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2019-09-26 00:17:16

Hohenwerfen Castle in Austria

Hohenwerfen Castle in Austria

The magnificent medieval castle of Hohenwerfen is located 40 kilometers from Salzburg above the Salzach river, in whose honor the city is named. Salzburg is located in a lowland surrounded on several sides by huge mountains, besides the mountain passage Lueg. This feature was taken care of by the local prince, who built a fortress here in 1077 to protect the approaches to Salzburg. It provided the city with security for many centuries. The castle has a rich history, and will gladly share it with every tourist.

Castle history

  • 1077 - Gebhard Salzburg founded the fortress
  • 15th century - Eberhard II realized that the development of artillery required the rebuilding of the fortress: in 1427 the castle took on a new look
  • 1524-1525 - Hohenwerfen was destroyed during the peasant war, however, the uprising was crushed and prisoners of war were ordered to restore the castle
  • 16-17th centuries - the fortress developed and took on a new look
  • 1623 - Paris Londron also set up a fortress: a tower was mounted to house cannons, a number of towers for other purposes, a cistern with water was placed
  • Beginning of the 19th century - Hohenwerfen began to decline
  • 1824-1833 - the castle was restored by order of the state
  • 1931 - a big fire destroyed almost all the decoration inside the fortress
  • 1987 - the castle became a national museum open to tourists.

Castle features

The courtyard and the bastion will tell about the life of medieval Austrians: in order to reach the bastion, you will need to go through the four gates guarding the courtyard and the key objects of the fortress. The most powerful bastion opens on the eastern side of the castle. During the tour, tourists will also get acquainted with:

  • The Fulturm Tower - a centuries-old dungeon
  • The living quarters of the palace
  • Chapel
  • Antique Clock Tower
  • An underground chapel of the 17th century.

In the chapel, the 15th century sculpture of the Mother of God with a baby in her arms is stored: this is one of the few artifacts preserved in the castle after the fire. Tourists will also get acquainted with a large collection of weapons: it will tell about the 700-year history of the use of gunpowder with various pistols and guns. Tourists will also be introduced to the features of falconry and demonstrate the art of these birds in action.

Entrance fee: 16 € for lifting by elevator, 12 € for walking.

Interesting Facts

  • The height of the mountain on which the castle is located is 155 meters.
  • The clock tower works to present days - local residents check the time on it
  • The phrase of the famous archbishop Rathenau is scribbled on the dungeon wall: “Love is the beginning of suffering”.
  • Between 1931 and 1987, the site was used to train local police.
  • In winter, the castle is closed to the public.


The object belongs to castles.

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