popularity among foreigners - beach lovers.

On the territory of this picturesque city is the prestigious language school for children-boarding house Aandeplas, which meets the goals and preferences of foreign and Russian teenagers. Plus the location of this leading Belgian summer camp is due to the close location of a large number of sports and cultural sites. For teaching only experienced and professional teachers are involved.

Below are the proposed educational programs:

  • French language + culture

This language program is characterized by a high degree of intensity, provides for five sessions a day, in addition, fascinating excursions are conducted around the objects of Bruges and along the coast. In the course of lessons, more attention is paid to the development of conversational skills. Thus, the target audience for this educational course is foreign teenagers, whose goal is a significant expansion of the vocabulary, as well as a close acquaintance with the Belgian culture. Note that this educational program includes various sports and entertainment events.

  • French language + sport

Within the framework of this educational program, it is planned to conduct 4 classes in French, which are combined with approximately ten hours of training for the selected sport within a week. At the training sessions there is a professional instructor.

  • French + tennis

Children will be delighted with the fact that classes are held within the walls of elite tennis clubs "TCBrughia". At the disposal of clubs there are not only closed, but also open tennis courts in case of precipitation.

  • French + horseback riding

Teaching of the French language is conducted on the basis of the largest Belgian equestrian club "De Blauwe Zeal". The club owns approximately 100 horses and two closed horse grounds. Young lovers of horses will just be delighted!

  • French + Multisport

In the context of the created groups, season and weather conditions, the given language program provides for carrying out a variety of sports events and competitions. In particular, it is worth highlighting the following sports, namely hockey, basketball, table tennis, squash, football, beach volleyball, kayaking.

  • French + windsurfing

Teaching is conducted on the basis of the entertainment center WatersportclubVVWBrugge, the number of students in one group does not exceed 8-10 people. Belgium's rating language camp is provided to foreign children with the required equipment and equipment, namely windsurfing and lifejackets. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that for a successful enrollment in this educational program you need from a foreign teenager a swimming or swimming skill for a distance of 100 meters.

  • Combined program

As part of this educational program, foreign and Russian children and adolescents, who have been booked for training for several weeks, are given a unique opportunity to combine the developed language courses. In particular, it is possible during the first week to study in the educational program "French language + culture", and then get education in the "French language + tennis" program. As part of the booking, we advise you to indicate your preferred educational programs.

In addition, there is an effective preparation for the successful passing of international language examinations in English, French and German. Within the framework of this educational program, foreign and Russian teenagers are given a truly unique opportunity for qualitative preparation and successful writing of an international test, namely IELTS, TOEFL, DELF, DALF, ZD aF. Having this certificate on hand, a foreign teenager has an excellent opportunity to successfully continue to receive education abroad. Among foreign teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18, such language programs are particularly popular.

Please note that some developed educational programs teach only on certain dates. Thus, before booking, it is worth checking the availability of training for the dates of interest to you.

Below still we shall result the information on educational programs developed by leading Belgian language schools-boarding houses accessible for Russian children and teenagers.


Duration of training

Study Dates

Age of a foreign teenager

Cost, euros

CERANJunior- summer vacation, studying German language

From 2 to 9 weeks

June 24 - August 25

From 9 to 17 years old


CERANJunior- summer vacation, studying German language

From 2 to 9 weeks

June 24 - August 25

From 9 to 17 years old


CERANJunior- summer holidays

From 2 to 9 weeks

June 24 - August 25

From 9 to 17 years old


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