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2018-07-30 11:57:09

Language camps in Salzburg for foreign students

Language camps in Salzburg for foreign students

During the summer holidays school students from abroad can go to the language camp in Salzburg to have a great time, relax, gain strength before the new school year, and also to get new friends from different countries of the world. A children's camp in Salzburg is also a great opportunity to improve your level of German language skills - courses for students are opened in the summer months and are accepted for education girls and boys from around the world. The language camp in Salzburg will suit everyone, since Salzburg is one of the most beautiful and ancient Austrian cities! Learn about the children's camps in Salzburg right now!

The language camp in Salzburg is an excellent and unique way to combine quality rest with useful teaching of the German language. Every student in a children's camp in Salzburg will be able to find something for himself, be it hiking in the woods or mountains, visits to museums and exhibitions, trips around the country, extreme sports - after all, the language camp in Salzburg is not just German, it's real and a unique experience! Salzburg is VA's hometown. Mozart, where every year there passes the world-famous music festival in honor of the great composer, is the fourth largest city in Austria, many of whose sights are listed in the UNESCO's protected cultural heritage list.

Children's camps in Salzburg hold German language courses for students, but there are also such camps where 2 foreign languages are taught at once - English and German. For example, camps called Village Camps, which are international summer camps for students, offer courses in both English and German. This camp has a very rich experience of working with students from different countries of the world. Teaching English here is very qualitative, because this language camp has the accreditation of the British Council. Language camps in Salzburg mainly work during the summer holidays around the world - that is, during June, July and August.

Language camps in Salzburg offer educational programs to students, covering all the time from the moment the child arrives at the camp to the time of departure. Usually students live and engage in the camp territory, leaving it only during excursions or hikes, or within the same school building. In addition, there are language summer camps in Salzburg for older students who already independently get to school and back, while they live in a hostel not located in the camp. In this case, students have more independence, but also more responsibility. Adult students can decide for themselves when they return to the hostel, while younger students can leave the camp territory only with the consent of their parents and accompanied by camp staff.

Each student can choose the number of academic hours of the German language - the intensity can be from 20 to 35 academic hours of German a week. Some language camps in Salzburg offer exceptionally high-intensity language education programs, as well as English.

Language camps in Salzburg provide unique opportunities for the development of students both in the academic sense, and in terms of personal development, physical activity. Children's camps in Salzburg take into account the different age of students, which allows them to organize interesting extra-curricular activities for all ages - hiking in mountains and forests, walking around the city and countryside, visiting museums, cinemas and theaters, excursions to the most important sights of the city, various evening meetings, games, sports games and competitions. As a rule, a certain set of activities is included in the cost of the program, however, specific excursions need to be specified in each specific case.

With regard to the cost of children's language camps in Salzburg, it directly depends on the academic burden on students per week, the duration of the classes and the program as a whole, as well as the living conditions, food and the fullness of the excursion program of activities. For example, a couple of weeks of staying on language courses that involve 20 academic hours of German a week, standard living conditions (in the student hostel) will cost you almost 1,500 € in the simplest language school. However, the more prestigious the institution and, accordingly, the language camp, the higher the week of education in it.

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