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2018-07-30 11:57:13

High Schools in Miami for international students

High Schools in Miami for international students

If you have been thinking about education in America for a long time, SMAPSE experts suggest to consider Miami secondary schools in the first place. America is one of the most developed countries in the world, so getting an education in the US has always been prestigious. Many foreign parents choose this country for the education of their children.

How Miami secondary schools are organized: structure, education system, tuition fees

More than 50% of the secondary schools in Miami are public, the rest are private, including secular religious schools (a small number).

Miami's secondary schools are divided into 3 main stages, divided by the age of international students:

  • elementary - elementary school (5-10): several academic disciplines (reading, writing, mathematics and the basics of the natural sciences) are compulsory and music, physical education, and drawing.
  • middle - middle school (11-14): compulsory subjects for study - mathematics, history, science, English + 2-3 subjects to choose from.
  • senior - high school (15-18): high school students are given the opportunity to choose their own subjects (as a rule, they choose those subjects that are necessary for admission to the chosen university). In high schools US, students are actively preparing for the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) test, which is required to enter a college or university.

It is better for foreign students to begin preparing in advance for admission to the chosen educational institution. The list of required documents includes:

  • an extract of estimates for the last few years;
  • recommendations from teachers;
  • application for admission;
  • certificates and certificates about the availability of sports and other achievements.

Some of the requirements of some educational institutions may include:

  • writing an essay on the chosen topic,
  • certificates on the successful delivery of language tests,
  • interview (by Skype / personal),
  • the delivery of the standardized academic test SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test), which is designed to assess the basic skills necessary for learning: the ability to verbal reasoning, reading comprehension and mathematics.

Education in secondary school in Miami foreign students: advantages and features

  • High quality of education. Graduates of secondary schools in Miami have great chances to enter the top universities of the country and the world. In the best secondary schools in Miami, some subjects are taught at the level of university courses and are counted upon admission. After graduation, the graduate will find it easier to find a well-paid job and, if desired, to immigrate.
  • The ability to master English perfectly. Classes are native speakers, which helps to plunge into the language environment as much as possible and tighten the level of fluency in a foreign language. Well, if you are not sure of your English - do not worry: every school has additional courses to learn English.
  • Study in the sunniest city in America is always a pleasure. Organization of extracurricular activities remains at the highest level. Students not only actively go in for sports, but also develop creative abilities, travel around the country, get acquainted with the traditions and customs of local residents, and broaden their horizons.

Best Miami High Schools: tuition fees, ranking, reviews

It is one of the best high schools in Miami and rightfully proud of the academic success of its students. Founded in 1965, the American Heritage School today ranks 1st in the country in mathematics and mathematical analysis, 17th in the country by the number of National Merit Scholarship scholars (out of 37,000 educational institutions). The school opens its doors to foreign boarders at the age of 11. There are offered programs for teaching middle and senior classes, as well as preparing for the University in 3 main areas: medicine, law, engineering. In-depth study of these disciplines takes place within the unique course of Heritage, developed by the school for high school students. The infrastructure has all the necessary modern equipment for the successful academic and practical education of students, as well as sports. There are more than 80 circles and sections for students, including astronomy, music, the Spanish-French community.

Accommodation and meals are organized in a host family whose members are native speakers. This allows the foreign student to quickly integrate into the new language environment, to settle in the country, thereby improving the communication skills in English.

The cost of the year at American Heritage School starts at 45,000 $.

Successful and prestigious secondary school in Miami Divine Savior Academy is a model of a Christian educational institution aimed at the all-round development of children. For more than 165 years here they have been honored and respected by educational traditions, providing educational services of the highest quality. This is confirmed by the academic success of the graduates, which come from the ranking universities of the country and the world that are part of the Ivy League. Here educational programs from junior classes to graduation are offered. Sport and extra-curricular activities are aimed at revealing the individual talents and unique abilities of each student. Foreign students live in host families, in the most comfortable and safe conditions.

The cost of the year of study in the Divine Savior Academy starts from 32,000 $ (meals are not included). It is also possible to attend English language courses for a fee of 3,000 $.

It is deservedly considered one of the most prestigious and sought after professional tennis schools in Europe and the world. It combines professional education and a full-fledged academic process aimed at obtaining secondary education and preparation for the university. For foreign students, specialist offer high school programs (15-year-olds are accepted here), preparation for the SAT exam (the course is designed for 10 weeks). In summer, language courses on English language + tennis classes for students aged 8-18 years are opened. The academic program corresponds to high American standards - all education is conducted entirely in English. Approximately 80% of teachers have academic degrees (master's or doctoral degrees); in one class, no more than 8 students are engaged, which makes it possible to practice an individual, personal approach.

The campus equipment fully corresponds to the high world standards of big sport: 40 courts, swimming pools, gyms and gyms, SPA-salons and jacuzzi, massage rooms, football and golf fields.

Accommodation is organized in separate residences, or in comfortable apartments. Board meals for students: the sports diet is fully balanced (four meals + two snacks in the morning).

The cost of the year of study in the high school program ranges from 12,500 $, the SAT exam preparation course starts at 800 $ / 10 weeks, the summer English courses + tennis lessons from 1,790 $ / week.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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