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International language camps in Canada

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International language camps in Canada

Canada rightfully has the status of a country that understands education - the government annually allocates impressive funding for the development of this direction. Foreign students come to this country every year to get education through accessible programs. In Canada, for foreign students, there is a wide choice of educational courses - language, summer, linguistic, vacation programs. Here, parents can find a huge choice of children's or youth camps, where they are waited not by boring study, but by rest with learning English or French.

Language camps for students in Canada: study, programs, conditions

Many believe that to travel to a language camp abroad, a student must have a perfect command of a foreign language. This is not so - after all, many people go to foreign educational institutions in order to learn a foreign language. Language schools abroad take this moment into account, so the educational groups are formed on the basis of the starting level of each student, it is determined on the day of arrival with the help of special testing. Studying at a language camp is suitable for students with poor knowledge - during the period of education the students will be guaranteed to improve their level to the initial and even average.

In Canada, language camps are international, they accept students from all over the world, so the likelihood of meeting compatriots here is not so great. It is best to choose a camp where there are few students from your country, but focus on creating a multicultural environment for students.

Each week students are devoted to learning the language from 20 to 30 hours, depending on the type of program. Depending on the age group, the teaching approach will also vary: for young students this is the game format, for students - interactive, for older students - more academic. The main activities take place in the first half of the day, and after lunch the students can devote time to hobbies. If this is a thematic camp (language + sport / creativity), then the afternoon is given to the selected type of additional activity. In terms of physical activity, Canada is a comfortable country, because there are a variety of sports in action: from skiing and snowboarding to rafting on canoe and kayak. Also, if time permits, the guys can go on excursions or just stroll around the city.

Language Camps in Canada for Students

Here are a few Canadian language schools that are considered to be leading and prestigious. These educational centers invariably fall into the top of the best and elite camps, cause increased interest among foreign students:

  • St Giles. This network of linguistic centers originated in the heart of England in 1955. Over the years of successful work, the geographical distribution of the language organization has expanded - in addition to Canada, the school branches also operate in England and the United States. Today the school organizes educational courses of various types for students. In Canada, the linguistic camp Giles has 2 points: one is in Vancouver, and the other is in Toronto. Children's programs are organized on the basis of prestigious educational institutions, and the courses themselves are distinguished by a high level of language and academic education.
  • ELS. This is another language network of educational centers, which is known on the market since 1961. One of the programs that can be done by students aged 9 to 17 years is the Vancouver Summer Youth Program. The school itself constantly improves its programs, develops its team of teachers - in general it does everything to give students only high-quality knowledge and to present unforgettable impressions of the trip! One of the campuses of the school is in the center of Vancouver, from where within walking distance and the main city attractions and much more. Accommodation options for ELS language camp students are a host family with half board (lunch and dinner).
  • ILAC. This is one of the Canadian language schools, which have an unquestionably high status and deserved authority. The educational center has been operating since 1997, and during this time has reached sufficient heights, opened language centers in 2 cities - Vancouver and Toronto. Language school ILAC differs from the rest by visual design of its territory: well-equipped and tastefully furnished auditoriums, lounge zones - the uniform style is everywhere. The curriculum is also of a high standard: the ILAC youth programs are based on adult educational courses, so they help students develop their language skills deeper and faster.
  • GEOS. The language camp was founded in 1998 in Montreal. Today, the educational center offers foreign students from 14 to 21 years of age to study on programs with the study of French or English of choice. The camp itself is located in the heart of the city in a modern building, where several key attractions of the city are within walking distance - The Ritz Carlton Hotel, The Museum of Fine Arts, Holt Renfrew department store, where Formula One is held. Place students in schools in host Canadian families, which helps foreign students to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the studied language and the culture of the country as a whole.
  • European Center (EC). The EU is an international educatioanl center for the study of foreign languages, which has 21 branches around the world. There is a department of the school and in Canada - for accommodation selected Montreal, the central street. Here the EU school is located in a spacious modern building, where 23 classes are equipped for study. The language camp offers its students 13-17 years of program in English, French or both languages. In addition to linguistic classes, various master classes and lectures are held weekly for all comers. You can study here both in full-time education and full board with meals and accommodation.

SMAPSE experts talked about just a few language schools and camps in Canada: you can learn more about the best, leading and prestigious educational centers on SMAPSE website.

Tuition fee for education in children's campsCanada - prices, rankings, reviews

When it comes to the amount of financial costs necessary to study English in a country such as Canada, then all are determined by several factors. To begin with this location: the standard of living in Canadian cities can differ from each other, and sometimes quite significantly, so in the capital, the language camp is usually chosen by wealthier families. Also, when calculating the cost of study in a language camp, during the week the option of accommodation (boarding, foster family, apartments), a kind of food (half board or full), as well as the availability and amount of extracurricular program are taken into account. In addition, an important factor is the time of year - in the high summer season, the cost is usually much higher. The average price of tuition for one week in the cities of Canada ranges from 500 CAD $ to 800 CAD $.

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